Jeff Needs Wedding Registry Help

Wednesday, June 1st


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Geoff in good joke to show Vizio. Conversation at 4047419400. OnStar and many more law. I this is the part of the show Horry gets deeply therapists. 21 of us. I'll be the person Monica okay do this for a foursome 419400. You've got some advice for Jack. Maybe just keep in his mind. I think the root of this issue is that banks that this is mine a second marriage. And it's my fiance county's first. That might be. It okay all right. Therapist pat and can also beat back to the Davis Vinci is a decade younger I mean. So. I acted mechanism news but here's the and I feel. Tenure. I don't know where eleven OK so here's the. I mean. One light love making my fiancee Kelly. Happy it's my favorite thing. And I'm falling short in one. In that area is the bridal wedding registry. OK okay. So. You guys are getting married in October so the registry has to be sat here pretty soon and has prepared her parties are getting underway and I can invited one couple weeks and excited. There's already stuff on the registry. High wind that one battle because apparently when you have I don't know how all the parties worked. I'm just along for the ride but I didn't wanna register before the engagement party because. The etiquette books say yet was to bring gets the gain of parties in my people. Did bring gets to being at a party and when you together have to invent it straight Sierra who we register we started registering shortly after. And I did go and have a good time on and the Williams-Sonoma website click in a few things here and there right in and sign up for some stuff. Okay. But how can he intimate. And handgun again Lance and I don't know. You feel really uncomfortable about people getting gifts for dads. Right I don't know any starting in new life to get is it because you guys party live together and you've got a lot of stuff. I don't know I think part of it's that I think part of it is the fact that I'm Jim dollars son who's far too practical. Yeah I mean he's the guy who do you super glued to fix the soul of news. You know new balance sneakers that he back and the Carter administration yeah I mean it and go get new sneakers right yeah so IE. I it's just me it's a practicality issues but we got a waffle maker last night. A beautiful waffle maker polygamy on the the guy who loves waffles. Right I should be overjoyed at the waffle maker. But it can Zain and she's so excited and she opens up and she sees who it's from and she talks about how thoughtful. She was you know that person was. And I'm like at scoring eight and then we went home and that is not race now even nicer waffle maker and donate the old waffle maker. You still uncomfortable. I think to do it more of if that's on number if you wanna be amateur there is what I wanted to do is I'd want to be excited. We've. Cali for every moment of news. And I want to be. As. It's more excited about every aspect and really struck a world force 741. 94 before trying to figure out exactly what is that yes yes yes cash. You do substandard company I do quite successfully use him like a little bit from time to take a little showmanship. It does okay does it also tap into some acting skills. At excited about waffle maker aha. I'll I'm saying is you gonna have to make. Because if you're not excited and you want to be excited for her. I think he gets happened to them that showmanship some of those acting skills and Kiki got that pretend. So fake it to remake. It thinks or and or in the case of the awful maker make it to you make it yeah. And. You are just like my husband grant you guys Wear your emotions on your sleeve you do not have a poker face especially if you're not happy with something. Everybody in the room knows it public and I think he can turn on the acting ability and Brittany welcome to the shallow. Congratulations on your recent outing. Saying you I opponent lets you know that you're not Ireland and then I had and when you laying registry cap saying he felt the exact same way. Yet they added an art or at all and that without. What was his feeling on it. Why do you hate it's much. You. Act like that stop saying he didn't like and Mary have been saying. Yet he added Marta I don't think actually letting me right thank you. And they may be that something in the app and the landing you can all right thank yet. You know that it be that help or hurt. Yeah it got so bad about not getting excited. I'm all they're. All the all the armchair therapists are outlined in the world for a 741 and part of me wants to know if Tony's in their thank goodness we've. Here's Tony's favorite team. There it's actually 40474. Lines 9400 if you went way. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.