Jeff and Jenn Talk with Brent Pease

Monday, March 21st


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Or one. Six there I think you I'm jet engine shut eye damage some headlines for a minute media we gotta talk about the marathon yesterday in Atlanta. Is that public does George upon the marathon and half marathon. The good the good news is the winner of the maritime. Jesse Abraham. It on the half marathon. Every year since it's ours. This year was his first time running full America and he beat everybody has. An outside and then. That was used when an act the winner of the first the full marathon Oscar a YRO. Was the first marathon. The ever competed. That's it calls right there. Ethnic ethnic. And you know pilot rookies I don't from Atlanta. Internet ominous. A parenting. They are in their story their incredible athletes. And they quick and any time you use say the words. I can't today you're gonna paint this conversation. To have in your feeling here. He won't be saying I can't after Brent and Kyle Hambrecht. Oh man. He grabbed the phone for Maria thanks Brett. Good morning are yeah. Well thank. You got to start us off on a Monday morning and figure it made us feel terrible about ourselves. He's you guys did it again. Yeah I give we had a huge contingent Yasser actually actually had 27. Assisted wheelchair teams running that happen to amend the old man I'm sure mr. NASA and current law explain this is the first chance here in about UN and I'll also tell gen. A little bit about your story and anybody who who might be listening to my nappy familiar with the story. Yes so Kyle at my brother and he's got there'll be yet in a wheelchair. At all times although he part one guess it from him he worked at Piedmont park on public. On the six years ago. He kind of solve. Triathlon in accepting your notebook and I'm you're doing your first profitable. The people in wheelchairs to track arms and of course that that yes and here we are issues later so we started doing races together and we finish our purse strap on. My old parliament vote. Puts them on a big forty pound bike in and pushed him in a run here. And after the race he said we gotta get other people and also start the power peace foundation. As well so. Yesterday with the bigotry that we've ever. That the foundation with 45. I wheelchair he's racing with. And the Atlanta track club that she often does a creator category four even quote it across. So you know the first big race I would could say that we want that we broke the tape first as a pretty pretty unbelievable that four. That's awesome that's. All situations and you guys are Brothers I'm assuming with the same last name right yeah how far party. I'm here on the other. So cool you guys are an inspiration that the many things at 25. Competitors yesterday and he cool stories from the group. Amazing story and we had you know dad pushing daughters we you know strangers pushing people that they had just met children's healthcare of Atlanta. I had twelve volunteers out there pushing to athlete. You know and just we have a young man do. Actually was able to you to be to help push the chair and I mean just unbelievable stories and then. Actually adding on the most incredible story last year the New York marathon. Com our own pace for like 320 marathon and a real exploded literally. And see strangers helped carry the wheelchair for thirteen miles. As we. And then out and they were actually both here this weekend. So. They pushed too didn't they they pushed you people. And they said it was definitely eat here of course which are very real person still. So. That your running these people running America in the EC yeah. Titles chair had broken and what were you running with it at that point Brett -- you holding opera while we use we got off to the side of the road. Well not slide the start walking with the chair when it broke. A few are that Eric. And you know the 31 year old big boy. Network and I parred the chair in my short term sort of walking with a rope and a blanket. And they saw me one of them saw me couldn't believe what kind of do that let me help them. Typical male figure out a way. If you receive stuck around and you know kind of taken a spot in the net. Gentleman from New York. And then in new York fashion. Rust on the right side to scrap its shares are walking before we knew would happen but it really am and there was. It really was incredible what they did and to have been a part of our week and then what then he was you know why we were in new York and what we're armed incursion we're trying to revive. With so many others. What's important those are fun to have them here this week and the other Sunday. There's nothing short of stores and got 25 it and I mean Hafner on port for anybody. My car's speed in a wheelchair and going through that course and you and so it's really a super special. The fact that you had 25 on your first your journey here in Georgia that's incredible 'cause it's only gonna grow from there. Yeah north services. This is the biggest we have had contacted ourselves in 2011. So outgrown the best that were open next year probably called for fifty wheelchairs and right. Lecture gradually Wear this year I'll wager that he's getting big Georgia event. Well we're doing via peace she reiterates the war have a crew. You're in the she wrote today. And then were actually. For I try to get and then what championships. Why will not comment that that's a 140 miles party guy that you trust and yeah. Well. One or not you can. Like cash and take out. So you're gonna do that color coolers ordered fraud we got to let me get a lot of sense for that question.