Jeff is Scared for His First Dance

Friday, June 10th


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You want. You have this shall Jan I'm so excited to get married that he not give me wrong I'm excited about everything. That has to do it my way and got the greatest fiancee and the planet. Hi everybody is excited her family is is excited my parents are saying the can down there the countdown is on uses said earlier 135 days or less than a sell less and less than a Londonderry magnesium believe that. I'm so excited it's going to be a great party Jane is one of my grooms people. He comes woman she's gonna be standing up and on this idea on my side of the I'm. What's called the wedding party wedding party that super excited yet but there's one thing that I. Really really really really really really really really really really. Really scared. OK hang on let me get this guy. Because grooms often do that that scared that OK is it like sweating in front of everybody gets carried outsider anti anxiety inside that. Scared. Gee are you making its hosts. Making toast. I'm sure it will make a toast to you sometimes programs do toasts yeah I'll say something and ask me scared of speaking in public mr. Brinkmann. Targeted thirty of people right now. And 38. And I am scared. To death. About dancing. Low. Doses of big Nat so you don't know really how to. Dance of than the middle school kind. I have Jen I kid you know I have guides the rig them inquiry. Of Eid day Turk. It. Lot of guys feel that way though it's you have to do some questions I'm scared adolescence that's how bad I am well yeah. Here's thing. Granted lessons before our wedding day and we had a whole choreographed first danceable think it was definitely the most stressful part because we had a lot to remember. And we will actually get added but what was cool about it is it was to ending the practice. Because we both were bad we both had two left feet and we learned it together it was a really great pre marriage. It was almost like premarital counseling. And we just do adult coloring books. But what if ever what events they're gonna dance lessons like every other week however avenue have to go sort of we just sit down somehow weeded out coloring books. What then what are you gonna do for your first day events at the wedding day. I think you did the middle school shop full. I think Kelly and I actually went here and I'm not really worried about the first dance maybe I am I don't know. I think Kelly I recently went through dance or a wedding where they didn't have a first stance. I think. Because they were afraid of having like the her arms on your shoulders your arms around her waist and you kind of just swayed back and forth like middle school I walk and also like being there in the middle of chancellor of the waste area I don't know I'm just. But not in new OK but you're so right embarrassing especially you don't know you're doing right places so there's that so even if week. Somehow eliminated that section of the a day rally can't we took that out of the equation it's still. Like. I'm still gonna be expected today I'm always the guy who doesn't dance that stuff. And callies of fantastic cancer Kelly's best friend he is already like that you know play this on lake she is like. Pomp it's got her play list ready to go her favorite music I write and let her connect we've. The DJ to major let her in counties that might be the ones were gonna and the music right has their bad into the Dantzler staff. I would rather urges it. And pretend to understand people. Well and sit in the corner I can see you like seeing an up and talking to people and being hosted shaken hands and Janet pictures but. Did think I really can't cede it brings me legitimate anxiety all I'm anxious straight out talking about it. Other programs give you some advice on how today get through it because you assume one. Did dance the whole night away that's your thing. It has this what has your reflection view you have to at least one dance with there should be your wife your pride. It is pride do for her maybe that will help you get over year anxiety and Janet I'm so batted and I think our senior dance and we were friends for how many years that's firm reusing and like thirteen or fourteen years at. For reuse Zain. And so self conscious about I think there's not a lot and I'm so conscious. I do stand up comedy I didn't stand up comedy shows in front of thousands of people. And everybody universally says stand up comedy is it the most exposed form of entertainment Perez like. He's putting yourself up and and yourself out there can be really bears I can do that no problem but dancing for a thirty seconds at a stage full of nine people on up wrap myself. Don't just like you could get better attic so if you start the lessons now he said he got high and 35 days you do a lesson a week you'll know what your doing. At least a little bit better and then you have those skills for ever so all the weddings that you go to and a future together with Cali at least you'll know how to do one. Waiting ish dance. And I forget now comes. Really conceding just sticking to his death and the electric slide or something slacker now. Spanky leg. One. Did you have this game shall.