Jeff and Jenn with Tracy Warshal

Wednesday, March 9th


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One. Jessie. 754. And we cannot wait to introduce you to Tracy a jet engine and show listener. Whose random act of kindness is turning out to help a lot of cancer patients this is in Atlanta this is the coolest story and one of the pillars of our show. Is to put those positive. Ripples into the world and we hope to do it every single day. This is just such a special story that happened right here in Smyrna tracing Warsaw was that going to sit out the grocery store. And it is hard times issues picking up a few groceries right after work. And she noticed an older gentleman behind her who was. Really flustered or frustrated because he accidentally left his wallet. So traces like no big deal for exodus to have. Says Merry Christmas and goes along highway goes out. Will fast forward a couple of months later Tracy's work and she works at the Piedmont cancer institute and co worker says hey there's some people here to see. You've. Got crap so what I did. Well there were officials from the Piedmont healthcare foundation. That man she helped back in December when it did pay it forward. And was making 8101000. Dollar donation in her name. To the foundation. Because he thought there should be more people in the world as kind as Tracy. I got questions for Tracy's on the phone the H racing case take it one. First of all this is an awesome story that's so cool thank you forget and its as the title at second of all how much work he's groceries approximately U member. Dollar so it was like. Fifty he multiplied that total by 15116100. Inserted in the 101000. How did he know. Where to find you in what hospital to make it an ancient. A shirt on that. Just said he'd not cancer currency. Merged with arms and the end it is getting older. And understand okay and so we don't. Buy it. Teacher proud so. That's all I have actually shirt. And act in my name my name it straight and I Mary. And that really well. And that was it in this donation of the 101000 dollars is gonna go to provide financial assistance for cancer patients who can't pay their bills right now. Its own. Amazing great athletes and it's the unit she met. Foundation. So we know that guy from the grocery store or wants to remain anonymous right he'd he'd made the donation in your name. And he doesn't want anybody you know we. Our Greg are you at least going to be able to see him and thank him in person. You know he has. Well and I really does respect the fact that you would like to remain on the well I can't get my heart and you. I am honored by. I respect that he absolutely locked in on. That is so cool so what do you think in the day they show up in your office reelect. I'm. I could easily like I don't like. Like where. Carrying I was if I was shaking like I was literally. I'm just shocked I'm still really I'm really kind of a while because I'm really well cheap and it's all right. And all I'm really shocked and I'm at different rates all. And if it's great put it out there Inky you guys but even wanna scare story and what about that remind people. Back if it's the small teams it certainly would be like. Eight gesture. Such a small little gesture yeah. I think it's I think it's so true and Tracy just challenging everybody today in your day on Wednesday march the ninth. And Atlanta Georgia wherever you live whatever you are going to do today you can make somebody's day just a little bit better despite a small gestures. Absolutely. That's absolutely. And I feel bad for anybody you do a favor for going forward because the going to be nights I don't want to bring him. If the charity that you're gonna give some idiot and a fresh crisp dollar for the vending machine elects. If I. Casey thanks for sharing your story with a that's really awesome. Yet you might even out there we've really used for. Weight oh and people. Like I. Problem that we set about it. Cancer ears it's really. He now trying not. Some of them animal thing that I. There's ways. The Marcy and that thank you Tracy.