Jeff Goes to the Doctor

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall I would love to publicly comment Jeff dollar for something he is doing because. You don't think is a big deal but I think it is a really big deal and I want you share with everybody what's on your schedule. Because I don't think enough men do this. He's Erica I doctor's apartment USU by going to the doctor wired you sell impress I'm so impressed because it's like pulling teeth to get my husband ago yeah I swear the only reason that he goes is because again again. Discount on your insurance right your health insurance benefits get better if you turn in a physical by certain date ever yeah. I don't think men go to the doctor for regular health check ups the way that we do we have to go for an annual appointment jar to see the girl doctor yeah so. We are at least being checked by one doctor your guys will go dictates without seeing a doctor. Music you go all the time that you go. I don't go all the time it's go to the doctor of the way to target Brett had not all the time but I will do an annual physical. I'm I did wait this year it's been about eighteen months since I last physical because. I had to wait for the new returns to taking them luckily. It's they cover Miami. The same way yeah network doctors and network at about my actors and horrible thing I will take any public. Commendation that anybody wants to bring but I think about why you find important enough to have recently. I just. I I grew up. In a family that didn't go to the doctor didn't take medicine didn't look like that was just the way. I grew up ya ain't even though my mom and a pretty traumatic health issue has twelve years old. Like my dad has been the doctor probably three weeks is free time now so we just don't go to the doctor. And then as I became an adult. And I got really sick. Here in Atlanta so I mean I was in my thirties. And I got released today and I went to the doctor because it would add a year a hundred and crazy and and he gave me some medicine and and it shot in 24 hours later right now that are. Incidently actors and good things. He had and then I just started and I got a regular actor and I go every so yes go it's if you. And you shouldn't wait until something's wrong to go because I think that's the mentality right is like dozens Rong with me I feel fine honey to go to physical right they can detect things. Before something or yeah. And her stuff so I commend you publicly for going to the doctor. In any guys listening to Jeff right now follow his footsteps thank you for that but an appointment of public company picnic it. 10. Appreciate gel.