Jeff on the Town

Friday, June 10th


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You want. Jessie. Twice this week and what do you think about you are going to be busy Diane you're gonna have to put down your phone 90 yeah I talked to the human aspect I got a comedy show on Sunday morning very cold morning it's a branch comedy shows are assigned to race in Virginia highland Taylor at that the second. That Saturday night. The Georgia chapter of JD arraf which raises money for juvenile diabetes. Is celebrating their tenth anniversary of rock the cure at Sweetwater brewing. And I put a link up on the website if you want ago but it's live music fine and of course it's Sweetwater bruise. And wine and spirits and it's always a huge time DF to dress up and Allen to bagel it's it's we Waterbury. It's like cool like any fund raiser he goes to wearing jeans I'm totally down and ends Sunday morning. It really cool event at the Highlander ballroom. Highland inn ballroom I emerging island. It's called branch lines. And it's a comedy show and we've your ticket pricing it's are only fifteen bucks. You gave. In a county he gets him in Prague nominee and yet pancakes well and just say bacon and I'm OK perfect. Heads at the highland inn ballroom on capital link to that show up on the website as well so I would love to see you either Saturday night or Sunday morning out in about an if it's outside of those times. Two feet and I'd like to do. One. Did you have been didn't show up.