Jeff is Getting Blackmailed

Monday, May 16th


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Jay and I really think I'm getting black males. Can't wait to figure out her why now just so we're on the same page can you please tell me what we're getting my found means. It's when somebody has information about you that you don't want shared and they get used. Pay money or do whatever they want so that they don't share that information and. Maybe I am not getting blackmailed a pet pig but I think I'm getting scams OK. Maybe I use blackmail the throng. I think so I have off a let me explain to you what happened over the weekend and how I tried to do the right thing. And how something shady I am convinced is gone. Okay all right so here's the deal. Out with friends this weekend and we had occasion to be in a golf cart OK okay hold into a parking. But we did that golf cart and there's eight car in front. Of but where the golf cart spot is right so it's a regular car parked in spot but I put a golf cart in there I did not say pull the game. In I'm two feet away from the other. A can't write it back so I get out of the golf cart and maybe I forgot to put the pushed the pedal down to Lockett you know the emergency. Break so it rolled forward. And bumped the current front. Okay like. Like at how fast of oh my gosh I mean it was literally three fetal OK so I mean it was just stay. Bumped book but if it. Not my guess is if it hits a grown adult man. Or woman they hit an adult it would not have knocked them over so that's an attack right got it but it was dark so. That we redact the golf cart out properly engaged to break everything is good. Use. The light on my iPhone to kinda look at the bumper of the car that got tapped there was. No apparent damage. But it was also dark out in was a dimly lit parking lot so I did the cool thing and I left an out instead hey. Bumped your car with a golf cart of it so nice yeah I don't I what happened. Really there's no damage exit tap. Again like Indiana city at my concern was and I'm. Really liked the damage and staff it was like that there are some sort of camera and the winner at caddie wanted Jarrett who didn't leave and chaotic so I wrote in a nice guy hey bumps you know bomb cheered. Car with a golf cart or whatever. Anne's. Here's my phone number if if there's any damage I checked it as best they can Butler so I got a voice now the next okay. This is the car Mona yes Ken this is what it. Parties here got there. I'm Peter note. To. You're correct there's no visible damage but I would like to have the color. Or opera privileges. Also expect that he doesn't talk in about 350 adults who lost his brother Milton you checked that and we'll revisit after inspection. Or wouldn't settle for thousand dollars you'll be liable for any religion. Equal to that and within the got my number is. Eight the core. Here. It you're saying OK so I figure he misunderstood. He thinks that I am his car with a golf cart. And that maybe the airbag sensors screwed up or there's some weird. On the line whatever he thought I was cruise and a full golf cart speed and outrage of the front of his car. So I call him back and I explained that it was actually stopped golf cart that rolled a total of three feet in just touched the front of his car and I even said. I didn't that I don't think there's any damage. But right in there certainly is not any internal damage. I said I just wanted you to cool thing in the view and cycle and left him amass okay and what car was Kenny thank. I got out and I and a 10900. Centers of the damage that an Altima. Okay yeah we're not talking like oh yeah no was it like a lay our scene you know we're like this is not an. Over zealous car person. Up and their prized possession just an accident but you know. Got time even the massive jail DI in ram here Kyra that golf cart leg. Barbara Paris now it just ruled a couple feet minute that's. I appreciate your quick response or an explanation. But what can I believe you're the back. You admit it hitting my car with another vehicle and then leaving the scene of an accurate. The crime. In my book off the span of 350 dollars of damages or without a vote total. What she wanted to the police involved and popular go to jail. All that good or. What are you and for abducting engagement party break come on golf cart. Can pass and I and I'd Dayne got a 2009 shattered. We have to have an officer listening. To ask where do I like what do I even call that guy back. Why do I even address the issue than he's obviously trying to read me I mean I have to column that I don't care because the cops let them call the cops. But the cavs are gonna come out and go do there's no whatever guys I'm just saying. The other night and actually know yeah it's 90% of remotely without it's ridiculous but this guy sounds. Like. An ambulance chaser like he sounds like he's gonna come after you for money letter but like he the only recourse he has right is that called the latest. Yeah give I have to do that he can't just assuming you that he had stepped if he's claiming that I damages he's got a call that I wish I did see your face when you are listening and listening for the purpose pocket. I began. Hey Catherine what's up. So I don't want to let you know I would work for a liar who specializes in cracked it yeah is. He's full of crap like not. First saw it let you can prove that you did some kind of damage in his car whether the outside or inside. You will pay and that's. And if he get an act and that the only way you would have to pay if they we're back with something wrong entirely different that it is your fault. So Catherine do I even call him back here to legislate now. I would call him back Intel and they used spoke with a lighter frame you can why he won't. Like you bug with a lot of your friend and that buried because there's no and they can go straight hurt his vehicle that you're not worried about what yeah. IC income for a while now I have a I have a lawyer friend now in her name is Catherine thank you Aaron yeah that's good appreciate you thank you please just. Or blind now.