Jeff's (Almost) Fist Fight

Thursday, March 23rd

Memo to everyone: don't take Jeff's spot at a gas station. You might just get your face rearranged. (In Jeff's mind.)


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Michelle stood on. I'm gonna tell you about the fist fight that I got in attic Cobb County gas station. With some punk guy. In man. Your inner thoughts you'd be in my. Right so I needed. Eight gas right so I I go into. A race track record and one of the gas stations at a million palm for whatever reason it's obesity. And I mean I didn't need gas like oh I need to get antsy and I mean like. I needed gas was below easy. You had gone that want acts today returns. On fumes right. And so for whatever reason it's gas stations so act. Like I people were circling in the you know people are trying to get lines from both the wrapped in band to a full gas station is it confusing it is yeah icons go. Right into that every book as good as a good job because they do. You directional one way we handle people learn patience idea what you're saying yeah but like another gantlet of gas stations and ugly cute sees something in the coming in from either directions some people are locked in. A chance to get around as kind it yes yes so I. I'd go all the way around. And I am about to turn into a spot that is just opened up that will allow me to my gas tank using. Gas you know nozzle and the driver's side instrument I think it's I'm pulling gain. And a guy is I'm pulling in and going through a guy a pulls out and acts out in eight starts. Acting game now I know you're pulling over he's just swivel. Swivel name. He's backing you ever know yeah. It's bad and monster. Everybody else is certainly trying to be patient US UV Evans with. Oh I got that and drag him Chevy cruise. Gonna Pala. I don't know 77. I don't know about Georgia might and I on. Not today. No not today. That's what my time part right. Get out they did not walk up to his driver's side wind. Not Canas and he gets out of the cop. What he did. Is that we were coming in like nobody else is back in light and be that that why you gotta be that is why you've got to be a name. Like it was back and hateful cafeteria where argued over a girl just punched him. We got an apple on this fight its way and quit no loser and it was hook I rate the job took him down. You and Downey stared to get back up and I said. You're gonna get up and you're gonna move your car. Don't ever come back to this that might hear. And he's a nice and he said I'm sorry. In his car. And drove. Dollar hit with a right. Hope my eyes and watch out come in handy and it would I think that's usually secret coach no and to one. I'd I'd backed up and went another. And waited for some lovely full effort and as well walk in and a skewed and out of there. As intense as time goes to bank thinking about shoot. It's a mine in Hamlet the right. Home. And in my head and. Statement. And then his or her to. Right Ed 2011. Nissan Pathfinder. Weighing in. Is ideal way to view was six up nine. And the other garner. Generally get negative outlook and a you can have it on their race. All you like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.