Jeffs Awkward Thanksgiving Story

Monday, November 28th


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We'll have time easily design is not now. It's my own son show. Little bit of adventure on Thanksgiving Day. I'm so excited to hear this story. I think you always a good. Aha constable or aching feet. So I went to New Mexico where is my wife's family your wife number grandparents and and and I I know the best person on the planet with me ha ha okay. And I am not super and you immediately OK now you're in a place that you don't know. Yeah and I go and I am a big Thanksgiving meal and I go out for a walk. And is now law and have a mis. Is well and walked into pictures and pictures my parents as they got snowed in but happens now at Thanksgiving and I'm in. In Mexico and it was Colbert goes on mean this guy says really rabbinate and sending them pictures. And at the battery guy. And the the phone percentage you know winner so IE I just acted out in resonates around back in home. Did imperious new place everything looks. The scene. They live in one of those neighbor as a like Polly pocket house's or column. And it looks similar but there are a little different. I in my mind because they're all in Mexico houses which are different than and I houses which at that and Syracuse ounces which you know the ads so. It looked very similar everything. Those. And I have no phone. No idea where I am. No idea what it's three even lower and I mean this never ending land of all the sacks and. All the neighbors are looking out the win now life moves creepy 'cause then as easy as a walk. An Obama under and around that. I airport and ideas and Jeff were you talking to yourself what are. Now I wanted people to be nice to me like and then party member we talked about this with we've. People have got with guys in bars. When they wanna talk to girls or maybe you pledges they linger long enough some real academy. So I did that at one point there's when street is busier than either Mike Rogers wondered your firm and maybe somebody will all over NC. Finally I get to I mean I wonder and eggs I guess now so there's people. Who arrived they were arriving at their house made just pulled up like and they got out nice and I'm sorry. I'm not from here I am out for a walk in I don't know why lie but I didn't say Atlanta those. Helping him now have you ever been widely known. Entity in relief man. Aggregate the vicinity banana now. Today so I ago. I'm in I'm not from here on here from Wyoming and am in and eyes the first meeting them line to. Analyze it and you there word vomit. I hesitancy wife girlfriend. Three being alive. But I ask to borrow their own. Right and they're out here and I can I have no. Now he's number of my heart. So I say mom they can use your phone in caller. And so I call in or she answered the phone number in your phones sitting down somewhere and there are apparently. Because it told them that I'm from Wyoming. But it's for a four area code is number of world war. The Dane I start for no reason explaining that she's from Atlanta and we met at school. If not you're in the witness protection from item no why somehow these stories so anyways I say. Magic tax. From this number and then ask critical Bakken and you have a charter. They say yes they invite me in the house. Heavier than neediest stranger and their so trustworthy and you. There's so they're kind him what do voters say go in the house right. In vain. I plug in my iPhone and am waiting for and it only takes I need is five right. An and I text her from that you know her. Their phone and just waiting for something app and and gain cousins somebody comes around and says this is Jeff is a tournament. And he's from Wyoming. Are you from Wyoming. And now I'm. And I totally in charge yet time to talk about Wyoming writes and I don't know why I start to confuse Wyoming with Wisconsin and I'm equally she eased now owns and they're looking and you. Line and then in my hand who's from Wyoming in its its war. Thousand degrees name there's like these 215 year old boys running around this ally. Parting in their own hands and then shoving their hands up on people's faith. In their screaming something they're doing. And they're just doing it terrain and people in the house now monster and what do they do that to me. But what's the proper reaction as house. You go. Hand. Or view I act or am I allowed election shoved him away and green the way everybody else it is. And so educated and hammered that I'd battled with 6% charge them down which is risky news. When I got out and light and minutes later. But I low battery that your phone battery and 1% in the last year and yet again and eventually I had to call. Kelly called and she named her. Aunt's house on the map so I was able walked. Literally. A house where that are attacking kids were in the Wyoming guy. Back to back yards touched each other now they probably know each. Seoul so let me ask you this follow and you left the house well goodbye like did you tell you told your real name yet yes yes okay. The way I got got to charge him again I'm good thank you the united dollar and members awkwardly and I. It prompts a cat and indeed make globally and that means that there and. Art in your home. Tournament I think are talking to somebody about me. Act like it with a well obviously it's. Of one woman and now capital over the urged. Only an hour and we can have some story about like the creepy stranger. They don't actually think with Wyoming but told everybody units from Wyoming I've already played. Adequately play. They're going from Miami and and then. You know count as answer from a amendment is open now. And I have a girlfriend. Mary to earn. Now he lives he single from my home to Denver thirty minute yet if he Oguchi. I. So anyways as my thanks and raid that yeah. Well. Possibly awkward. I did this woman's story is accurate she may have had a worse Thanksgiving night. Because she may be banned from her boyfriend's. Parents house. Because of what happened. He had an incident. You explain that incident we can determine again whether it's and work. On my neck and the and in. This case you. Haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's bought and hands and recovery of the championship show starring 841.