Jeff & Paula Kiss and They Both React!

Wednesday, August 3rd


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Ready for a one. Paula on the scale of warned its hand. How nervous are you right now thirteen thirteen I can't. Jan how nervous he got a skeleton. Are other things well. About pebble get all policy this is our experiments. That way it's gonna work just to recap you're about to stand out. We're gonna bring in Jeff. And yet I'm different and other divergent jab is gonna walk and you guys will immediately cast as long as you're comfortable and that you don't want to and you just put your hand to god no way right to do that and then it. You kiss for as long you're comfortable for and then we will remove him from the room in you have to be completely honest about. Erratic. Mean. And they've taken headphones out. I'd stand up over the next day Kelly she's low key and brave. This is on FaceBook live right now. So if you are on FaceBook can go to the star 941 FaceBook page and watches and I'd David is now going to game. It. Make. It. I crap. Okay. Well and I'll now yeah. It hit. The. Can you. Did. We're and a giant. I think we'll have. It. Just how do you tell I. It. Weird. Million and it went do you have butterflies are you in love is he gonna be the father of your baby. And OK so when you initially somewhat happy. Now I. Might say. OK and I. I think it was going to be a lot of firsts I. Can't answer them. And the chats on. Oh. Okay you're rate its just its. Scale of one to ten. Where was her first kiss her first kiss and especially under the circumstances that it was a good and I antibiotics. And it again. But you don't know if so you what you're saying right now is appearance wise he's not the type of guy you'd go. OKQ. So does events so if if after what this is all over it he asked you about it the eight. Given the chance in the circumstances in which you match would you. Except that date or would you politely declined saying and he's now one. At that because it's weird circumstances. And. You know there's an air. It would be worth. Oh. Okay take Russia in which attacked while Canada would you go for. And. Not for serenity looked into golf yeah yeah okay thank you for saying army that's just so we have so everybody knows what Jeff. Jeff today's round of golf shirts and khakis and loafers. He came in and yeah yeah. All right Apollo we're gonna ask you leave the room and then we get to talk to Jeff about Ian. He's going to be he's gonna say he just may not know. Yeah. Not considering that I promise I promise. I'll. I believe now you get up and now. And before you bring Jeff and let a while ago. Mean for you bring that and she just I actually kind of like outlaws they're from and in medicine equipment and did you hear the noises during the week. There are new leases for me it's like a piggy and slide. Right. Catching. Would you. I Gallinari for benefited. So. The only thing happens it's it's when your tickets you don't. Here's an easier feeling that mommy paying Clinton always is but when it's somebody else is listening to it and stand for a Brington. Now the only thing it's gonna screw up that she's here as. Right that's the only thing that's going to be mad. About the whole thing. Each of Tennessee. And there's no. Money. I'm just saying that she's attractive she's personable. Is personality the only things in a room that he's he's gonna say now isn't terrible it's meant that would be maybe he's not a tactic. Cute bunker. With an infected on the red and I mean he's only burn. Most eyes are you know guys are. Women as women. Air if you after the I'd bring bring Jack back. Do we get to meet Jennifer second first before we get his and Alison yeah attack. Don't mean to him and he. Is like a news. It's just. That. And I just go get them. A (%expletive) carrier you throw those you are brave man. Thank you for being imparted that's been brave enough to do. I really need to know you and a second person off your thoughts on. It again tonight a news there you yet seems like. Users you got the fun part in four seconds yeah. Are you probably heard Jim when you want it she rated case. On a scale of 191. Yeah. And I appreciate that. And I. What yeah Heidi how would you rate advocates. You can rate given the circumstances when that and media. Given the circumstances that right what if it was used with rumors and tell us a tiny bit about yourself you drove in from Athens which is great yeah that actually a little bit desperate really great. 'cause I don't do any yesterday and I heard this but I mean that ends in January in Iran of photography business intact. An aria France listening. And of amusement. What's the name if it out of business as a step into them I. OK so if you guys had the opportunity to. Go out again. Would you go out with her egg on the again would be there or get this the first day I was. Do you do it there. We bring and if she said the yeah. This is exciting. There at least they're the same thing. You'll be held for. Ray Nash's texting all of her friends. Bryant. Yes and Altec had no Paula I mean your husband Jack. So yes. Are you. You'll be excited to know that yet you both mutually agreed. To go out again once exciting. And mr. Innings so I'm not and ally in Oxford I'd say. He got when he gets in each. Way for them Lawrence Africa and our. New and I've. Are you. That a little bit. For a living is where our rivals. When did you graduate that's an. Edited and arson campaign ideas going. It's as if those one of the things about coming in today. Doesn't it is only fifty hurled. And other relief well is nobody asking my aides. And yeah I was clay. That's why when you locked in ice that are used fifteen yeah. It's a bomb drop you off a. All David on the phone I was like do you need to them yeah. There's still work out some of the producer tanks and Davis. I want you guys thank you guys both symmetric do I do yes. Your preview of tonight's teams now already happened. My experiment I get my this year quietly the halls of meet me.