Jeff's Awkward Wendy's Story

Monday, June 18th

He went for a frosty, but left with a fingernail! Jeff can't catch a break! 

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Now. All right my constant struggle in life is that I am too weird to be in public. But I have a public job like I have to be in public. Kelly she's called me out at the last event we Iraq I think his idea out cabin crimes ecology outs and me and he was like oh my god Jeff is so are pretty is literally spinning in circles right now yeah. The listeners on his arms to both of you guys and others like. Her. It's not an exaggeration to blow. Outages like face to face contact eye contact it makes you nervous I'm just bad is society. It's I'd like. It's not my strong suit broke Hank well I think a lot of people feel like they they get you. All feel awkward in some cases years just in every swells yeah. If you are not a bird person. I am your hero today because I didn't raise the bar. Zero hole Lila. And all happy and after I tried to go get a snack. After being out drinking on Saturday. So you trying to soak it up on Sunday yet aegis China field that are gonna go out for a snack so. IE left. The restaurants. With out my shrewd. We have something that doesn't belong to me. And definitely not something that I brought it. Okay. They saw summing on our China yup. Intentionally or accidentally. Both and artists there on 9 as I am very. So let me. A danger and I want you to look at what I have in my possession okay summer set the scene you look at. And that I'll tell the story of how I got it okay can you tell us where you went yeah I went to the drive through of Wendy's okay because you know we're having great. A frosty with some Fries. We had given the Fries right into the trustee of its ketchup yeah. Yeah Jane as you get a little salty. We'll potatoes to soak up the alcohol Gil sweet little cold sounds like a great appealing how hot it is outside. That was taken on some plans for someone who can function around other people. So I'd put to the speaker and I got Heidi I'd like a medium chocolate frosty because let's face it Pavano and stupid. Chocolate frogs I even though they made an OG child so I get immediate drug atrocity in an order of Fries. And as I'm making the move from the speaker to the window I think to myself. I showed us a poke. So I get to the window. I say to the woman may I add a small Coke in that order please she's days shore in immediately. Hands me. I knack of a strong. In a napkin. Which I reach up and grabbed. Can I thought. Our cell. In my hand. Was a three can spoon for the frosty. OK and I thought she wasn't letting go of it in some sort of weird joking way. OK I choose can play Tug of war with you with its own proxies in my bag got talk. That's what I thought is I'm stupid okay hey Rachel. Please present exhibit a to gen. Okay. Well was in her hands. No you did not. That is the fingernail. I really beautiful thing are now. Eight blue and pink and glitter strike him between the blue and pink. Fake fingernail you took off her thing and I've stolen car. I've told the stronger and am Kim and Herm fingernail off. A man. Your. Car how did you realize it was a fingernail meat because she said I. So yeah. And I was in his wife and changed this easier process. I got us. I met Jane kind of being a fingernail. Or it yeah. How. You living now and now that's really close to me. And so there us. As soon as you say yours are. You didn't say anything you just say I'll and then you hit big gas pedal. You're the most awkward person. Who dat. Abuse. Raiders right trophy for being awkward you meet you or an apology and may care. Hey I'm done with proxies for life okay you all the girls movie we have got to go back and get her manager. Yeah how can I can't jump my case yes you can have you put you in the backseat Leo apologize to her for your awkwardness you know yeah that comment. Share the I'm confident that that's always our thanks for making this way it's just it's just job on star not before one.