Jeff is Now an Oyster Expert

Friday, August 26th


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So making the switch to the justice shall start in April and this is it is that day you said I'm aware I'm gonna get my tickets the last minute but there's some better might come along announced last may and nothing better as a Milan but we'll see you tomorrow night. Wrench on all night to join as a terminal last night and really fun party is the best parts of your weekend I'll smashed into one it's Saturday night party and so on Abrams. Have really great French fights we sampled them yesterday old. All man all there's so bed I'll take all week that it still right right. And the middle of the sales department I'm a stage in and out that we able to free endorsements for the rest of the year. And we would not have had as much attention from our sellers yet everybody was in here earlier sample and champagne from choir bell and some really cost them cocktails and a bloody Mary bloody marries an urban they can urgent moment. Celebrity cruises this year I mean it was it was great bold American events put together an awesome Frenchman so it's easy but I'm gonna have. Live music. We're gonna dance and party and there's only a few to get some ground today and I for one and it dot com and we'll see you at jet engines branch all night tomorrow I try to be sneaky last night and. Guy tried youth health. So I had a comedy jam. A canal for a thank you everybody knew in my smoked at last minute and on and thank you everybody and I'm. Old Newt went. Test new material or both new and. And moved favorites so. I haven't done stand up and in a couple months is now we've shown on the eighth and I'm starting to act out there and it's edited and I was wound up you wound up clearance age they needed auriemma. If that adrenaline flowing if I got home I just needed to unwind. Hairy. Is well. He is. I hear on the couch from all this social media's. It. Easter. And that he opened an oyster. FaceBook knows you and knows what you gotta watch the most and it shows it to you first. So there's there's an issue where an open and oysters the first thing on your feet after a and I'm there is satellite I'll just watch this for. In an eight iron that won't be did you watch britney's. Yeah that britney's and you'll win it yeah it reminds us that she's on different issues mr. France a tag in. So I just I just wanted to be just Reagan and there it is watch right and when one. One review so read. Ago. Stop judging me I you know my goal is this'll keep me from like. Pose means Graham com and her or their retirement Amtrak just mindless one while I ago. But parent by many opt out well yeah. The air. Okay so. She tells the story of the interviews. Or a thousand people watching. Awesome machine tell the story of the interview and she's talking and she goes. Hey we want to send a pearl. Who may be read. I was and I thought in she's talking to the camera but I can't talk act because I'm just I'm just in. Do you pinch you most common to right so I think I just sat like a thumbs opera are some acknowledgment that that's that's very sweet she says that we Linus and something. As thank you for the jet engine. We're gonna send maybe these little piece of oral jewelry that she can maybe keep numbers on them. And she says. Mean I have to pick you eighth. Any idea how much pressure that is so you've how many choose there's a high okay this year as it tray with five oysters mentioned that. Little colored stickers and every compartment of betray. You just pick what color and that's when that she'll open. There's a blue red green yellow and new middle. It. And I panicked because. Fewer college football league because like he would pay. Who are more correct right because those are Gator you learning a case I had did eliminate blue or more. Medicare what the other card when I was so over think and and I was trying to remember where. Rain went to school and I'm like okay now pressures. Admittedly this is from this for Bibi is a piece of jewelry that maybe the bird's piece of jewelry. That your daughter Reese ever again. So I'm like. Colored connected to a school that rivalry it was. In my finally just gave up. I don't lie. With Gallo it's bright sunshine. Happy positive color. Here's what happened lie and they. Oh. Right yellow and it. Pop up. I can't sit there going to be probably 83. T. Well I and I think you turn into the I watched. Targeting you have to pay for everybody from all. Of the you. All her. He or she. It. Day her. Act and how. Or yeah I am. And now on our. Hands aren't. In fighting cancer and her. A I. It going to be. Out or. You're like an act currently there are content I don't think it. Well on. Its own you know you can RI. RA. Why. They are picking currently. In people's. 7280. Don't know what that means. It seems really cool but it's black with the purple whatever. Other like that people who do this all the time yeah our data messaging me yeah going on my recognizes the most rare one. Great job. So big it's gonna let and now they are saying it's not good. No. Talking to me they're like. Activities so beautiful young Lee in currently over a lot like they're talking to me I know or there. I don't care about human reason necklace and the girl I have aired don't. Me pretend that I care is the new expert I'm not gonna go oyster ticker at her I just picked color. I think he should pick by proxy I'd throw a lot of people just picked at random color. And bigger forwards it. Re should have the most rare when I. I was finally that I was like that ocean every party rights should be like. Eight. Inane people start messaging me and setting it. In the end. In and liked talking to me I know you're an expert to know about pearl. The militants and under the oyster guy and we three that's perfect you don't like it is the co hosts with Brittany and that they would have posted a picture of people and Matt. Thank you Randy got an eight hating him would make it it's not. Thanks for making this glitch and it just show shall start in April and.