Jeff's Bachelor Party: Should Jenn Go?

Thursday, June 16th


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This switches on installing now before it's. Always also. Found inside of an upset stomach and. You left the room pretty quickly. I wanted to go. Rent the about pigs and smoke a joint pretty. Thick joining jet engine engine jet. Consumed. Placenta. Surely isn't upon Hubert. Slightly. Chipped in on. They should go but it Ron from the base those amounted to. Now gives you an instant boost. Red right rebel and you're doing. And that. Catholics so mad at me to you shoot at me heads. And. This has been hectic. Right around him. You just guarantee me David had a great point. You'll be doing this again if she wants to do you have to do with ear will be white I don't know if I don't think it's something she would want do. Well if it does say let's just me your rent navy and shall forget we got more importance to this question. We have we view that we have got to disguise. The fact that a few months ago I asked. Jennifer hobby. To stand up for me whipped me. At. My wedding that's coming up in October some I have grooms men is every and I have a best man. Yeah you know. And then obviously father of the groom and the best man and a few dudes. You know. Brother Dave big Dave straight big game that saw the best man and I have very good man. And then. And then I well I. Hear them to have one woman and it's again I mean I. It's either gray woman yeah. I'm really excited about this and I've been working with just on to Kelly on what action where everybody's asking if I was I Wear a tuxedo and I'm like blah blah blah I'm still about it I get to be. A part of the guys and I'm not gonna her bridesmaids dress and actually Wear black just to you guys are rolling black justices are so I'll match in. So I'm doing what the guys are doing okay DC the pattern I'm painting. And the picture. Now my my best man has been shaken down for it the past month. He's like what are we doing for your actions are what you wanted to. And stock I yield the plans are starting to come together and I did I just don't think. It's yours included in part it. But I'm a part of the bridal party right but though wedding party but a guy side of the bridal party you can't just cut me now. But yet different parts Europe and. You are girl. That is true yes you're a girl in them and that's actually a woman immigrants woman on woman in bachelor parties your grooms girl. In bachelor parties are for voice. And realizing the traditional sense that this is a non traditional wedding party right. So we're not doing anything like. Scandalous. And doing any thing that mattered I would be shocked if we even went to day strip club type environments. I could use some support them as people 40474194. And I could use some support I think. I mean being cut me out I'm heart says the art the plan for the bachelor party is gonna be like. Vegas steak dinner with a some really good wine and we love the state and I love line. Especially really get line we're gonna do it out and I know your buddy George. He knows good line here is you line and its date right he's the best man and were thinking about maybe doing it out in Vegas. Is one option. He's not you know placed. An adult Disney World and says oh. I would assume. It you know I mean I note that you he worked for instance who's immediately it's more. But if you wanna and and am now. And if what you did not love to go away for the weekend. What is rant what are your husband wing in proxy. Is he and Grossman. No. Act. I don't abuses bonding time here's the here's the cool stuff about. Weddings and all the parties only got two is you get to know everybody's so I'm you know going to callies bridal showers get to know her bridesmaids and you have. Engage you figuring beautiful engagement party that's you know everybody there where it's so by the time you get to the wedding you know everybody in the big party you're not meeting. You know it's a total strangers especially in the wedding party behind Rachel. Rachel and patents held Jan how wrong she is. I'm. You should totally apart at her back there at heart and I have. Had. What are. And imminent. And it. Bet. That they can Wear it out color in the air. Divided by gender right what if I choose. What an ice that I didn't Ahmadinejad is now the fashion crowd. I yes I know in in 2060 Hitler learned working towards and clean up early and I don't mean to make light of I'm countless theories but I I feel like we're all working toward inclusion except for them except for that surprise. I'd give me a favor. Bachelorette party and yet he's I don't miss the party pars but he's now she's you see that's mine and yours that's in Atlanta please tell Jan how absolutely wrong she. She. Moron huge you hit a half hour and means he could be invited. Our. Well I know you are. Angry and hear about that I fell in any like Latin. On the ballot. Well the question that you bring about a point does the conversation changed when elements in the room yes that's when he hits. Was so why would the conversation be about if I wasn't there like what was I can't tell you Chris and and Logan. Please tell Jan how wrong she is. Actual have to ask your kind of wrong I. Think bit and should be included are still active you know you guys know any other time a year. Look at what are you act are to be a part of your wedding day and bear but I knew. Here and you know I expect commitment. You know why should be able to partake in the activities. And you are at our wedding. Why shouldn't she. And I had very Smart woman the phones clearly aren't working because somehow only people on teen Jenner getting through. So we're gonna revisit I'll talk to engineering C about it in this fund OK okay it's. It could just do well online poll or something I'm voting and leave it open until. 404. Arctic planes have. 741. In 9400. Policy of the phones are ones that 4047419400. Huge and be included in my bachelor party festivities. She is indeed. Grooms women in the world take your calls next. Yeah. Thank you for making this switch today Jesse James shall always are not easy or watch.