Jeff Got Sucked In

Wednesday, August 24th


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We gender and gender. Among selling 94 line. Listen you guys I don't I'm I'm not I'm not a drug user and don't now have some wine every now and again amid a war. Like craft Beers yes give me and I PA but I don't do that that we years. I do that now an experimental person too much of a control freak and that but I imagine gain that the past week there's oh. It's been wide like an acid trip or mushroom forever and then. It would be. You're magic buried in Kelly comes in here yeah zero Bulgarians. So here's Jane okay who is. Got a daughter who is fighting every single day to be its its cancer. And as the best doctors in the country literally. Under her are watching you know over she's under the care of the best actor in the country that's. Type of a match that she has grown its. So I think he says in this that he nation agent. And and if she's totally in this is by the way this is at hand and this is not plan and yeah. A lap. Because agent. Always. Occasionally and they've ranked. Who grows magic berries mayor Mary sorry. That wasn't relevant as we were talking about how can there be changes they're right in your going to that. Well. Appetite changes and year of different. That your your palate. I'm your time in intern. Thing if you're savoring person can make savory things he's totally sweet and you don't like them and then. Three tests the scrappy and whatever so that. We're talking about that. And millions. And and you guys at Chela. I heard you just tell me about doctor Olson who's been studying this and and 1841. You actually invented this type of cancer previous I've. Died resurrect it in back in. About on its hands and on the team and yeah that's how much use and everything's. And he got all that corner. But I've got a friend who. Alpha engines right. And ray Knight and cleaning out with a few people to push each other he owns Ernest I happen. Change the way intense by the way things taste right Mike and Mike groh has them and he told about them I'm busier at Torrey you have a lot of friends that. Highlighted color of good friends and I. Yeah Lebanese army says that you try strawberry after one and then it's the most incredible strawberry ever have a few tries and hours actually to a sweet. So does mom changes her taste buds I don't think if I don't agree now we should give them to the person who panicked carefully regiment. Controlled clothes changed but I think you should chime because it seems like it would go along with your chippy yes the tricky week in your hat. So bringing the miracle Berry plant in I would I really while your trip saying yes and then you can he down. So here's number one I told you guys is that Saturday night and hang in in my house all by myself and all the sudden. There's a pet in my house and I couldn't find for a few days. Staring at me and own now. My dogs did not seem that but I took a picture of the that was really there cool I have an update on on the net last. Yesterday morning at you know 4 or am I go downstairs and Lily that doctors are in. The cars had a sitting outside the cat is now outside of my has it and it's sitting in the pants. Which is an eight but also privacy and and I'm Rome around. A little tiny room partners. On sing. Airing at me through the window of the house just watching my every move. And come back. And welcome plotting my demise. So. They've got a cat I've got this mystery can. Reaper cat in my mind that as you know. Number two. Guys. I've been in the inner past government. And their practices based payment for Nancy and large tank LA. We continue on down on the ground here I have stumbled across on multiple occasions and instructing. Entrants knicks. Why he lied. He spoke he. Although woman. And all she'd done. Is open oysters. And hold up the pearls that she pines to the. You know what you're like a little kid you know about the surprise addicts right. The YouTube surprise eggs. Okay every parent knows what I'm talking about. Because this is a game on YouTube videos it aegis open up on map eggs antsy with. But that kids are trans. Societies there's millions of views like a boiled egg means that this is the adult version the woman opens oysters in. It's in fact if she describes the pearl. And then moves on and hasn't won yet. It's like the adult versions aren't. What's in the yanks had hired a high boiling and peeling it's just. A plastic eggs are gold and their oil and sometimes it. It it's. Never anything exciting kids are. I went back and tried to find it last night asked and I couldn't find the woman opening the oysters which made me think that one of I was just having me I. Where I'm not kidding so she opens. In waste her. And then like I think you can buy me so late that she sold the oysters. The people. And then you can buy them right and then so that she would that you would buying imminent I think she owes you tune in at 8 o'clock. And then she just has a little thing and she opens its arrangement. On my gosh look at this one it's era against saint it's almost moonlight in the end she rinses and opt. She puts them a little better it's ANC can you color she colds and into the camera than she measures it in she's so. I'm colorful with the description of racers are the rules like this what is. You have OG and move her and enthusiasm that sexy man. Forty minutes and forty minutes ice and. Alone. How old is C a night old and usually thirty and how long. That they get there and you know when it on our. Authority meaning it's just that alone in my bedroom late when I was in bed and wagers that we're gonna need magical. Thanks for being a part of it. Job selling that people want us.