Jeff Wants to Set Kelly Cheese Up! Update 2

Tuesday, May 9th

Are Kelly Cheese and mystery man hitting it off?


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Justin Jan show all now. Our time. The matchmaker himself yes dollar if you're listening on Friday you heard me wonder. Fifteen people. As dysfunctional dating lives. Would somehow. Cancel the dysfunction out when they got together and make it perfect couple. So many of you called up to say that happened to us and we've been married for a 160 years. That's so then Phillies sure love so vain I confessed on Monday that one of the people in the equation was. Our very own Kelly cheese for. The mass killing Jesus you'd be interested in joining a group texted me and friends. He gave. I really have a choice there. And they paired officer of their own tax. That was 24 hours ago you may have noticed. Little spring in her steps this week. And you may recognize that spring is a spring in the step for woman he's spent all night making sweet love to a man she met just when he Trout yeah. The hot okay let's not. Yeah now. I don't want to give himself an A plus on the mask making fat let me ask the question is why I'm done. Is that my friends current and they know this is my card again. It was chilly this morning when I left my apartment okay we'll sometimes he champs in the women's department and I know I like anyone else. Kelli tell us or UN loud he's lonely texted back informed and only you yes they need to examine that you have answered and I'm sorry I was yeah he dominating let me say. As things on him as an example. Gaming hipster cool thing is trying to close. I might be taking it completely out of context but he. I think yesterday because. His son and his mom then like a pass or somehow let us see your charity and he then proceeded down and he has a virgin Mormon. And so I was like OK law I would sell my body to sleep on foreign soil from Florence and the machine. Any of like I was kidding and I love me okay. I giggled as island and chanting that an idea that a so Larry assembly did you text solid day did you text are the data yeah what was the first thing it's out of view about this morning. Com I really needed a shower I was could have had what was the second thing is happening and that's about presidency than I was hungry third thing. Coffee right was he in any of the first ten things you kind of yes because I did read me no. So I'm not I was only violate seven of rcn is like looking my phone. I prefer really have time away I shower firstly you have McCarthy and then I look at my son Rex. So listen harrah's themselves Lehman text message last time are you love to hang I do and I India on purpose I have it's early yeah dialing a lot of healing in the conversation. General AS so yes he actually didian Miami chanting during class I'm but I was asleep and he knows as late earnings of yeah we are talking now what our plans are today and our busy today as our remaining had a thing tomorrow I was you know. Game. Come on the radio and be totally honest about your body is up for that right he knows we're gonna talk about it honestly yeah I told OK right. Because just like China. Brown knows this on my man it's a great match on and I really did a speech and I SNL's ice you that's a pretty funny and then gentlemen I can't tell if you're being serious or sarcastic. Coming home Syrians and he's keeping up with my art has a much like yeah yeah does that. My memento and personnel and we. We went shooting out of spent everything like if there's things you like to see these young lady and then when this happens. And I. That's truly happened overtaxed to keep. Com I yeah yeah. Her. Parents. As one of the reasons to be able that's. In his home I mean I there's some mountains of Maryland did suggest if it doesn't work out you have to do. He plays on. Okay. But I'm convinced it is going to work out in tomorrow when they get together. My favorite songs. When you play that idea and beyond Pennsylvania's as. Song and since I'm excited and tomorrow is an interstate I think told us her telephone conversation was just gonna how good place to find out. Did you get together tomorrow do you relate Reyes. You don't understand what that does to a man and anti Mac now though he slugged 45 minutes last night he woke up every six minutes to live tone. Other matter now we have a segment on Chicago's signing. There goes on when Kelly she's. First he goes on the David. Johnson all right so excited. I'm O and general manager I'm. Make ends meet it. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion Shenzhen one star not before one and it.