Jeff's Birthday Request

Tuesday, November 1st


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In this grades. If did you envision you know donate to follow. What happens in NBA yeah. It's really obnoxious he knows that I and young adults. Figure out an old adults. That's the time you celebrate your birthday. More than every form five year old I've government. We're gonna need hours Geneen ads like you turned 21 every year. I can meaning Kelly she's we need isn't there were about America and on and. Is. It really is surprising that. Really really like today and I'll ever about a bachelor thing it's not a bow. It's not about it being my birth. It's about ha. You guys. Like me. And I most of the time and that that's a celebrate a include all of you in this ration so my birthday. I'm Dave my birth ha is actually gift well. I think my dad have an open which are in November and now my. Nothing. Bad happened Austin here there are few times throughout the year that Jeff really shows his only child status. Allowing. You know he has his half brother Dave that they didn't would grow up in the same house together so it was really. Jim Donnan and Jeff and so the whole this whole world is really all about him there at the few times and jab him right. Okay here's a few times that you know it fully obvious he's an only child but no more so than on the man's birth. As most of us up making a big deal out of it. Other than 21. That went when the big deal over let me just let me just take poll and from our team here. Of friends that we love so much when will be the big birthday after 21 what's the big part. We'll find out as it has at like quarter life. Crisis you know what what other big birthdays after that which eats you throw down I probably nearly thirty and through surprise party for moms if thanks and Ernie DJQ what you got anything to be a big ones throughout being party. Make a big deal about it. Stop everyone and attracts and never pay attention. As a guy he should stop caring when he one time what I did for my thirtieth or I'm sorry. I want to thank. Greatest it's like to thank you never want to rent a car that's great. And yeah last 4040 might be a bad one right Iowa and you're thirty and a whole thing and 39 and it won in earnings and I mean. And yeah or yeah. On November it doesn't and number eight siege it's it's our own Giambi they have birthday isn't even about your age you know. It's about me and general oh. That. Aha so IE. Because. I am inclusive. It's and it's a celebration of me. For every one now say though it's time for us to celebrate year. Yeah it ain't you. I wish that narrative in general her eyes and a half marriage I think. And I think they can hear him now voice can't you imagine a woman talking about herself likeness. Well ways adjust it pressure and it's it was your idea that night. My idea where amateur right at some rules just for the next Andy's and have of those a ha. And how that Jeff and Jeff showed us I hate. So here is that I thank him for. That trip one of the tradition that is developed in the shortly from our show is that we have. Songs that we produce for everybody on the right. Oh. What was yours is that it emotion. That was as the last. And in this same guys who who before I forget we play that song for you right now to achieve that will put the attention on yet back. Now just rolling his eyes. Though. Odds and never. The the same guys are captains you do that. I decided that I don't want. Don't want us you do I don't wanna some. I and certainly between the credit like what message in my that he and I I don't wanna sign of him because. We have. The interior talent in this room. Wow. She's about to drop the ball is on the job. She's like yeah no librarians. You ready. Again. I. Have about a if we're talking it and I think I got a prince isn't that racquet to serve you know and he's in this thing I don't like getting really mad at Kevin riddle they're gonna. You story after story violent incidents I think you all about it all hell watching this and this is another child sufficiency my game and my trials. Walking with a solid minute but the action and I thought about you on a plane ticket I'm it's been. Milk I'm not I have just come right back after a long in the it is how am I close allegedly styles did receive. My bank account is that my impact is incomplete and not broken rich in love and a pass either has some pretty simple and haven't had a nice yeah. Intensity. And saying that. That was we're back in the day we used to these Olympic the Monday morning wrapped panel and all that and he cited an al-Qaeda and we were all rap about different topics. And die in and we would be competition. Decide who's. And and you mean it that rap about our. In it was so means it was a huge out might not might. The Mike wasn't welded feud that stands that they sit down you would. Initiate a week later shows that that I'd just leave parties that. When I did was only 45 seconds enemies in three minutes which could be a song. You know my request is gene for you. The view my. And we've you know and feature debut at the beginning and it might. They got JP the height and end power and Kelly she's I think you get an answer in a little bit yeah and Jen doesn't like to admit this but she can. Kelly I like rang out clear that can help with the leader of writing in and mean it. Drop we also know a lot about yeah. You do. Yeah yeah Aaron. Now I FF I. Think that suggest for. I mean state. We need to keep this on under ten minutes a math. Anywhere from probably nine and Jeff and I believe produces CD album. Any heat and it's something. That's so you've got ten days you think you can guys can make magic happen. You have every morning I mean yeah Vermont allows. Yeah. Get airborne laser beams in negotiating we got all this sound effects produced. At the. So are you guys in. Your ear and tell people what you want rebirth. At this as a surprise you presents. Poems I've lived in jets and he tells every online monitors. And and reason. Die happy fourth line thanks for waking up when Jeff again.