Jeff Made a Mess

Monday, April 9th

Jeff shares with us a time where he had an "accident" whilst he was enjoying his spring break...yeah...someone send the AARP card and 'Depends' please and thanks!

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NHL all star. Laura I'd suggest me on the phone what's happening JP. I have no idea at Canada and what you just said. A that we just and it's nice message from Jeff that he. Is on the phones let me feed. I can't pick up I can't pick him up. From over here and got out OK we got to pay just. I hear yeah we're area. Look there's a situation. Like you won't Clinton's. So we're not a whole lot on this story. All right calorie I'm my biggest outdoor. I would have her come to me could I interest and it appears so. There it is they're coming just felt. I could come militias common. I'll seize on in the studio either. Retreat at. Thank you so mention you know in the studio. We shouldn't be in the studio. Okay. Got it. Are you can't. Learn. The coolest little. Thank you nobody ever happens. To own you okay. Great out there. And your I think it's weird ominous clicking thing here it's really creeping me out. Who. Sort of a political action. Yeah. Yeah. What's happening equate what is happening I'm so confused. Heavy on stays alive RNC grandma's whole outlook. This testing really need your trip. Noting it sounds like you aren't about Teresa eyes. Did you do that whole exit it up in Iran plays I don't know you Diane you leave him on how they run. We look at it to work. And. I could do it adore you ask why the studio door she is you are at Tennessee and or are you crawling and parent. What is happening guys. You're so crazy right now on the little city adorable we have a little teeny window yeah and don't live rehearsed crazy hearing now. Now you're gonna Google studio work. There's react but don't element of what could amount to experience. Today. TV seeming out IRR. I can't. Live. Did your health insurance. Act. Is this carriers and dignity I don't I don't think I'm ready for then I don't know many of their. Well. I know. Him yeah. I didn't. What do. Is every getting to the depends age. I mean I thought were still like a good twenty years from Mets then he had a stained yeah yeah stars. The then that spot and knows all the way down has landed. At the bathroom incident I it. Room answer it and it's what did you tune in at something and I panned out it's another man's hands and everybody says impede their hand right thumb and I can't. Did you rattling it's clearly you are coming. Because they try to clean this op. Glad enough Yankee it's not he. Knew totally paid your pants I know I got a double Diana seven studio person. So really you aren't that Europe can't because I really thought we were gonna have to con EMS. Guys and JP get my back guys who Wear khakis are always aware of having like. Drops there right you don't want name dribbles to. Go through right yet to the side Jane I can see you out of the corner match I didn't put together an adult. You just leave your hand you're asking me to act like an idiot and I it's got yogurt on my pants in a way to clear an. You even eating yogurt today aren't phase. No you didn't have time and that's on a lot out of your office where do you know her from my refrigerator in the kitchens idiotic hit him first in the job as you know anti but I. Highly semi to work today with yogurt inning that in the spoon fell off in lab rate there that I used a little bit of water in I'm cleaning and opt. And then it started to get bigger and ministered to get bigger so it looked like a big piece by and I thought it was funny. That that was kind of funny and Maine I ended up and trying to make it better and ended up stealing the entire glass slaughter. And aha. Anybody money now not at all added their yells I don't use smell you know either US now yogurt. I'm not closed CEO you on a smile my stuff I do idea I'm an attack. Jeff just hides it lined up on the table and jam and smelling. Out. All on its question that we see. Why did you think even for a second then why is it smells like that untreated maybe it's that in the washing machine like a little bit too long. There your moldy. Just it's usually a lot I'm very sensitive now you're holding so that's correct I thought ability. Expect. All all of the jet engines are for image of its and in the name now glory days. Jamie comfort in numbers. Hopefully don't have any meetings today just now I need to figure out how to get out of the building to go across the street and hit new pants. Can't cannot. All my pants on them or see her anymore who asked just a hug current gearbox really except for the strange guys during the serious stuff in the ceiling answer. Does that mean. Indeed some comfort in numbers that we need to find grown adults of the. And young star already forewarned.