Jeff and Jenn's Secrets Revealed!

Tuesday, March 29th


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I think. There are people who are keeping secrets. From their sick every another trap and secrets now LA got a problem receptionist secrets. Right but I think there's people who are keeping secrets from. There's significant as slick little white lies but little little tiny secrets there may have been times. When I know that that my fiancee Kelly is prepared delicious lunch has it. Sitting in the frigid home but I'm starving now so I go through the drive through and when I throw that away and thrown away in the garbage bin at the curb. Rather than one in the house because that was once and she won't now that may help. Why did you spend a map right I had lunch perfect timing for you. Don't exactly. Those secrets little white lies secrets. Let's make you feel better as being open up the confession of the Japanese yen show confessional 4047419400. Why harmless secret please keep them armistice in his eyes. Are you keeping from your significant other we don't have a voice disguised or we will change your name won't judge you. Was secretly keeping from your segment and a 4047419400. Your calls next. We have little white lies secret that we keep from our significant others I don't want to meet. The price cut so I've been thinking out of the house that my exercise clause. Because I just don't want him to know yet I think that's fantastic in my theater part about it is he's already said let's forget. It acts and kept in unlocked there. If you guys ever go running together that will now have to be topsy it that I have to be a dirty little. I think its beauty snowman. Or if you run a project a right to see him and listening and yeah you've only. Albert's. They are overzealous about the team work out 4047419400. Is our phone number what little white lie secrets he keeping from. You submit you know not you know not the ones are gonna lead to the demise of your marriage we know that that is kind of their little ones like he gets bad actors stuff before Kelly can see if you're already made you dinner at home Ireland's right around. Like I have I want yeah that can go in the garbage can occur because she wants it it's one of them when the kitchen today. My waffle Fries but his fifth at the Allen. Says oh Lauren name but it'll be efforts colony line. What child what's your secret no judgment the judgment free zone. I bought extra Girl Scout Cookies and did not tell my fiance. Now Florida. See you just don't hear it and you don't want him to eat. Exactly we have to move from bullets left at my box I'm not on my hands bash. A couple weird you hide the stashed in advance. There are in the crowd. I think she gives might rations of Somalis need that some. Hey Huntsman. Oliver and remove him and he's Suzanne and Smyrna is not gonna have her daughter and not talent that. That's where I hate it sorry. I have to your daughter and I may have led to believe how. Bad. We had been quite as much on that progress is that it. The good mom what's via. Woods hit his mom yeah what's there discrepancy like how much it was the most expensive dress. Top 400 dollars. A hundred dollars. 400 dollars for some it's gonna end up crumbled up at the bottom of a limo. Yeah and report every penny sound might let you tell him it costs. Oracle on one of three Italy Motorola 300. And can't look TV accidentally well that'd discrepancy that but yeah you gotta you gotta keep. Yeah that little secret yeah. Hey Jennifer in Atlanta setting up her own appointments. Yet I I don't tell my husband it apple point it or not quite at. The house. Note today. Or few weeks it other elect a comfort few weeks and I hear handle back seat belt. Oh I'm sorry the plumber may order a painter will be ear I have to docket like it. It that he had no idea. What the truth is I don't get away with it. It doesn't he come home and isn't he like. Not contain it not to talk with him he's he's not an edit the plumber but the pain. How we. Think. And you can this off on CBS this is strategy but I can dramatically shorten. You know only 84 days. Is that. You can yes immediately and we don't want Smart yeah we don't want your dad around those fumes that's not going to be healthy. Broken Carrollton love shopping boutiques. Yet that I dictate play and heard it from my daughter is always be my husband now fox. Where he gets home. So you can unwrap them and just put them in her closet. Did packaging and then he says where's your like target. And yeah he helped that her mom bottoms for it guides yeah and and they're like they're really nice. Pretty geeky quiet power it up for my helmet and they target my daughter out. Ali she's literally Earl Kabul wasn't really deeply for her or whatever. It is spoil her but he thinks it's grandma's wiling. As yet even had not yet and asked very applicable to make sure I'm moment or that it's not fox now he will hurt. If he didn't see that package and I'm guessing most you could could you tell him that everything count comes from from target or. Just the right amount fancy boutique store. Imagine he can't and it really ever asked that he would it have we're theory you let us now some of the feet. Well now that's the role Don't Ask Don't Tell. Thank you thank you for the calls the conversation continues. On our FaceBook page if you're running ads here at the FaceBook dot com slash Jeff and she and chip.