Jeff Surprise 2

Thursday, September 15th


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And she I'll still are. We about to pull off a really big surprise project for. How those invited he has no idea what's going on the we've just so Jeff that what was scheduled on the show is not happening and we told him to pack up all of his stuff is not act on the US. Kyra you'll know proud. Travel we does. The good surprise your not fired a kind Cecil have a tough that you're about to leave the building and you're not coming back so we wanted to make sure you had a chance a pack up all of your threatens. Obvious as is everything packed and and you are about to leave with producer Geneen to detain him car keys that you have you read it again. OK so you're gonna get Antonin scar. And when you get in with Cheney and she can make sure. You're not listening to the shall we are going to fill and everybody else because we can do when you walk in the hallway because the great musicians. On the holidays. Sorry to tell everybody else. Where she's taking Yale and what you're about to go digital and then. We're gonna tell you what your not gonna do when you get to your destination. And look you on the okay. Is that Blair witch project and in the middle of the way and not taking. Our eyes. If I don't come back everywhere and thank you for the very thank you for making this way to. I love you all. Do we have a copy of teens driving a. If I guess I can't promise. I didn't mean so why them and I just need to make sure we're gonna watch it has weakened seats route JP studio here we can see through to elevators so Kelly at that picture. When he gets on the elevator. Antonin make sure he can Harris and Amare and we're going to be on silent about her bag where his. Eyes and I. I'd. Be kicked. Out. Alan. Canada it's just right on the ground we can see through two different wind is here in studios and it is. And I can't actually got a lot of ground you know get their numbers are like there's no way he's can actually leave the and a half and then when you said when you make it to your destination I didn't know if you're gonna fumble and sale weird to mean is taking him some relief right there on the dollars and him pushing button. Okay to another second and we all Philly and on exactly where Jeff is OK so let me explain and this is the big surprise. Just canceled his bachelor are right okay. He's been working nonstop. I mean truly 24/7. Cents we started the show and march I mean if his. Nonstop and with everything going on with our daughter Reese that has thrown at basic. Kink in the plan and he just was like you know what there's too much going on. With the show there's too much going on with the wedding planning and his canceling my match the price so he just canceled it all to. He needs about part 100%. He needs to know how Nanette at times so what he does not note. Is that he is about to go have a guys weekend in Los state. Well. The difference are waiting at the airport forum how did you already know that to your best friends are already there OK we work it out we made the plan and pay parity can it be in Vegas waiting for him to get there. And Marty talked to Cali Cali packed forehand like we've got everything together so he's not gonna know. Exactly what's going line or where he's going until. He gets to the airport and then we'll reveal its so this overeat and this is so so great. They used to panic mode right now product it surprises so we got this idea of fun to listen in on him getting surprised and sort of freaking out of it I love it great job little losing a little bit of controls so I'll check back in with Jeff here. And a couple of minutes when he is in the car and talk to him. And then and it will be able to reveal the surprise to him you guys now and he doesn't. And now we'll do it here and a few more minutes we'll give him a chance at. Geek town and get in the car check back with him a hero Jeff Jensen started. Star in 941.