Jeff Hates This Christmas Song Part 1

Wednesday, December 7th


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We've given you an. And so all in 94 line. I I wanted to talk here about days. Christmas on the we just need to stop. Greens right now lol. Let me. Sincerity if you don't have agreed. We'd. And married maj games coming up and forty minutes of lead that effort you tree. For free in the crime but it will be and the sun and hockey. It's a classic. It's a classic Christmas. Here it. Colon. Patriots coach loves. Then over that you. Hold. And then just night and. Are right you know why have an issue with that. She believes and he's in. Yes. And keeper for them. Eyes V it's a little a salty. If you don't have pain like. This of the classics I've edged dean Martin's so what's that that. Fifties probably times of change. So. And that showed the guys those that she goes to that let's go through the story you've got territory. The story goes that she goes over to the house she's over at the house with a guy and it's time to eat. And then I'd the guy hates her hand and says no don't. NGOs will Obama and Rory which leads me to believe it if they each. Have a young person. Because her mom as she needs to go home and be an apparent right response that beautiful watcher her. Beautiful. The phrase beautiful and less dead from a father to daughter is a creepy. It's seek re key word in here it here in the and somebody say. A beautiful. And it's great leeway and away. I mean OK I should point to point my father will be pacing the floor that's the next line there she does live there. I got it. I really bettered scary beautiful. Is beautiful. And agencies like. Maybe just happened drink more now she's while maybe south. Right. Maybe I'll stay in. And they start to worry about the neighbors. Because he's in the house thirteen world. And save what's in the ring so he rubbed error. Well it's probably means she's asking what's in the street that there's. Alcohol. And they says no caps behalf and. And I said I it's creepy I odd to say no no no singer where do you hello no means now. No. Means now. Payments. Of eight. And she's like and she says the age. And it's terrible it is a terrible song but it's from their fifties which is fine. But he gets renamed. Every. Other year. Listening to the leery they're just like. They just your baby it's cold outside and they think. Christmas they think the holiday they feel good thoughts they think about. Coke well by the buyer baby it's cold outside you out after your curfew have a roof. That's with dad's side. As the sun young thing and it's not like it's remain it's made all the time. About the actual air imagine that my dismay a few years ago in public arts and the chance. Old this is our love our and I. The world. Her hands off very brief us. Do not strike out well. And then here's here's the latest version is brought out their issues. Country do you rate right now from love him love as I and Megan Trainor are French and Irish a couple of times. Terror. Trainer routes and like saying it means dog she solid no. Was no yes and now she's saying no nano and baby it's cold outside yes yes yes I'll have another have a drink. And. I mean make canes fan oh cool that's. That's of science. And coal that is. Love red algae he is mentally. Brown young man me and I'll. Illness. Tomb behind me what she'll move movie and missing them. Maniac. You can see. And then he just can handle any moves from red zone while I believe this night. Bad. This afternoon. I'll see. Do you think this is just plain cool way. And that's why women like this on she's just. Now. And and and boozing with elite. And then Brett Eldridge I mean you. And I'd definitely keep you warm by the fire I get this it can put whatever you might think again. I. Write that and ended. I think keeper and it was. I it is I don't know why he did bugs me everything I've outlined it bugs me yet every time that you like early in the Internet like it's Christmas time you know. So when you're out Christmas shopping like that their lights on through news and departments that Macy's. You're and like an old man on your like. I out here but almost eating out and guy area Yang. Area again I'd all. Aronson a. Nothing the last because that not and think it's is seriously. Now between. That and it. To me now here I've. The film room and see you now. You're down. Just intention to try to work today. Guys just a few random women beautiful elephant in Ohio youthful behavior of all equally this season. And jumpstart. It before one.