Jeff Gets Registry Advice from Listeners

Wednesday, June 1st


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He's a local call Sears local shop. What a concept or eight year old boys 71 now. The problem. Pay marine. Terrifies me. I said there applies mean there are the eyes me he's the may network. Halfway between there. Being. I. I wanted to say that you need it sink at me as like that you fly. You cool guy you're starting a new life for Cali and you know are you don't want to bring out all that you have interest in marriage and you lie. It is the bank there saying as you do it actually began to see you I. Amen sister I agree with our that's created its means feasting on a church right now. And outlet idiots it's right in just. Praise to easily get the news staff. The issue that I'm having is and I'm trying to be so excited about everything wedding related I really am. We're gonna have a great party in an Oliver greatest friends there and the food's going to be villages and everything's in the fantastically everything's going to be. Now worried about them but that one thing I'm having a really difficult time embracing. Is the wedding registry and having a really hard time. Coming to terms with getting on the loose stuff that just doesn't seem practical to me. And Cali Mac Nancy's so it's we had a waffle maker that I'll. She stayed up after I went bad on packet and a rapidly wipe it clean and national forest and read that instruction manual intervention in a note in her notebook. And within the next week somebody I think that and so exciting. Very exciting you need to get on board with there and we've got some of votes of advice for a leash up from Lawrenceville got advice for Jeff Bailey said. I got an eight at least he broke out all of your old. Registry and that it up to be like you are right that got. That's a good dot select I go through that we've we've registered for a waffle makers say donate the old waffle maker goodwill there are some like that then. I don't have waffles that would do you waffle maker cams and I'm like. Odds. All. I serve like that thing is at the rate. Aaron and camping that night. Yeah I would say it you know distant. A lot of people that he would have a say ain't he could not be let it enter the tried and I can't let it go you know in acting out that he let me. Like regular old are. Worried let's just Mary L freak out about a goat here. All right did you find what you better than fine. Well thank thank thank thank you for thank you for the advice appreciate it hey Cynthia. You. I otter and Mary and I have brought out. And Adam outlook for years and they have everything. On that registry they work. I certainly. Well. I think it's even worse. Expires and run with what he's trying to do maybe they'll wrap every man might and it needs. Yeah. Terrible. Paperback now. When you're legal parents out. Of the Arab ally. Parents. Writes. I have read Maggie illegal I personally am. OK I know I'm nine had been thinking cake and eat my buyers are that you're part again ideally coming out. Honestly he went into registry and everything on. I. I OC after. Honey she is no problem if that's. Not like everything. He really care vote gotten paired. She died I admire you saying you pack your party and have a. Hey I don't. Thank you hate CNET you'll be less promise. At all the items look at Charlie. Black and one to the speech or I'm never sure. Look at. I gotta be Cassidy here's the problem that enhances I know you're getting and noted that the feeling behind alias name. But here's what you understand IC Kelly's face every day. I don't see rob is that off in the waffles if we really wanted to see inside and I phase. Show me the picture on the waffle box. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.