Jeff Wants to Set Kelly Cheese Up! UPDATE

Monday, May 8th

Hopefully she's on-board with the idea!


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If you can open championship. Hermosillo where NATO can keep him. On starting for want Kelly let me ask you a question and hang allergies aren't. The already Matty and gentlemen you know it does is all about do you believe you're. Do you believe in love yes. Do you believe in romance how do you believe in destiny. Or at any yeah. Do you believe that you're dating life is a little ticked up as a little okay. Well all of those questions now on my hands are in the last count them yeah hands down agree with that iron perfect because. You weren't out here on Friday and I took advantage of your absence China. Let's ask the jab can change your family question and they overwhelmingly responded. We've 2000. Great thanks guys thanks very encouraging and jabbed into my destiny and campaign says it's trustworthy. Dirty he hit. I have okay your friend of mine in you've got to kind of object of let me pick blank and general. I think I don't think you have the bad you don't have in that you don't you know it could've taken bullies who motto. Neither admit that Ariana I don't have a tie them like they're at home with both get tko. Bad terrible. If there isn't even if demand is gonna treat you pour Le your life afraid somebody's idea that I'm. If he's completely self centered totally immature she. Sure as priorities completely jacked up your life got that I have god and I and I and I know it's really hot about that guy. His butt. And the fact that he shares have drunk in my apartment at 1:45 in the morning crying yeah answers or. That's avenues. Caddies so hot I mean the way doesn't shave in the way threatens to harm himself I don't column back immediately around. I am just so why I just turn out and there them I think I love him. So are okay so we're in agreement and that Sonya I. So my question is because I have another friend a guy who has I dating history that's. Big group of us who hang at lake. He makes fun of himself. Because he knows when he's in a sideways relationship he's like is that sideways. He goes out of my example kind of like one of them is dating life stories hit it was a joke. That over the course if a year he would break up and get back together with the same girl over and over an overdose earn a guilty either I didn't write the same person. I can't like it like that that would that's it the most recent example and but he news that Cheney is bad for him and he is bad for her they just kept going back to the house is man Arnold why everybody doesn't. He still looks like. Kelly everybody does you Kelly for his it is you are giving out advice to other win for relationships and your batted taking yourself I now. The worse but I really feel like. The new normal as soon. As is being entire relationship I think everybody has one terrible relationship right everybody has a real one relationship where everybody has a whole bunch of bomb ripening mean they have one that they keep gone back to where they're like while they're in at their like this is awful and everybody as one of as. You have you do it a lot that's all of every half plus so I think my thought is. That to take you right hand and then my guy friend who's equally as dysfunction now. Okay and put the two of you together and through some sort of science he thing that I can't explain to the science C. The dysfunction cancels each other out in next thing you know. Here comes the dysfunctional brow. How well that's really taken only fair and I'm down in the ads like that dumpster fire. Of dating. Like how can I agree on for and we said it's hot mess plus hot mess it school. Double hot mess or does it equal love not funny source orient I was and Greeneville went my best friend listening to this show and I conveniently turned it on. As Jeff was asking that question now like I I really feel like this might be about me. Kelly Jimmy is out like a that's taken advantage I mean I mean admire. So hot mess let let you Imus is an all of your life like you're friends put together hasn't job and out. Yeah he's gonna Johnny's night and he's our great guy displays a lens employ he has shoes the perfectly Walton multiple pairs of night issues that I track aren't I. Money get personality like things going right for him but it is dating life has been the hot mess and same with. So Jeff was singing you put those two have missed another could be magical. AME film. It'll be all appeals. But I think his thing I've never sent anybody up before so what idea are you afraid that I might amass a difference. I talked about how proud he is that it about matchmaking like how does he do it does he. Is Jeff I call the restaurant and get the reservation images tell you both to be Baird. There's guys in touch of each other beverage on a group tanks. And hundreds you do not complying days. How is the best way to. Make them match making it happen I've never could be critical to present. Oh yeah old gentleman about a group next pity this is Jeff I think you begin together he I don't leave and let you discuss I. Visitors are just now started a thread. Some random emote just ahead I honestly any man be a great start letting them be there are hardened their money I don't know I guess you pass on Hummer. Okay. And you're into it jerk and then plus Jeffs taste in men not at all that's a man on in Atlanta. And then it's I'm I am. It's time if I give you hit it may give him your number then he has to reach out here. Right time that's how it would work but for radio purposes I think you guys are gone blind date. This weekend my dynamics and I'm like my pets are slam ever here but I don't even think you tell her his name he knows your name. Does he actually asked Jeff about you he'd again. Com. I I think here's various views the first step in this is this or. It's a blind because I want you don't know why didn't Intel's one when my hands are sticky right here is a feel weird to a show her what he looks like through a blind yeah it's truly a blind date. Keep the blind anger region are so messed up that win is a blinding ever gone well for you guys. My never gone alignments I have my yeah yeah yeah. I mean I'm ever that you must be honest at this clown trying to. I should probably take seventy these mile and a couple pretty yeah. Already just you knew about how the whole horn did and everything. Else and end. She I'll still our. Process that's gonna happen and spent some feedback and social media and I can feel the love has now flown through me. So professional match makers are reaching out she telling you how to do this if people are offering suggestions and stuff. Let's ask well I'm gonna show you his picture now a bank and I'm gonna show you a picture of him and then you guys have to go out this week. I'll give him your number and then you guys can text a rank it takes this week in and the first time you guys get together would you can be like a thing like at happy hour and or whatever it is have to be any you know pressured unit and the first eight at stuff now. Him saying only. So. You found him in. Misty hiding Ametek see his picture. They just they are now generally I says that your beloved cheerleader. They when he gets out ideally I'd never done this before I'm so excited he gives an arms like his hand balled up. The ground like in a dual they have never summons. Hi this is. The only pictures just in the Carlson in the pocket he had. I never good in many people are. It. Why did you guys and get it together for ever home my knowledge here's the downside to tell you don't listen this kind of downside it is. What if they are is here's here's what here's the other side of of what if the two of them okay are compatible. Right we've each other in their dysfunction. Bags but it's just a dysfunctional relationship that goes on forever and then I'm getting hear about it from both sides. I hit you with Kelly and management. Guy isn't he meg Kelly would be right now on this on this so I. Think Kelly would be like army and earlier President Obama. Now I am. Send your pictures theoretically I'm planning and a group picture he's the only other guy I mean there was an event and spanking him. Well this. Is hitting very interesting outing and amp. He's not your view he's not your normal Scott Tony okay don't start through his cabinet united telling. He's just now we normally go well and Alia or thank they're redheaded bearded since the if AM today drive little flower and yet about it. Zuma and death and he's like marry here. Ayman I only got obvious question. Why he said dirty. The army men about landing that my dad and the best they possible illegality and tired yes. And I get like a hidden I guess I mean I tell any of Tyler really enjoy it Heidi do you think your kid to be attractive. Just what. You know he's a really cute intact. I like old glasses he's got within Clark handling Superman thing on on him into it. Right and listening right now he's a 100% a OK yeah he just sent me a picture and to use this one okay he wasn't when I said. I'll call eight and. Barry it. Jeff you're already failing at this match I know I'm kids she's. Alone you are spanking Jimenez and it's certain anything any ice breaker spanking is ice breaking yeah. That was our first date so. It and it. You got a lot of emotions. I sell off. Yeah I started I'm. On power of the yards up in the country. You find tall is he a giant now is good move into the woods like. Before it in the shadow of the black and white picture or no. I think six any and I totally took me out of excitement OO left the site and right around. He's due mainly to those tees. I don't. I I'm guy his name and he I'm gonna say yeah he's her in I can't publicize it. You might as Mexico friends that would try to kill you but don't worry about that as to how am I think ours is owed him out of its current. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.