Jeff Saved a Life

Wednesday, March 30th


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There's not a lot of things and they gave me chills below Americana leave me a little bit like willow and use. As we talked yesterday it's difficult for me to find things that are like a really big deal but I'm pretty even keel we joke about Tony living in that seventh. Our boss yeah attorney Abbas he lives in a seven these real trauma that liberal on number ten yeah he's about right he's I guess that. I think that some sometimes I'm that way so. I I guess some pretty even keel that really exciting things don't take me up that far release and things that made me super sad. But this. Story I'm about to share with you is. Gave me chills. I talked about something on the radio was within the past year obviously it was at our old radio home. Down down the dial I told a story that. Kelli hit encourage me my fiancee Kelly encouraged me to go into my iPhone. Go into the health. And update this page. In the health map that gives some basic. Vital statistics about me including an emergency contact. And she said that if you ever becoming capacity did. First responders you know paramedics firefighters cops know where to find this on your phone in the look it up even if your phones locked. In the know who to call in any allergies you might have and what blood type you are and stuff like that so even the clock they can get into an access this information and help you in the event of an emergency your god forbid a car accident or something like so we were just talking on the radio about what we did last night and I told them. I feel this thing out on that I'm on the top. Instead this is what this is what I did at the request of of my fiance so I'll be safe if anything it was a casual conversation. It was maybe five minutes long. And I think I encourage everybody and share the duties while in case something terrible. So during my sabbatical. Win wasn't working full time away. I got a series of direct messages from a guy named Anthony. And in those messages he told me this story. Of how that little bit of information. That five minutes of conversation. On the radio. Ended up saving his life. That's a goosebumps moment for Omar and I can't and I ready and I took the phone to my fiance and she erratic. And when we come in and sit in these chairs and just you know talk about rednecks blowing up blonde martyred dummies take cell fees or how high hilly areas. You know you never think that something that we might say is gonna have such a tremendous impact and somebody's life bites. We actually. Saved somebody's life and his name is Anthony and I never spoken with them we've only changed route messages via Twitter and he joins us. Right now. Anthony. Yes I get Arianna and make it any word you were glad we're talking you. Apparent undoubtedly okay now yeah apparently that almost wasn't the case you got it tell the story because all I know is. Based on our little Steve Twitter exchanges. Well I was listening peel layer back when you're down the street yet and I guess this is so cool so look at all my religion and I'm I was diagnosed with parkinson's he. And I also had a secret analogy well. I was at a restaurant and somehow Trent economically. And that I went to. Did equity. In the past that. Cuts forward apparently. And no idea to me that car and send hand the FB don't mix. I'm and so the paramedic was about to give me the shot went the other paramedic was not a instead gawk. And if he hadn't seen that intermission in my I would have been that it. Oh my gosh so had they given you happy with your parkinson's. And the medication they are currently on. Yes ma'am that is correct and I had no idea. It's what I'm a neurologist canned. When I woke up and I feel the next day he. There's no doubt in his mind that I would not meet it. Loan that is amazing. That is fans had. And I did it get any I don't get emotional and yet but. If I had not been listening to the stations I listen to all the time that I'm good gal like her before. Just because I've always Archie heavily by the kind of cursing you volleys and we've always been straightforward shooter in volatile like it is. And this kind of data divided cannot thank god trend information that you give me and that. I just polish you and everything that you done. That's amazing I I've children Johnson Anthony that is really incredible. And I'm so glad that you'd take the steps it actually put in your found casino Lotta times we hear the information my brand sore. Well that oh yeah I got to do that later put you know he's put on you to do listen never get to better navigate around to it. But obviously so important that you actually made the subsidy that. I had bad I had no idea that that option even available my Cody go get at that. Well neither well we're gonna put it up right now on star and 41 Atlanta dot com step by step instructions. And don't put it off. Especially. If you're in a situation like. Anthony with allergies. Or diseases that unit and to me and common but not. Every day diseases like that of parkinson's is a big deal and that is significant specialized medicines and and whatnot. And take the time to do in their could put it in their because you never know you might need it. Anti thank you for reaching out I hope we come up one day and have visit us here at the station and I would love that she can a person. You know why I left tackle I would really look at this please let me know when and I would love to do that and like again I greatly appreciate you. And the information that you shared and I'm here today because that he. Okay well that proper gift just see you know for life saving is a Rolex watch and doubt it and show a lot of times. Yeah now ma'am now particular can be stainless your goal Khamese over Anthony just come out here and visit athletic and you and take a picture with the end hang out. I would love that no it actually could this be honest and not the stated that that would definitely be at the top of my vote. Are all well well well make sure it happens I can't stand thank you Anthony. Thank you very apparent that information is a fine line rate now star 94 wine it landed dot count I'd love those stories of right place right time. Just happened I'll come together properly that was really cool group and it chills I now and I'm doing it right now I'm going in medical conditions right now medical notes that jet engine chip start 941.