Jeff's Bromance

Wednesday, June 21st

Jeff and renowned Chef Kevin Gillespie are total BFFs. Jeff even got him a gift, so you know it's serious. 

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Hands is it. As the complicated. Lie. Affection. Shared by two straight males. Some famous romances. Include. George Clooney and Brad Pitt yes most recently. Obama and Biden. And each and amber heard. And Justin Timberlake wrong just since everybody Jimmy Fallon true hula. All Matt Damon and Ben Affleck yet famous romances yes we have a famous for romance of brewing friends. Jeff. Tell everyone. Who you had a date with on Friday night. You guys are on out I'm. With Kevin last. Okay well tell me realize there also. It doesn't matter. Kevin and I. When notes and head Chinese food together. I went in order farming. And I count him names you have generously from top chefs. And me being. Jeff from Syracuse, New York since. I don't know as much about Chinese and so he ordered all of this down. What do you order for US. Romantic things so easy when you are very high state area. It's Chinese food there's no state stands there did you guys out Achilles flavored dumplings and yeah you guys like share placing OT you've got a child has noted you've got to strive as anyone. I abide. At one point I said Kevin. Euro wearing that and it's got five Chile's next to read and I am doubts. Delicate little. You guys say he's had just tried be brave Jeff tonight's eye well. Did you guys on form your own hand shake out and things. So rude. Since its Indiana's I was a little bit nervous because I do think like I think and a man that traded minute I think Kevin Gillespie school he comes in here he makes us all laugh he's been on the radio show a million times he's a super famous chassis is a famous sham easy. Was runner up and top chef he's got some of the best restaurants in Atlanta he's a nice guy. He's knowledgeable. He's cool and show revival have. I mean these are some of the most celebrated places in the AT well yes and and he spent some time with me. And it was great and I got to dance in the I was like a little nervous my what are we don't have anything. Did you come up with a list of topics like and put them in your back pocket and Casey got nerves faded and referred to them. London. Give me the notes section have you found in another direction in the fifth but we did go out we have and I think we're gonna see each other again. I'm feeling just saying to the NAFTA and prince first yeah while I was kinda sad that because it was like a real. Chinese restaurant I did have one foolish moment it was like a real. Chinese restaurant I was up in Duluth it's called master p.'s. And it's. Like Chinese Chinese satellite. On American Chinese is Chinese Chinese zodiac and like I made a joke about a fortune cookie and I think he was a little dismissive view it's like. And we don't give fortune cookies here this is veal Chinese you. You know what he won that fortunate they. Murray out. I might be happier for you and I. Philly cheese below. I and the love cheerleader even though romance cheerleader especially we have bad name GS dollar is in love. And Daley now. Dana Roy and then I was also nervous and I wanted to make sure just Cali tag along. And I wanted to make sure that Cali like Timmy Kelly gave him his wife is Mary cheese and Kevin's. Quake is nice and everybody seemed to get along so I think it's good if it's the wives hit it off year in hand OK I think they had an obligation to handle I mean I had and nothing but ice for Kevin so I don't. Didn't do it and talking about it and there. Are so high and I gave him again. Can we really gave him again yeah this season. Italians there could. Go to Kevin's instant Rampage and and read post on the jet's engine showings Graham. They gift I gave Kevin people can comment whether or not they think it's inappropriate to send I think it was perfect. And I'm there on. Part of me wants to wait and see your reaction. Since this Anderson. CN I have received as a favorite acampora much faster what are is snapped yep that's. Us role. DT TD and I kind of feel like I mean to call you out on the spur romantic. I know he. It is they actually wearing them at dinner Yao he warned us they've basically Cinderella slipper that. Can you repose Ferran man I jury because right now I'd jet engine so you have got to see this it's ridiculous. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and it.