Jeff's Awesomely Awkward Moment

Thursday, July 20th

Jeff truly is the King of awkward, and today he managed to embarrass himself before it even hit 5am. Proud of you, Jeff...

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It's for making this alleged. One star 941 and you guys I am the king of awkwardness he is is I've proved it again. It's just a few hours ago. Just before the sun that was even I. And when I tell you this story I think. There's a chance that one or all of the women's. In this room will get out of their chair. And hit to me imagine. It was so. Bad you guys I am so awkward. And I shouldn't be allowed. A rounds people. Live on a farm with goats and Don just jogs on America. My name is Jeff. And I am so awkward. I should not be allowed. To interact with people. You earlier this morning Big Ten and I had a long meeting yesterday here there is Asian where this started. Is the manager saying well. Jesse jam. Some people find you difficult to work wins followed by now so much you Jan. Reason number one why should be allowed to interact with the kids fifth reason I'm really awkward to you guys meaning. This is so bad in happen at 5 o'clock this morning I thought about going home. All of you are possibly off. And finally won that round Dili to get a leg Christie said he eyes we can. It makes me sick. Think about that this sentence I said out loud to this woman and kind. So if we get to the radio station faired fairly early and I you had your little bit earlier today to say it had to edit some for the show's they have. Or forty I think it was here and a whatever got your super. Came inside. Did you mark and then realize that I forgot some left something in my car. So. I go downstairs. Get the item on an icon and I want him there's a woman walking in with and I imagine this is the soundtrack to your walk. The two guys. And while I. I mean. And I. It will not many people work early hours like we did right. So I'm always shocked when I see other people legs doing. Early morning. Often things yeah. Then just say it out you'll feel better. As soon it's about searing right so when he's done. And run and say thanks for sharing content and. So we watch him is he's no sales gain she held the door for me. And name. She said to me. About the early hours and my response to her. Why days. Aunt. Are you hitting the gym before work. Uh huh 00. And she was. So you accidentally insulted her she was a nice nice lady. And you said he had. Well as who's just going to work Lucy and Sam closed down. So you just sent out with me period gym bag Kelly but it. I don't know why talk enemy like back. And not again. Scattered once a mariner. Briefcase it's ready it's actually day you came along so late she say. No just in the hands the day. NBC crying immediately afterwards. I don't know I tried to get into the elevator shaft and hoped would plummet. This is why you should use the service on the Internet interactive T both. You know what. But thanks for sharing Inkster Sherri thanks for sharing. Why these guys let me around you. How do you ever get married. Hopefully ask ourselves and quite isn't right when I was at I was an arraignment until May. I he wasn't. I raise a child determined not to be worthy of living in this job and into the gym. Why they say that to anyone ever. Did. And she's a room at a low salary and an illusion worked out in. Nine. And then. We'll talk and it is. I I. Don't talk and just. Do what we do for a living right this. This took. James Young still are ready for a one.