Jeff and Jenn Talk Marriage

Wednesday, September 14th


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Star in 941. Definitely not a lot about your wedding day and it's approaching its allure approaching. Thirty. Forty games on the way we talked a lot about. Music that you're gonna play not play and their reception. Anthem we talked about here food tasting it Hastings and all of this fun stuff in planning the wedding by. Wondering about. Your mayor it's and the relationship part though. I wanted to ask you a couple of things you can. Eat. It's very. Indeed yeah and then he and so. If you know Jeff was made before I was married before so we got to. Yes it's the end and yet so so intimate of my second. Mary and I stood at creek tangent about that. It's still weird me out nicely but across the room once years ago. And I and he turned around you know like. Okay your your diverting. America can you don't like being in the now I don't like being in the spotlight if you count. Them out there shallow. Really. And motion and emotion and feelings and that. So. Everything was being married a second time from I have been very intentional about doing things differently so that nightmares with Graham works. Really and that we. Over community do all these different things that I made mistakes on line. Round and you as well are going into round two this out tallies first time getting married right through second inning married I'm just wondering approaching. This time around how you'll. Just approach your relationship differently approach that. Just partnerships the partners and I. Think I'm the word intent I had really given it. Thought I mean I had but I and put words around it yeah. We during the EI and think about staff that the about how you would explain it do you have that thought the worthy users use intentional is a really really great. Are really really great word. I think that. In in round you. I think there will be a lot I think they'll be aware of the intention. Of my actions. And Kelly's actions more so and I was earning that first met late. I think it's easy to. Look it behaviors or actions you know and this. I have it be behavior action the end and then edit the very surface. Thing to take marriage. Hi and talk about something that from me I'll be dealing with right now a crappy driver on her driver you know. There's two ways that you would somebody cuts in your lane. Earth healing in that rage and anger what are you doing neat interplay grind that the people on the road. Dane if you just take a second move away from. And you can look at their intention. I. Maybe there and it and I mean if trying to get maybe relate their efforts of war. Yeah any sleep at all in the NC maybe get a sick child at home and now they're rushing. Because there yet. And take the kids temperatures if it whatever you know and things go so I think gain. And marriage. My intention is to be more intentional. And and be aware that in an off so I'm in the biggest equate having matches. Going through. Marriage and and it works went before been awesome to. In. Life is I think it's fine for eighties this day. Don't sweat the small. Ads on those but the Smart knowing that this would let people love to give that advice when when you get married. The problem. Is for a lot of people and I was killed. In news it's easy alarm everything in two. Small. That makes sense it's easy and you're not addressing what could be a bigger issue right it's and it's easy to dismiss and how do you view. Is an example. Like a real life example like for example. I really like a made bad. It really liked it the bed be made yeah you and I thought I yesterday and the show but I like the bed be made in tidy and when I light. I made that. And really nice to walk into a program yes that is made so the last person out of the bad. Eighth makes the bad in 99 times out of a hundred if she makes then the if she consistently. Did and it's easy to say. Don't sweat the small it's only about interest though the great doesn't change negotiators. He still a great person and still awesome. But I think it's important to communicate and I think it's important to say hey this is something that's important to me. And in an X man mood every time again it's a small thing but that's all things are important. So I I spent a lot of time in my life not just I'm married but in my life. This missing things because I was not. Wedding that small. Because small things all app V. Right into roadblocks and I didn't want to be late. Burton were and problem where the complainer or whatever so in my mind I had that for the author of the month of that. Off. Over and over and over in my mind and so I didn't ever let. The small stuff like you said most of eventually they'll and it's not not that's not suggest. Mary that's life that's all. Sorts of relationships and people yes yeah. You think that phrase is intended to be about forgiveness. I'm letting things go because I do think that in marriage. What I've learned is that you do have to you. Forgive that person over and over again or they have to forgive you over and over again be able let things go and move it you can't hold on to. Small arguments or bickering or somebody in a bad news or you know like lately we've been under a lot of pressure so. One was a fly out Pamela the other like emotional about on tree or something stupid. So. That's this to me where you know welcome back I'm sorry I lost it over now whenever I'm there. It's where under a lot of pressure right now I'd Politico you like I worry about it though I wonder if they don't sweat the small something has to do more forgiveness. I think if you pair that two things that we've talked about in the past few minutes together the intention. And putted the small step then you can. That's where you can find out I have to eat it time to think through it so if there's something I I know. IE no. Cali has paying and I hate that this house tours. Yeah I mean making ban or whatever reality as reality of living with someone having a marriage together so Cali has. I think she hates. Handling car which he hates eating the garbage bag out of the kitchen putting it in that. You know big thing does her thing it's a road blocks that look don't hit a ping it's one of the things she just hates going to the Carla. He hates. I don't know why things sheet of both of those things I do for her. Without question. That without because that's a small it's not a big deal to me. Now could I may get a medium like if if you are all the time and even if it's all you've put a paperback and the orange in him and enemy again it it might are the car wash and yours and yours are what we did that mean but it can make it was a big deal. How he's intention isn't to get heated you'd. Those tours it's just something she'd it's like I wanna do if she does it's not a big deal. And. Approaching each of those things with kindness is maybe making that is her favorite thing in the world sheep that task with kindness beat machinists. It makes you write and the same with their original Washington are whatever else that says and as the guys grow and it and everything else like you'll. You know you'll. Take that same approach. So. Yeah. Really lately it. That way we have here is advice that phrase that came up at the beginning is don't sweat the small. That came out beginning. I feel it and explaining that right because. There is a certain landing oh. Non important. There is certain letting it also has to be we earnings. What's important here partner even if it is now and that makes and trying to. Calm. Why don't talk about the Eagles Jan and I make you talk about the a robbery. And. Thank you thank you Larry like I don't. They are met and told me they expect to keep the golf at all. Like it because it's not going to the mat rat and quite a batted better. Making it bigger now that it maybe get back to make that you know completely out at all. Yeah I get that. I but I think that leads that for me anyways personally I think that is dangerously close to wait not sweating the small. And eight cents. I. Let my dad. It is it's a way you look at annaly approach it and what that. What that means you in your life because I think for Jeff means don't sweating this tells what this also has meant so we've everything under the rug yak and that's not good either. I think if there's something. I don't know how to say it more concisely but if there's something that's important EU. Tell your partner. And if your partner tells you something as important listen to them in respect that even seems small two year. All right the practicality doesn't like taking her heart of the car wash. To me is ridiculous lord wants he's coated it McCarrick our wires and while they want you to plan your phone and then you get your car. And as they came clean car but it just drives are not so I don't question. Just bugs the enemy enemy intent to. Cap a well thanks for the call lottery. We don't act like grant and in particular street that that's not. And order food have on him and it. It Tricia. Well I love talk with Jeff and yeah. My husband and I are Mary count Larry. They will work at the height of that chance of making your marriage I knocked it there guys. Call the sport T it's called priority. And that's saying. Hearst aids. I'm losing my mind. That's why you're absolutely you can you I had an idea why are clean and I don't like them. All trash saying. I think that Richie gave it to bashing you guys I want it where are the priority ED and within one another your marriage from ours plain simple. On charity. You know all about. You change it looked to be a 100%. Yourselves in that he will eat wrap cry. Every case Mickey. And there is that you guys actively Kristi won another UQ link from one another to make the other one happy let Eric something new and important or not. But at the Honda. Here you marital completely. Can ride it will continue to grow every single. I think. I think you left one important key out. That's about what line on him. Important and that's. There's a lot of good thank you for on the plane into an addition thanks accounts won't won't won't. Bloody minded and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.