Jeff Surprise 4

Thursday, September 15th


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CC you have an artist today look just. Say no notice copies thought enhancing look every. Justin's show stuff before I started just got a text message from producer Geneen. They have reached their destination we're gonna check back in with Jeff and reveal to him that big surprise if you're just checking out the show this morning we're off pretty big surprise for Jeff for his wedding while you are you have been planning this for a lob to up cancel this bachelor party a couple months ago and you are not having it from the day you found out you are not happening Lima angry woman I gotta be heavy it's a woman I. Here I mean you're still in the game here it isn't a great love from the day you said that your gonna do this I just. I knew it was gonna happen so. This is business as awesome so we basically told Jeff earlier a pack this stuff and go get in the car with producer Geneen she made sure that. He. Could not hear anything that was going on so we told you guys that we are sending him to Las Vegas two of his best friends are partied there. They know the whole plan. Yeah I mean we're get them on the plane and they're taking it from there so I don't think they're even allowed to talk about it right what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas to rank and he's blindfolded so he is in the car now on he can't see you where he's going yes so I just got a text from Geneen that they are there. And we are going to. Telling what's going on here finally you'll know what is happening here okay. Page me. Yellow all right so united there. Yeah. And and he wasn't listening to the radio and on the way right you like control that. No radio at perfect art it puts us on the sound. He now. It's a lone hot you know where you are. We are stopped. And no that's. An arched final that stage and which are ominous street in words here. Yeah. Do you still have your blindfold on. Yes I take us. Are you. Yeah. I can't tell everything I can't on the radio at what he's the U. Sure. I am greatly lower level and should be. Hartsfield Jackson airport. Yes. Any ideas. No. Your availability and. Yeah I. We were not a relapse and I expected a white nights it's Kelly I'm gold currency. Now is actually very much in on the surprise for you environments and on your plan because in the back of your car. Is this a case that she packed. With everything they need because you are going to Las Vegas right. Here it. Is. Your bachelor party is the plan to George and and our RD there. And you need about thirty. Laps into its. How. Anyway. That was originally supposed to be the bachelor party and then there is no bachelor party. Rights but we weren't have a Mac yens and wasn't analyst that happened to the you know I'm grooms woman got going on and how we got recently got all kinds of things happen and so. I tango and I can't be away I was definitely invited on the original plan as I don't you can kind of did so hard and this is your wedding day like you need you all of them big monumental. Things that go along with that and about the party's one of them so. You have to go you know how blame. So how long it listed in the works. Since last month we certainly it's. While. I can see us scratching the back of his head right now and he has argued the only guy looter. I literally just I don't. Think the air right now. So I actually it's it's taking care have we got a taking care for Tamar you can go have a long weekend. George and an average air. And you've got to get you know your mind right now. Okay well it's Georgian they're you know on our particular Monday. We don't we're gonna defend its we asked. I've rural. I promise Georgia again on the Internet and our. Well thank you. Now I think yo. Seriously I mean human. Working really hard and making everything go and kept all the plates spinning while we've been at two different hospitals days and scariest moments of lives. You know make it all happen and making the show ran like clockwork so. It's our thank you to Yale so forget about work. And don't you dare Texas about anything we got a covered. Autumn Jeanne seminary. Coming back here or art art and I. No sir I would say you and caught Cali and pink shirts and she's been an on your bride of the very much. Our role. Okay have I when I I. At that oh frazzled greens. Texan game. And young star ready for a one.