Jeff Argues with a Teenager

Tuesday, June 14th


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Are making this glitch and this just shows a certain age girl and went to listen this track down. Ready OK I want you try to find a way to not be on my side okay. All right but I got in a fights we've upon that little sixteen or seventeen year old simply Fay's slow retail monster. I don't know where where you okay and it was over 54 cents. And I am right. Can't do anything about it and he won that battle but there's a war being waged a hook. Don't know what the next level of it is but upbeat and happy for okay okay so here's the deal. Well yeah I'm gonna say I'm a fan I'm gonna keep I'm not gonna say specific business names of pat thank. But I will I will tell you that I was at it from you place. Okay I'm a fan of the frozen you need to do OK I'm a fan of the serve yourself frozen yogurt joints. This serve yourself frozen Uga this places where you get your own frozen yeah. And noted an online you pick your Cobb avenue you measure at all I'll bet you do your own sprinkles are gummy bears and and you wait yeah that's how you panic and then you ports. I your toppings on it yet yep and then they way it and then it's delicious and that's how it happens okay. Caddie so I made a purchase of frozen yogurt that total. Was four dollars and 46 cents a beautifully and that what was your flavors. I went cake batter when simple went chocolate and probably cake batter maybe some strawberry and there. And then toppings I would probably averages two and family than gummy things have tried to do some candy bars and thank you might. So I I paid the five dollar bill my change was 54 cents K okay so. In front of the register there's a tip jar. That's not discuss why there's tipped chairs in front of everything even though it he serve yourself yogurt place. But there's tip jars everywhere okay. Even persons acting and so I don't give a five dollar bill they got may soon start to walk away and he says sir you have changed and I say. Keep you can keep it means ya know your are I think as that your I'll sat in his responses while thanks a lot. And and he dropped it in the detector. Well road laugh loud. Thanks a lot and I am a 100% sure of that zone he is being. It's in our. He didn't rule. Anything. It sure yourself. An ogre is and ample. Cash register. Shocked that he's. Okay. Should I use our cell and no media. And how it I'll go one step further I used to work in a soft serve ice cream are. Okay I'm very neat Rollyo theater on lake monsters umi mats. Crap while please bring him. Past the fifteenth and now rules test and small. For. I think you know. Thanks. A turnaround for whatever reason and very. Whatever reason. Why I am sorry and thanks. Man. Thanks and I am. You. Use. An and then he says. He. Like now that vote a little bit uncomfortable and I said I'm sick and right I go I'm second. I would like might change. And he'd put his hand over the tip jar and re lease. John. You have to write said that and I. Well I'm sorry as I'm sorry. And I. I would like my 54 cents mean very come in very simple and then you say. You can go ahead and eighth. It would represent two years. He'd played so well. So I said OK so I set my pro yet. Down and the count right on the edge light of those things but it's melting at this point that is as this all happened and one wonders. That it. And I walked back to the tip jar and I say hand 54 cents right. And he said. I think so consistent thing in bills in there and it's going to the bottom and it's stuff that money and write a 50% he has I think that's right. In any slowly looks up. At the ceiling. And at the camera its rate above the registers. In any looks backed out at me as a way you quietly say. Go ahead and reach in the tip jar. I've got you on camera. And that means he's got anybody you know lax. And the for. I had and it yeah. I. Stop back in and I walked out. While. Go ahead. In this balloon in one hand and. It. Too proud. Of that for you again. It. Please go back and make huge giant masks huge mass to go back on him. And when he was out and give that some twenty dollars I know what I need no need neat who has access I need it doesn't for Euro. Who can loan me well for you girls. Concern and yes that's. That's what I need feel jet I wit is there a day care summer camp at a preschool summer camp I will buy the idea. But already here's averted it were an immediate one in the afternoon OK okay we're all gonna have half a red ball. And then at 145. That are going for fro. On this little jerk is working. That's the plan and it's chocolate and go. Somebody get me it doesn't for a fifth fifth of him. Are making this wedge into the justice shall certainly April.