Jeff Dauler: Reality Star?

Monday, May 9th


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Lots of choices in the morning it's tells us we appreciate that. Yeah sorry 941. I had such a cool Friday night. Being a part. One of cables hottest television shows Jan I wish you were there but I know you're your Mother's Day things. I'll tell you everything you miss him Tony thank him. So you'll read a little bit richer with us there thousand dollars thank you on star 9401 it's coming up in thirty minutes funny to listen attacks and you could be a thousand bucks richer. I can still CA can be airmen from it don't be tardy. Formally a real housewife of Atlanta. Was having a birthday party. And she invited Jen and I'd go to the party such a nice invitation I was like that I'm my parents. But of course you were there you roasting her you can't pass that I made if a lot of pressure I made a joke it can be getting leg I want it. Al my goal as a roast her. Biden not get punched by her husband the NFL play. And be invited back the next party right it's a tough job but came as a it's a good sense of humor and people definitely love camp. They definitely hate him but there's now. And there's a gray area. And there's not an act but her fans love par yell yeah there's Joseph the ones who lover. Once nationally lover and that I think I feel like the ones who don't like her love to not like her. Because they're still following her on social yeah they're still posting nasty things on NC Graham comment right. It's like if you like it that much just on follower. So we got their rate at 730 and it said it was filmed for TV so I was planning and waiting around for awhile. And walked in and all the signs were up you know this is being film this is being filmed all Kim's frames yet started to fill terrain they really did. Food sent out an artist dressed up rank everybody was dressed that was cocktail of tires I was right. As dead suit you know the Jack Canadian maritime and we're suit jacket. As Anne's. I've roads with the help of some comic friends of mine that day I wrote did did jokes. And my biggest fear was site remembering them. So. I'd like I was told pages you like ten minutes. So do five minutes of just regular stand at ten to fifteen minutes a candidate Indy five to ten minutes of stand up comedy in and use the extra time. To roast camp. And I said OK so I have budgeted at that way men or when I get there somebody goes. So you're gonna be up there from nine but 845 to 920 right. Motorola locked and no I'm not. Do you need me up there that long inched Mary back. I start to panic. And a surgical back and look at like the re ejected jokes and which ones are good enough to go back in a month. And it turned out because it's TV. That went always said down there like are you only had eight minutes a okay spot I was lately so I don't have the bastard bastards yes so the can you give us a sample. All top secret until it Ayers I don't know there was no signs there late match fiance Cali. Took some pictures and sent out some snap chance Kim's close it out her own social media that that that's big surprise at the end of the night was hurt. Skin care line. Kashmir. So. It's they gave out like this lotion or or do something I don't know it's a great she told us about it only launch such a contention right yeah it's done. And it smells really good I don't know what it does it's an oil says that when friends OK so she gave everybody some of that. And it smelled great as far as the jokes ago. I can tell you that one minute news rejected was. That I didn't do okay those two skaters. You remind me a lot of the Kardashians. Weed the body of cam in the face of Kate and did not do them on the campaign ads get. Let fly out that went on the table. One and gotten the best reaction please laugh. I. That won the Q that captive. Audience laughs war I think I made a joke about cam. Actually wanting to be her first. Quest for reality TV was actually teen mom. So unexpectedly she was rejected that's it but her oldest daughter Rio was at least happy she went to the addition to the right yet. So that was funny embryo who's sitting Rene Perez goes whack and get it. So it has my personal favorite part. And and I think making fun of the fact that she has a section on Wikipedia page called music career. Right career and everybody was tracking the pack by just said that it now they sometimes are 200 themselves. I don't know what if any. All or any of that wind up on TV but it was just cool to be there and see the hole behind the scenes in the production there down the school was eight it was fun sounds so. This switches on this all night. So it's.