Jeff Interviews Jenn

Wednesday, July 6th


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So it's dying before blind. Yesterday at this time Jiang sprung some questions I mean these are questions that were asked of Matthew McConaughey hey. Which makes perfect sense why you can act management on me. Right Jen the same questions. For a year okay. We will starts will do in the backwards order of the US will start with your greatest extravagance. And. Ladies we'll understand this because this I mean you have to buy over and over and over again okay once you go extravagant and get addicted to it. And it's my make up my foundation. A guy used a Christian. Tank like an heiress is almost like spray foundation out. And a friend of mine who's a makeup artist yeah introduce me to it yeah my hair for an everyday because now I'm addicted to it. And it's a really expensive to make so I how can you know cheap on the other things that I use that I make up to just a five that my foundation has really expensive so that's my greatest extravagance. I'm can I ask how much you would spend on something like this her visit to the may have star or is this a secret from. No figure for well I don't think he really knows it. It's expensive it's like they have two finalists were. 65 bucks. And I'll make up. It's like junkie. And I'm O. I'm so happy to be a guy accused by the senate nine news played a nine dollar do you care. Jan if you had a last meal. What he'll be and who would you be eating we. BE. Cold oysters on the action now oh. Loney and from somewhere awesome like Nova Scotia that. Anyway yeah out and I would have. A glass of bubbly champagne gap and it obviously has an MB green would have like an ice cold beer he'd have a scooby reed share. It's optional for multi. It's in the tournament waste in the last affect the what movie hit may have seen the most at three that I've seen in this pretty woman of course everybody my age son over a million times but it's one of those and comes on TV can't not watch it for her to watch it over and over again yep. Almost famous because I love that movie. Maybe phones Kate Hudson and I just love her and I love that whole story and soundtrack is so awesome that for whatever reason wedding pressures. I've seen wedding crashes like a good Jillian. I feel the same way about bridesmaids and it's funny every time he is almost it's funny thing recording pressures I can live right these means that yet. That's him at that from the bad. Surprises me the wedding pressure went surprisingly yeah I societies and I think you have summit old school black and white Breakfast at Tiffany's at. Now. I wish that's one of the things I wish I can get into a Turner Classic Movies yeah like I wish I was all about that in into that and I try. And then I'm like I can attract this smell that you love the most speaking. Who could but I cabinet nine and I knew that if you've been basic and any time is pagan digging at that yet though it right yet. When he hit you felt that sexy says sexiest this eyeballing a point 96 you've read out based paint. Now I managed it and make you feel sexy. I have to say it's a big day that I have done two things at the same time one is shave my legs and to just let the hair salon. But there's nothing better for a woman like then going to the hairs on your hair is totally done. It's blown out by someone else you feel like now looks great in the same time you have shapeless. All smeared and hair done the same and that's an IQ sexiest you're treating the shaved legs jam like it's a comet like it only happens once and now. I have two kids in line. If that they got laser hair removal and most of its gone but they're still like the blonde steadily as the addition of the blond part. I Jane and your last question. Name it something that you think is way overrated in my answer yesterday yeah. Cammie hammered much like you with the beyoncé but. There are a lot of people by the way who agreed with me over yes there are a lot of people are like yes beyoncé is overrated. I'm shocked that twittered and shut you down yesterday. I totally shut me down Aggies are okay because these are. To stop I couldn't pick just one but Tucson that I find completely overrated but everyone sings along with them when they play at a bar. Game. Ever to kind of way I try to fake in and play along in my sing along with friends but I. Song is so overrated and I mean and get it at. I understand why it was ever. I don't even want you to get together do it. The other behind enemy mean it's like yeah I know this. Highs as I did join the chorus. I wish we never did this effect but it's. One show star in 94 blind.