Jeff Sets Kelly Cheese Up! Update 4

Tuesday, May 16th

Oh no! Could there be trouble in paradise?


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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole now so excited beginning and it is so it back. Is Jesse thinks he's got mad and match Megan's pills the OI do and this. If skills to make do this thing Evans. Get an update. Kelly cheese in the guy's set her up with the engines the second. Voters and yeah I don't feel like. Dallas and something wasn't bill. Title of this blog unlimited orchestra DA asked. I suits geez. As a challenge to dating existence. I mean it's that's so PC I have a friend who is also challenged in the B. Dating assists and one day out of nowhere a brilliant. Idea came into mines. But it's. I'm gonna set up the two people who are masses I'm gonna set up. Kelly cheese in my body and because they're both dumpster fires of love it would suck all the air out of the room. Both fighters would go out and love would be a lot some. That's up four and soon. Because of 141 us about this when you are not here eulogies by now but she got backup from Lister Suzanne I was a man. Asked my hasn't of the comments we got together not Tom Mastny Marley and full each other out so he got a lot of back up to go forward with this. Matchmaking plan. So it is now banned almost two weeks Kelly tees and you've been out at least one day. With him lump you have this past weekend to spend with him I don't know whether he did or didn't because have been avoiding talking to you about it I know this past weekend was. It was where there's some potential for some for some love is not to tell me now love Wayne. UTU. Are getting married. I own. So Jeff. I don't wanna tell you the truth. Tennis fan favorite music. If you're a little man. Totally cool. OK I gotta I'm going to be honest in his tank and really have these unless things are is now is there any of his. Not I feel like your friends and I think he is really funny and we had a great first date yes. And your good matchmaker. Thank let your timing is terrible. Yeah I'm an island. Your timing is is terrible because. That. I was eleven I hit him and it pays iron meeting chaired by an efficient this that they are. Are you telling me that it's not gonna work out. Latte so. I didn't know that you were doing this because I was out of town and I have been two Latin reconnect with some mighty at a number like. Ten years are you frustrated are any good so I've got a cushion. He's eloquent and commission he's super cool. Addition you say everyone has her say no I don't on health. Lou Taylor and you and you're like atomic out of Italy did that many on the Kelly thinks everyone has perfect until they like her pack rang and then when they like her back in there in her she's like. I want to run through. Yeah the Pope has this guy there's commend you live doesn't like you he's good. Well we've been good friends for ten years and yeah and we had a thing college so we live Jones Overtown so when I came into land. We I ran only side tether but you know is going to be at his wedding and now that you're gonna transcend everything announcer firebrand. And I want to apologize I'm I'm sorry. Alma Allen and they would your friend and I just can't having and is on a guy who came and it's how costly and the fiftieth and we assembly and others just looks on in the past two. I'm gonna work out so we viewed in the mid June why didn't hammered as. This new guy there's something terrible about them there'll be. He's he's he's also I don't fall are nice guys have offered hasn't come off like a nice and the great right now we're just waiting to see what kind of crazy he reveals here though I've only weeks and number ten years act crazy actually really nice I humbly Melanie Tillman and I mean I mean you meet him. I mountaineers got there my two best friends who just got married but what happened when you left and reconnect with me city reconnect with the right at the wedding Adam you sure was on the news I'm sure a as well on this the happy dancing juices some of for an and then he came in and out as we can't in the past week he came to town huge economic frank. Susie yeah. We'll be seriously here in my town breathing my air that I later Liza would call me a guy let's say. You can see why are we moving. Send me your friend is just. I mean so it's over. Rape and sodomy but I say intelligence has crushed. My arms his arms fire and. I am not yeah why don't you think about it. Think about what example where there's guys who really. Know you've failed he does meet its hash tag failed Jeff we you don't mean we think you're matchmaking skills got a big asks Kelly we can work this out. Hotmail page way to think about it because when I'm gone I'm gone good. Bank. So I'll give you say it I'll be god you say it's done and gone. Say it like you mean it straight out loud and done. Kelly a way to think. And I. And that's Santa. I think he's cool though I would I go to shows I hang out with them pilot we can be brands. Yellow pages got. Friends down. I. Devastated you have. Still ahead this morning when Japanese yen. I'm Jane has a funny story this year it's tough conference. I knocked off not everybody is just nice to mend his broken matchmaking heart. We got money to giveaway that snaps that's the most important down the music. Oh Aaliyah. Yeah Elliot Kelly Lipton to date may be okay. I connect directly college and I didn't make holidays didn't he come. Great it may be dead on that Latin re connected again and it. And that it never gonna work they did give them kind of part of that senior get a thinking that might work good in my neck beta court there listen to Jeff. Try something. Tracked me. So where there and situation are new and warm and bubbly but then it could eat it did I don't work. I. I'm saying exactly educate kids can't I don't you've got to be calling a little bit in the front end. Two weeks out there without that bailout and that what do you know articulate defense. Thanks Julia that's the only phone call we have to take on this topic Huff puff. This is Jamie are so quick to break up with me Kelly right. You did and how you plan. And now thru me and I am not surrogate and now you're gonna have to work I didn't necessarily get it and if you want us back. Because it's not gonna work out you're gonna have you're gonna have Dora toys and and I saw him talk through it meantime we are Italian town where am I willing to throw away ninety's I'm. I'm open to compromise jam I have this for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and it.