Is Jeff Gross?

Monday, May 14th

Jeff has an odd habit while he cooks that his wife thinks is DISGUSTING. Whose side are you on?

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Star in 941. The question for you gross he wants an out big says he does something why he's sitting for others that he thinks is normal. His wife has told them how gross that is you have to decide is he totally grossed are totally normal. Not only does my wife Kelly think that I am ponson league grows. She thinks I might even be putting people in danger. Well that I may be harming people's health. Witness so hears it she needs now is the back story and then among Alina and you Jan is the expert. Chefs in the room I don't know about that but I just how hot hot. An excuse amen any any anybody is listening who is and at home. Food Network chef you're down you know your car you know you just send it out later at a TV show that you ain't my and that's Sony right. I'm only nominally an office because I love love love to cook but I hate the mass that I made when I'm cooking. And I will say that but up until recently I was a disproportionately. Messy person when Ike but my eight. Spirit our energy of cocaine is rolled through the kitchen like a hurricane. Get hot good food on the table. Hurricane cleanup after the attack. Oracle and AT use every utensil in the drawer every every mixing bowl on prep bowl and then all of that was dummy. But I recently decided that I could do something. About that Macs. So. I have started to make a game. Out of cooking. And food trapping. Within as few. Dishes. Bottles. Utensils. Hands. Everything. Is possible. So it's like a competition with yourself. Yes how can I get through this meal and used. The least amount exactly. And I will in my head of puzzle everything together late it's a tetris game I actually think this can be a reality TV show it to be cooking shepherd feuds. They think guys are more inclined to hurt in the kitchen and a woman is just think that's. By nature I think that's the way guys are to be wrong but. I think I can make a cooking show out of this because I have become an expert in planning their meals ahead. And the utensil amble in and usage. To. Completely minimize. Her asthma yeah I think about ingredients using an about a equipment yeah. That's when you're gone through it gives the ingredients are the ingredients so if I am. Preparing a like for example I mean and nice state for the grill this week and I said it was the best tenderloin ever made. So I've prepared that. And IIC's today and it you know feared if you're gonna do a bread meat properly and the grill. Yet again a little weak hinted at not supposed to take array out of fridge and put it on the Craig Ellis and the characterize it. Thirty minutes so I will take that season that put an event for instance ran ramp over it get to the Grail. Coming up I hug it currency and Diaz things. Diaz and then I woke Maine and I will take that platter and I will weighted down with hot water accuse hot water. And then we'll take the tongs and rinse them wondered how water also and then they go back out to the grow because that's what I'm gonna use to you. Take enough to take it off him and bring a pat Kane. On I will use a bolt from the demand making scrambled eggs in the morning I use the ball to make the scrambled eggs. They do you like hot race in the bowl than I do you like veggies in there and they do whatever and that's what holds. The veggies and staff. And sometimes I will even have a poll that has lake. If I use a big bowl first that I keep in the same pitches has super hot soapy water and so I can dunk. She sometimes I had a little different strategies here the best to clean up for our great audio yes yes. But I have been called out his ropes. I'm my wife Kelly. She's like you can't. Do that she saw me using a pay and that they could something in and I just to get over the sink and I used. A big thing a paper towels and cleaned out the handed put back in the stone to put another thing right. So think we're at a Waffle House lined up right this is the same hand omelet I'm glad I'm anomaly just wait and I'm put back on right. That I did two different boot her issue as the clock but I went out with was. Yankee. Now given that I don't bag and a hot stove like it and it's gonna get so it's not gross when all this and dine. Cleanup. I I walked out of the kitchen to a tidy kitchen. It's not gross loans. He kills stuff. Heat kills stuff I feel like your growth it's not grounding Q gross if you didn't hit this drive. And diaries when you said the meat tray out to the grill went down rents of how wanted to get back come down with that yes if he would say chicken. Not down on that yeah this kid I would chicken I feel like it's gotten Salmonella communities so. And then when he said eggs. It is why Canada now. You know he's I'm soaked with the ball on eggs if you use soap and soak it in the flavor of like the badge reasons that they need daddy is not honor any enemies in a ball here's my thing now you got to just picking of all let me ask a question Jan. Right now as a human being in my existence sitting in front of you am I grows. Now right do you know if I did or did Matt white man but alas I'm Elizabeth I do not now I can't cannot confirm vein. I appeared to be on gross Tia so you don't Simi wait apple out and I'm not groups. Understand. No I think it's Augusta DB gain people sick. Nobody's getting sick with a rod and it's a rock chick can Maria and marry and I backed me up please. Sorry to ask no can do you like this week's gone on and you are. Can you get people really sick. I'm not in fifth. Heat kills germs and grows. He cooks off debt and I'd say it's just gross. Pollen out or back him up with your anger or or am I am masters champion MI an innovator and I changing the game. It's. This gross thing he does this while he's cooking and he thinks it's totally fine. But his wife called him out for being in really grouse and how. Then minimalist kitchen. Thank. And it's basically cocaine use saying there's few. Pieces of equipment as possible cleaning the equipment made a meal so that you can recycle it back through the same me all. And so scrambling an egg right with a fork then there's running out for kinda hot water and then serving the meal with said four. Loom. McKenzie an Atlantic get my back please. I totally under but I just can't I be correct Carol thank you. I'm not incur socialite. You're. Lick it. All against cal might hockey and cricket Sharon and ordered it. Our guy and he's agreed to act like you've probably do need to you know a little bit so every once in awhile. Okay you're talking too long I. I was finally you there's a blanket greeted me and elegant details and stuff now. Chris in Madison Baguio. I totally agree you or your brother. Did nothing but opposition Adam and I got. Achieve this thank. Appreciate. Though we have a second Iran eggs near rod again zero chance of getting an even say bad Mia Tyler. Yeah. I Baghdad have actually engaged and I can assure that. See he's an expert. And so. OK so the general and on the ground should boil all over the nation and then take the ball thrown on the grill and then take the law. Back on their durability water did you diluting the bacteria. Killing them but they feed off the girl. Tyler. I know you haven't figured you're a doctor and stuff but listen did they get to the cart in your class where bacteria can't swim. So they drowned. Bacteria drown it. And yeah. All right well when you get back to me we've been you've had perfect attendance knew and every class and we'll talk. Yeah important. I am a is there a moment there I Tricia and Lawrence well. A great deal with. It in a row he is a fellow brits I would listen. He would pass idea and is very angry at everybody the easy ever truly been nice to someone other than a kid shaft people. Yeah. He beat a very intelligent content that aren't aren't MI RI people every I didn't my family that article about the need to apply. It got it appeared at pat. I'll say they tally your wife does the dishes if you're cooking and you might yeah. I'm helping her out so she's going to be a real. It's for sure is gonna be real happy at an entire cabin Joseph family including doctor Tyler and his. There's chemistry degree or whatever it is con out to make life more difficult for her. Way to go you guys way to support she's going to be very a. All learn and share that conversation. And continues league championship on FaceBook.