Jeff's Awkward Bar Story

Friday, September 22nd

Jeff's awkwardness invented a whole new kind of Walk of Shame. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I had an awkward and she encounters. They could ever resulted in my arrests show me getting beat out. And it definitely has summoned considering throwing at them. Really yes and it's all because of my appearance. JP you're gonna be right there with me and you're going to be the only way to understands this because GPA and I are currently working in a studio. Filled with a beautiful women mom so they have no idea. What it's like to be standing at a crowded bar. Trying to get a drink yeah you're invisible all my guy. It's literally the worst thing on planet. If you. Because your indication on how long could it possibly take for you guys who ordered her I have stood in a bar. For eleven consecutive months. All I line is a bottled here fresh and might orders not complicated but if it's dude bartenders. Behind the bar. No guy gets paid attention to and it's always like you can't really weasel your lean if there's girls in front page again to push a girl out of the way into the end up so you stand at the bar. Muehlegg excuse me excuse me as you know Scott or whoever Dylan or whatever his chiseled name is. It's like chase chase yet. Down the Bart you know taking care of Britain. Mean actually. If it where they avoid eye contact with us. I think Loney been looking honor direction because they know you lined tanks they can tell by your body language you want a drink right. And if they make eye contact with you than they actually have to acknowledge your existence if I'm a bartender. Yeah and there are three people at the bar Jean meet in gen. Even if meat got their first yellow get your first half drives you nuts. It's I mean it's just it it's par for the course it's just it's yeah I'd like to convince myself those guys are just intimidated. I'm sure that's what it totally. Somebody share this story directly with the JP is yellow and an XOK I. So JP I am at a bar that has male bartenders. And a lot of pretty women in the so you can understand the check and Kelly's we've made big cheese at you know at the table. Probably I didn't hit them by another bartender who knows his car. It under the bar right and the bartender finally. Acknowledges. That I'm there and I order are there are drinks. It was odd that to us and another also ordered that the short tracks. And then I pay him and I know my only chance for that this is the only thing that can be beautiful about me in a are full of beautiful women. Cash money. So I am going to hit him. When he. So hill remember. So they got you know those orange juice crafts. On the bar that you put into it and means sell and they whatever apply and I get changed and that made a twenty dollar cash and and I put it. In the orange juice yet and he's one dollar bill you don't just like third in the right alert which you just take about a minute now. Art should open the area needs journeys lead look at it's not a dollar to twenty dollar bills right did he see. Now. Loan. Hassle words. That I. Could I am a quick thank union. I'll just take it out of the car. I'll show him. And then put in a sand put it back in what he's looking. Okay. And as well as Iran. You are so awkward did so he delivered it late to the two glasses of wine for our. Cali and that other one that we are ways and then he had to turn back around. Pull the two Beers out. So when he brought the wine is when I tried to get that twenty like that JP said long arc it's twenty phasing out like almost mounting the word cool. He mean. Totally miss timed it he doesn't see some light. So I'd reach a it did occur half and pulled my eight when he out. And I see him see me in the reflection in the air behind the bar and he turns around without the Beers and says. What he did. About I don't I don't know I just. And you know how many ways are to explain that. Zero. Like there's nothing you can say it I wanted them move wanna make sure he's. And hard tendered and probably Schuyler is Mac O. And you are so hot word. Of the yep so. So you turn red round had his exact words were can I help you. And then he I did not say anything further about. About that that reaching into two that's our thing because he saw me put it back in but it this way he doesn't think it's mine. Now. So he cashes out. Cash is notes. The wind only. Part of the transaction. It is total. Doesn't community. And goes in tells the other bartender. What he signed. Now I have to log back to the table. In two glasses and he knew greet him. Kind of walk of shame. But I won't be seeing mama I guess maybe I was a than they stimulating as usual. They can bring the beer yours warm we should go some let's go somewhere else and just don't know which warned Tuesday when anyone and just guess and it's. I was headed arugula. And the dude hey that was written wouldn't go up to argue that that divides us together. I don't you throw a yeah as. Enjoy your good looks lady's let's be nice thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and it.