Jeff's Bachelor Party - Vegas Style

Monday, September 19th


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Die ready for law and thanks for late enough when Japanese yen. I'll take guys all about Las Vegas first of all thank you guys for this surprise. I was admittedly. Variant of a hole I was wondering if we you closed writes I am with their trying is dead Iraq I didn't have really any issues to Wear to the pool. I was the guy who is Graham light. Size usually is now that's not relate. You know it'd have me up at the end of the programs. A no way I don't know where it's not like. You know you'd you had Cali helping she was able she's a girl zero packer writes I'd like you know and Graham pack for you forgot under her hit. I had underwear so it would that was so there's that trip I had no idea. How much I needed that. When did area. Late egg day into it when I stopped thinking about everything. And he just relax yes good that's it was four bit like the first 24 hours I was like. All right well you know like I was actually thinking like. It properly and I can work late inning of stuff at necessarily radio station where I've. You can add Lennon's fire yeah just all up on life snuffed dead it's all that stuff in an idea very intentional decision to go you know lack. It's not relax the best rated so I got out there and tell every restated. Other cosmopolitan hotel which is great highly recommend it. Get the room that overlooks the fountains at the Bellagio. Cool and it's beautiful room the weather was. Perfect it wasn't like oppressively Ewan degrees. Honesty I would leave the pulled up by a couple. Monitors in in B. It was hangovers now it isn't Vegas now was actually pretty lucky relaxing. It's from really decadent meals Ricans. You'd think Vegas is underrated when it comes to some of the best chefs yeah world that clueless restaurant yeah. Amazing. So the big day. That that we all arrive. Everybody arrived time. The same day at different times so. We when we view the first day I went I was the first went down to check walking through that. Cool looking for chair it's later in the day motive report in here staff aide Jack. Eight around and it's a friend of alleys. I'd like. RNA at the pool. You staying at my hotel towel. Oh. And I wouldn't ally at spectator guide we take a picture together and I that Alley and I say. You Mangini here's it's plant DN YU bag. So. But she was. Down for a friend of her birth that their thirtieth birthday. So her and her friends were where we are doing that in and eyes that so through Thursday was it the pool and then Thursday we went out we had a really big dinner. But because of the time change and how orally I get out like there is no. Who Thursday night blowout Ernie mobile web. He gambled for a little bit then we got really relate. And that was with all the oxygen yeah. I think is seen as I had no more a week in Vegas and anywhere off yeah we are pleased hired an energy of it now just kind of feeling buzz in the air out. Naming naming naming naming. You know there's there's a lot of noise. I think it's just a line because he badly and again and I am Friday it was it was more cool and Pratt it was one of those days. Where we get to the pool at like noon. And odd there that was that was that. And a lot. Line by what time you've had 6 PM we keep it reasonable to bring holiday but we're like snacking and everything so power nap. Shower and then we headed to downtown Las Vegas very underrated and what are my grooms who would of our other groups and would have your program people. I'm is Ed Rowland who aren't the band like soul. Had a concert in las Las Vegas which. Would which was the reason for the original plan before you read. We've gone to canceled it eyes we're negotiations so we whims. He's shallow and was the last thing that you're so there's little party afterward we're. It's the it's it's new outdoor venue and downtown Las Vegas rate to rate next to a hotel they can only survive with this name in the city. There's a hotel in Las Vegas called. So people get into it can take needed the yeah. Eddie you guys so they. Act at all coming versions of better. I think that was Friday and average them. That was a great time but I'd there's a lot of there's definitely drinking all day in a couple more urgent if everybody Al. Fired one back and the Allen gamble a little. It was gambling. I myself. And it's probably 1 in the morning idea all right I'm going to. I'm walking. I'm telling you not he hammered just walking. There was water worries they'll drink or something on the polished marble floor and I hit it with one. Off goes my fun and I start to go down. But there's a chair next to a slot machine. That I grab on to but the momentum is already moving so there's a period of time. Where I'm like half crouching with one foot like way behind the other line holding out of this chair of the balancing act you lag. And it felt like I'm now. Before finally. Airs Saturday at Enron Europe. And I went out. It hit and roll. It's like yeah. But in order to save myself from. Speaking of the Eddie Burke about. Right. I had a role. Though I tucked in in public role and let it roll across the floor. It security comes out of nowhere like certain are you okay Hamachi he would rate of what we're bad at it there's one. And as I was pointing out the water on the floor. Like I was really hoping there is truly water on the floor because it wasn't it would've. Liked it hammered with their winters ago. And Taylor and in today. Would it not us the jets their ground annihilate all its author and her. Odd the number of Arnold's I'll tell you something the number of people that I saw there's so many people and they who are. Hammered. To the point of incapacity. Like. Oh. Multiple. People being taken back to their room. In wheelchairs hollered all we push my security. Every single one of them with you can capture. Every one of every single Hewlett well it's not that I walked under the pool on Saturday afternoon. Guy growing up in a plan. While his friends like answered ever the video at one of those yardsticks. Are totally anti Haditha back in a member of the video of Hillary Clinton which you're stumbling into the man yeah Secret Service came a but it got real close to her. Helper of and it also protects you know the food EPO protective detail. All of his friends were around the planes currently facing out he's in the medal round you guys have no idea on our. And I'd and I'm at the bargaining drink in the woman goes out he's me. The two terms of the security guards as. I'd that guy is throwing out the nation in. Which she doesn't say it like it's a big deal if she says in the same way I would stated. JP. I hate it you. I I left my wallet off you. On uncle yes it's that guys Europe and and that I was. So those are the majority of my. Of my Las Vegas story there. About. Replied. Yes and I'm glad you you do that Rory thank you and I. 1000%. Now I'm. Really true. That he needed vacation after vacation rest and recuperate and as bad 7 o'clock of all did everything is. I thank you guys and we've heard you. Star in 941.