Jeff Tries Oysters for the First Time

Wednesday, June 22nd


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On his show on the radio you grossed out just about everybody listening I mean I think people had them leave the show. Because you chugging it. Someone else is placenta Janet was in place where I think roads highways huge like you're chugging a beer. I gotta be it can I be totally out of the about that. I have listened Democrats. You know we were talking about what placenta tastes like because we had somebody call the shares names on the Todd Todd that's great time as a team Todd wanted to in Iowa obscenities at like he had his big plan which is why HT TE. The placenta. He it's such a gross sentenced to say long story show or a friend of a frank gave me. Dehydrated. Placenta and capsule form and one thing led to an out there and I had some senate. And this is summit like. Theory. You line. Out. A little lines. Get that dress hitter Eddie yes. In part. All waiting. How was it. Can you speak. Yeah got. I. Tommy Jan why. Weeks after the fact we're bringing this out yet we'll bring up again because you remember when the four of Union County Cali and me. And I have I went out to dinner yes a little celebration and. Yes OK yes. You would not eat oysters are god oysters there. I'm not a fan of the so I found the best of the best. Oysters in all of Atlanta Atlanta fish market and if you can do placenta on the air vineyard going to eat oysters on the hair kit. That is not fair. That let me tell you. Jen let me tell you why this is not fair. Because you didn't need that the flip side if you look at that you can have. The best of the best oysters and Caroline think you so much does it to us. Because we're gonna watch Jeff he answers right now you know wine. I know what kind of insurgencies. The best of them and this is your favor I don't wanna I know I don't know any of your birthdays and its market I am I it is. But I'm more of Sammons Nancy. I'm more of Connolly you know whole loaf that operate before realize it's gone. And I should have. Animal already it. Shouldn't I have a crackers and I can go for it detection thing typically the detection and it goes well it's appealing about that I. Right well to tell me what's it again. So why is appealing about. Him right Hewitt. Out guide. You don't like it. Jack quickly cocktail substrate and out of it you put it right on top. They want with texture that. Mine hole. I've yet to water as well wash it down. And making this big deal about oysters. And he crushed that what like it was a fear of frat party. Now it's it's a softly nutri grain buyer for a teacher I have. You're at eight. If you had a glass of placenta in front of me right now and you said. The senator oyster and a hundred per cinco. With the size up and it would. Placenta regret you're not history. Through a series each Hewitt don't Jack me doing it earned them. Easy to. Line. I count down again. Almost plugged my nose count out again. Client. Crept. And I mean people do act. People treat oysters HEY night along the insulin is from Nova Scotia. I. And cold water early Easter that fed purely on organic beef and I don't know whatever oysters he's. OK so we don't know which one is better placenta. No friends and you know after market. I will be and there are seven days a week for it and sea bass and for the sushi. Anything but the answers yet right now I get to have the rest of yet they're all yours Langston appreciated breakfast of champions thinking I'm.