Jeff Surprise 1

Thursday, September 15th


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Die ready for law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. I have to be completely honest I am not comfortable with what is happening right now. We've been number of people who are looking at me half a number of people gathering in this studio. Ago like fifth. We have to take planes and hijacked control from Jeff right now. I know we do anyway is this relationship. At this time we've yeah I was and that's what eat Jeff let's on the schedule. Yeah in front of him right now is there's this relationship going but we are not doing that at all. We've got a surprise for Jeff. And it is related to his wedding okay yeah you know me well enough to know that I don't much care for surprises. I know I like. Control the figures the word I'm looking for and you love pulling off surprises for other people that your favorite is too. Make people happy and smile and make really cool experiences for other people right so. That's exactly what we are going to do for you. Right. Everybody on the show is an honest. Everybody knows what's going on except for you. You are about to. Leave the studio right how high up does this late Aggies need to know what level I need to go above. And trying to get people. This a plane for disrupting. Major America radio schedule nipped nipped him at at that you are about to leave the show and you're not coming back to. So sent packing at least for them and what he. I'm and I can I am not comfortable with this thing. I can you tell me where I am going no not right now he just seemed to show it and Peter does go down all your office. Get your keys and stuff don't reach your phone near charger. And packet. You know in an angle winner on the right idea so I just pack up all my stuff lock my office ends stands win there. They can back you are going to. Yeah come here fizzled talk to you one more time before you actually exit the building. And you are gonna go with produce producer Geneva where error. Yet you just to tell and no I don't trust turn off. She looked very. She lives in an imaginary computer world. Fender weekend's race I I've from a decency interview you're leaving the building the producer Geneen in the next few minutes and I'm not going back and altering that you are not coming back everybody I'm. After the show. Well we're gonna tell everybody else where you're going to have engine show listeners are running for one listeners. Are going to know what is about to happen team and I. On you can do it ladies your wedding it's going to be a lot of it's going to be greats William trusts it gives them and they should move. I will need to be here for the rest is schedule is not what you think it is. The recipe has many are we did you all as we all know Kelly Geneva on I was having the rest of today and you're actually. Aren't out of the building okay community. By be able to listen at least. Well not only talent and anyway the surprise is going to be. Right. Or do just closed down like him going home without them this is very hard and not get into. I just closed down like I'm going home for the day like you're going home for the rest of the night and then come back in the. Yes I. Pack up staff and and come back. And will it suit. We don't enjoy a year a sock. Puppet. Everybody else coming up next year OK I. Again I'll be back then I was gonna say goodbye maybe forever. Example. Your job and the Japanese and shows it's definitely for a line. Star in 941.