Jeff and Jenn Talk to Brett

Thursday, May 26th


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That's for making this switch to the justice shall. Our nation are and we're gonna help out Matty this morning she wants to find out from her boyfriend of three years brats. Where this relationship is going she's off to college in California soon. And he's really make plans to go with there even though that was kind of the original plan so. We're gonna make the call. Format because he's not currently in college he is he's 22 years old and he works sandwich shop which there's nothing wrong with. She's eighteen years old and going to loyal American. Very impressive impressive accomplishment. She really wanted to go there though and she wants it right why wouldn't he and she's not calling for advice so we're not weigh in on whether or not she changes dump him. In go to Los Angeles by herself no we're definitely not weighing in our opinion on whether or not it could make a break from college experience whether she's. In a relationship with the whole time. I Matty are you there. Okay hold on you'll be able to hear the conversation with Brett but you won't be able to weigh in and welcome back with you afterwards and won't get your import OK. Well thank you. Definitely giving it its. It's very difficult forward trying to. I. Are you brat and you. It thinks are going to count on the this is JoAnne and Jeff and we come into chat with you on behalf of Matty. That cares about you very much and who's out of really exciting stage like right now would you say. It. She is. On her way out California and really wants you to go along there it was just. Nervous about asking use the question where is this relationship going. So we're asking you on her. So calm. That is just curious do you plan to go to California with or do you want SOB with her. She just feels like every time she brings up plans about the move your kind of avoiding it not really making any solid plans to count. You're the big deal and it got time in nearly figured out. So I've. Yet why it is dispute Russia to talk about it like every five minutes so I mean yeah I mean it. I get out there on out. I mean get it seemed earlier. What do you mean militarily because isn't she started school an odd guests. Well away. It's a means three. Months. Even on yet as I was saying three months as the two and a half. Well I think I think that concern news. Bet she probably found out what school she was going to an accepted. Her acceptance. A few months ago so. And you guys obviously talked about it in item that she's seen a lot of pro activity. On your part I'm proactive viewed. She initiated. Now. Jesus seeds doing a lot of things to get out there. Only in moderation can deal out there on India ordered out of the country. Oddly doesn't grow on trees no they're not not anymore about what. What does that series and what is it about it. Money. Indicated that remotely like they're built. So it ain't so while it built that capital that does. But the part itself the open move. I'm not that I'm stuck at an applicant truckers and figure out a lot of other goes into excel it's hard and sort of nailed it down to a day when at the security question marks and you know I'll get it figured out that. Oh we'll be able to. How much have you seen so far. Though Amir I had a couple hundred in the back right now. Again next life. There's so and so on the table right now it's tougher side equally people are broke is that extinction. Stuff like that happens film but ultimately ghetto you know let me ask. Do you think that you're mad he'll stay together if you're long distance. This year right it's gonna be really expensive to me about that might take a while he's still one of the US third. And if it's meant to be expected pay. It. Picture of me and it hit and it doesn't pan out in a note shall be fine. I mean she's she's great she really Smart. Our future looks great so temperature getting to shoot five bullet fired on by all all you're can just held public and they sort of the side on this one as you know like when I try to get there to that end. Mean it's settling in India financial struggle for you know for a little while to do that but it doesn't sound like you're like this is meant the attribute this woman is she the woman you gonna spend the rest your life where. RO. Sure. A big girl and think respond like. To be honest with you maybe it's maybe it's that's. Letter though do everything. Oh. Her it's not that there is there any feeling picture there but a lot there were put together very. And I think we got Portland so maybe they'll. I'll meet you let out of the country she owes an epic Google. Now that that change you know sort of thing in my. I don't think she's thought about it so I you know our lives around you know. Going pretty well sure. They're all are all worst is yet. So. I'll I'll shoot it into would attract. And that's that if we were there. Vehicle think you've heard coming on with us and talking with us appreciate. It. Thank you. Well I come back here in just a minute and we will talk we've Matty. And we'll get her response I have to be announced at the end. I feel a little bit bad for. I did so I guess I am I went from like I said I felt I start to feel bad for them. I just think maybe it's time that she needs to recognize she needs Dewhurst saying and he needs to do his thing. But maybe there is some validity to what he said it was meant to be welcome back we'll be back we'll talk to Matt Cain and we won't give her advice. But wall because that's not what this is about. Maybe you'll gently nudge for maybe he would call Giffords I. Guess we're not fighting it. 4047419400. We'll talk demand next Jeff contingent staff people. The justice and shell holes on czar not before one.