Jeff Gets Weird on Ambien

Tuesday, April 19th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall because we can't do it without you can call us from world war 74. These 400. Just don't know before wind up. This story yesterday it was a some guy when I'm web sites. And purchased their lives yeah. 3000 dollars he spent on the act I'm not even a 100% sure what yet is but I know either receipt gather you probably don't want a mail order yes. Neither was he when he was on Indian. You decided that he needed to order a 3009 act now we've all heard the crazy. Stories and sure people who Brian. And Ian Kelly who was in withers. Yesterday told the story of of gathering all the lighters that wearing her house and the apartment she Clinton and putting them in the Evan and turning the oven and luckily her roommate and her roommate boyfriend are both awake. So they were like. OK go back to bad. And and fix it we've. I I've heard stories of people of pain of their entire house before that an entire room in their house early taken all the furniture off the porch IE. Rarely. Take Ambien. And when I do like. I got to admit I'm a little late and I've probably wouldn't take it alone. When I was by myself. To me it's just. All those stories just a dozen years now they're afraid that you'll actually sleep walks and lombok handled our Anderson I'll end up like get the community pool in my town home community in my underwear on the diving board. You know singing and Spice Girls on some of them. All what do rather walk. Then and there's no sign. But I do taken from from time to time and it dawned on me yesterday candy you've had heard of that you never heard the audio. In my fiance Khaled recorded of me. No you told me she recorded even I've never actually heard it well are you in for an entry all on here. So this. That now what I do when I take Ambien as I take it literally. From a glass of water emanates Dan and I immediately get into bad. So I'm in back now obviously would the morning shows schedule like go to bed before I fiance does so sometimes when she comes into the room I'll stare. And usually file re back asleep but if it's an Ambien. Night. I just bring her race into my dreams that. It sounds like. Tellingly militants and let's let loose. When you want what's my story. To loan you know when wanna see the balloons across the sea. When you were in Japan and you know. Susan Japan what went wrong and why. And so that's foolproof systems. That's the end of your run their own story for moon family. Here to root for their willingness. Some moves through the evidence. Wales is very fine. That game. Yeah it's. She's that is at CNN I get. He's coaching you here and I'll. And test so that was it that was intact and and then a couple. Sound like that is viral videos that people captured their kids after getting their wisdom teeth out our like you know after getting cavities filled but I feel like on gaffe. And she'd achieved record and I was I wanted to buy. A table I wanted to order a table and it was on sale in the sale and did. Late that night in Maine so I handed put put the table line holder order so he get like 200 dollars. In iPad and I forgot. Into like a minute I was taking. That. Indian half man means right so I called my governor call rate now. Grades while I had to make a few phone calls I was on hold for awhile. And obviously. Okay. But Wimbledon and I don't think. So is it cost plus there's a World War II world market you're the only woman called the confidence wise the world market cost false. They think it's most people noticed world market. And the institute and sort of it's not too different stores I guarantee it seems to have emerged from one point. Bearing Paulus who will in fact I don't know him speaking it is it just seems like loaded. Mean that way we mind your phone case. Nothing new fifteen. Conclude that. I always say do this and I convenience they a fake it. Yeah he can make the whole time hasn't felt the. Here angry sleeping bag match. Smith. Yes you say they now lose Philly where and wholesale won't it's my. I'm. I don't know. Well I think in business loans won't pass commission and I. I've made their destination. And then in me two. They don't let it more stable than about saying quote rates. Still remember when he submitted scoop up the eight. An infant management's tendency is excellent and you didn't have it. Okay. Thought. DA year. So ER. No ideas and gave him the door and I ever done so yeah. They're prone zone command and Australia lunch. Let's see tomorrow for lunch. Thing now for lunch they'll see your balance it. Thank you sir. I. I know what I did your guy how are hundreds may not only got to give you please take Indian every we'd know how they talk yeah. Here's the worst part about it is the democratic heights I got a phone call from my doctor's office. And he's like we can't give you any morning Ambien. Taken for entertainment purposes I'm like I swear to god I'm not negative for sleep that's just what happens. That's what happens I was in bed. But I was literally lying in bed with the I've remind in my face. And creep me to take it. In new York and just start babble and talking so. That's why don't they get along because I think of the right start harassing the neighbors. Only about coastal areas I love it that you realize. Coming your need all right guys so many anger sleeping guy hey K and ten what's your ambient story. My husband was Imani yeah after a horrible arm surgery he had and I hope we were going to bed one night and we had custard at. And I was talking to him why he was going under the influence of Indian and I was tapping on the poster badly bite. Dot Scott got an optimist over at all it's I've. Like what what do you like about it I'm not there right there on had a bet they're fighting each week we're gonna mop for their losing that battle. They keep when if you keep kill them off that off the bat. Oh okay. Oh yeah I'm glad you know what I'm glad to know about that is I'm glad to know that he was anointed that if the Ambien annoyance here stock that's old guard. A small.