Jeff and Jenn's Live Sweepers

Friday, March 25th


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The situation has presented itself in the radio stations warning is that a technical difficulties. Created a computer malfunction. Shut down. Lots of aspects here in this aren't you for one but because of our great engineers asked because it Marino who. Has been hustling like mad for the past thirty minutes on the air were able to broadcast we have. Full production capabilities. Up in a five minutes ago we. Jen had to do it sweeper. Lie. I actually had to sweep us out of a break. And get this into commercials Ers on. Lies. I think in the chance that this never happens again okay hint we all need to be prepared to you alive sweeper. OK so I think we should all go around the room and give our two. Best fully produced sweeper. You can only arm just explain was sweeper it's just that can you play one. Bring you. That these and he did things in between the songs or when we come in and out of talking yeah yeah Jesse James shells. Once dollar in any formal and. Let's do that engine that's two people at K okay what is try to replicate Allen and he can't. Yeah. That Jeffords and shallow that you have no intention OnStar 941. School. I. I. Nice so I think the way it works is. I'm gonna give Mike a rotator a bunch of any complaints that night so I think we just gave it once you have some headphones and dynamite. Here Davey can grab my opponents in this famous artwork. How you act might overhear her with the headphones I will play a sweeper story in the and you just got a replica. Edith and and these are these are rotator Marino or can you totally ambush at all different. I don't know what I'm saying is you're not over their pick in the heartland oil and help us now in China. Then you're just gonna be like I'm ready for one didn't. In me a little bit of a break again and again this Germans. She now. Lines on your awful for bank affiliate playable and more tough I get it kind of rotating your now. Is it he played editors that. Making this college. Okay. Yet it didn't show. Still hot 91. Love. Marina you are given a shot. Now than worried out you got it begun yet. Serbia are. So. Volatile dialogue. He's an OpenId is an army. An apartment there. I. All right let's go it's recent affects. Show stardom before one. On like that. Thank goodness we have this capability in case the studios are down again. I'm happy too because this is a service that Tony ended the Fowler are boxes as there always MacKenzie absolutely. And Weyrich hey that sound effects act it's all right give me one now. In January on last. Thing you are making this is an edgy things and Shia wants people. I great can do for maybe in this weird. Darn Maggie poor Warren EU winds were. Exactly the microphone to that and wow. Is supposed juicy. Assets are about to magna and bingo is nothing goes back. I Jan. I need me and I went to Nazi and inspiration yeah item. Or one. You mean a thing. This bit of the jumpin Jack and Jack and stuff and can I borrow less and. Yeah. Tell us excellent I don't know guys. It's one of us have an Arab media they ability is on life and start influenced me for days. A day review that next all right now we'll talk to Kristen that she's going away bird my and sweetness out. Wait you let me do that he is and and then sexy voice. Next written about her now his boyfriend's Catholic but she still acts and he isn't now I. And they need help ease dashed. Coming up next an open chance yeah.