Jeff Surprise 5

Thursday, September 15th


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So are in 941. I have a Brit is gonna carry through the workday today with ten songs in a rebel before we get out of here we got to check back in with Jeff. We pulled off a great surprise. I was really surprised I think so too he's about a hop on that plane and head of Vegas. Is it canceled his bachelor party but we didn't wanna see that happen so remain a pack up and heads of airport today and now he knows what's going on he's had a moment to. Digest of what is happening. So we'll check back in with them I think he's out by the gate hey Jeffrey through security at. I'm at the airport and I honestly. It has been but I did I am enjoying this and I don't like what you've done. Drive. You hate not being in control. Hasn't sunk in yet you're about to have a nice long weekend. I actually lay. It's yeah. Like I'm just like I'm thinking of all the steps that I was indeed this weekend and like all the episodes and is due this week and the fact that there are kinda like covered. Is I don't know is little weird but it it's kind of cool to go on a trip and not have to spend three days ahead of time getting ready for it yet I'm saying. Yeah we call we got you yeah if there's anything to do doesn't have to be done just. Text one of us before you on the flight but true after the I don't want you working all we gotta cover it. Well I do give you a couple things right now can you comment hey. B I. The bar for the wedding at the positives. And he did say that you pay that that would be great and also an oxy. And respect. They give certainly their wallets they're really and I am honestly still in shock that it is. It's going to be fine so. It and yet. It's going to be great now I don't think that this is our thank you to you been bus near bad and working so hard so many long hours and he deserves a chance to turn your brain off and just relax and have a good time he yeah. It is odd kind of sad that like the first thing you're AMOCO debate this for a bachelor party lose. My best management lacks. Our friend and I'm ready to go and slowdown but I'm also like our. Can I hotel that Erica and and that state. Ethics. That's going to be Garay. A whole hotel room to relax and mine is now in eager to eat there at. And wrote I we're going to be following you on social media pay so we were going to be checking round picks. OK what happens in Vegas. Doesn't go finance program. Not but what about it and I was. Add. Aircrafts. Stepped out I'm hoping it deleted and serenading her again. Well I have a great time and with semen they would get back. Hopefully I get back I don't see it and tell George we need to back in one piece. Well bill okay. Bank irony I have. All right and we will talk to you tomorrow on the doesn't just show stunt and for Iran. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Surge starring 941 Atlanta.