Jeff Took a Tour

Monday, March 6th

No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, they will find you.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. Friend of mine it is. What are the broken foot and thousands of posters. Is when it managers who matter don't construct in terms RB selvin to build Mercedes and safe. He's on the team and that is constructing and is it world renowned stadium where the roof open have you seen it close up. Knots in the last month or so and I know there's been so much progress it's so remarkable. Like it's such a behemoth and it's just it's like it's beautiful it's like a work of art it's so. We heard it I've talked to people who have flown into Atlanta and they see it and you know from the sky and they're like it doesn't look real. It looks like a lake a Lego pieces just been GMs in the middle of the city. I don't wait to see the roof open and close. That's a part of cannot wait 4% of his throws at it friend calls me after he says. Hey do you wanna come down and and and take a walk around and see wouldn't you know looks like. Marvel. At this fancy as they go sure so I he tells me you know what time to be that sick and my friend coming as gas so. He's shown around me and my buddy and so there's tune notable things. About this adventure and when a share the first one is is from other minor Penner panic attack that I had tanked the second line. Is about a tragedy that I witnessed while I was there. Okay the panic attack comes from when I walk in at 2 am supposed to meet Yemeni as I want it you guys get ready and he points to. Hard hats. I thought and a panic is not because you are scared something in the construction zone is gonna hit you in the head now. The panic comes from the size of your head. Every time somebody gives me ahead. Ads or while Peter Tran I had it never fair it's all no matter and wide I am putting how to can be a fireman's helmet I look like I'm going to a Jewish wedding. Every time. A 100%. So much so that I was waiting to be alone there's a picture some pictures just fat is waiting to be alone to put it on. IE you are opposing this picture without it on. I was so I ended up on it around the corner and there's a crank in the back of of helmets in this and you can crank a bigger and I and fiftieth. And any. He just got so many brains in new head. Then we walk all you know through marriage is so remarkable and just from it's it's so beautiful but for me it's just there's so many moving parts. But there's so many. Things that have to get done. Mind blowing there's locker rooms in their suites in their seats and there's that. They've ground level in the concessions in that they and it's just in the roof and that thing and everything it's just how does it. How old does that all happen but there's just people. Working and it's they had to take this picture it's a cool picture from inside so all the trains right so that was cool. Always watched it go up and centrist our go up right across the street for many it's remarkable yes engineering that goes into and it's incredible. Right now you ready for the tragedy part of my two air. Yeah us inside. That beautiful structure gen and I'm a stairway. From a level to down to ground level at hang this happens. Oh you're kidding and guy. Did tell her body with an inspector it's one of those flaws sticks are now you hate those on the ground. Hey there and everywhere Jasper it's an epidemic. I mean called EPA. Is being used cigarette price please make sure the EPA does not go away because. The loss sticks are gonna kill the earth. I mean it was her in the middle of my path. Almost there's somebody was Jagger if if there was not such as spontaneous. Like jazz just the three of us kind of doing a walk through type thing. Good we've been trying to do the deranged killer yeah I bet I would think somebody was Jack commit Veba nobody knew I was there there's an up close it's. Are. Stewart eat. And then just pitched. It. It's the new cigarette. And all over the place there. Drop this. At an extra activity in dollars enemy pictures of the ones the UC Iago or your longer on the red dependent Maxwell. Will we won a video on FaceBook is the way at the state park yeah. She's filming these beautiful trees on this. Gorgeous day you can hear the birds chirping it's almost like. Golden sunshine. And trick trick you know mature regulating that a word yeah through the branch is an justices. Beautiful cool glorious passion nature and then she films the ground where she parked and there's a floss stick Don Don don't. And her people people are monsters this is gross. You put a mobster with a three. Star in 941.