Jeff and Jenn Talk to Brandon for Megan

Tuesday, July 26th


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It's for making this wedge to adjust adjust. On star not before one and Kelly joined us at this time yesterday she wants us to track down. Brand name about a year ago they met at a party she had a boyfriend he had or as a girlfriend they had this crazy an action. And she examining what was that they get about issuance of buying him and that's what we're trying to do with today's episode of ghost. So we are gonna call brand and we did find him and we're going to ask him a few questions about their encounter. He and his relationships taxes you get to listening Kelly don't need a guy. Or. So you bring it this is to and from the Jeff intention has. Oh are doing gang thanks for coming on with us today we really appreciate it and we come and you know because we are trying to track you down from some when he met. A year ago almost a year it. Are okay so it's someone he met at a party in October of last year her name is Kelly. And you guys. Randomly met and had a great conversation. And she said that you went to the party with your girlfriend she was there with her boyfriend by she'd been kind of abandoned by him at the party ended up talking to on line had a great time. You remember her. Or. Right check one. Does the freedoms that you might remember her that. She did it's I'm getting to know you and she felt natural conversation. Around natural easy connection. It's one of those moments she felt like she'd known you forever but she just met yeah. And she and her boyfriend are now broken up and so she wanted us to track down NC if you UT. Could be single. OK okay we'll on. You know unfortunately I happened so in the relationships so. Sorry there but it. Did you say unfortunately. I'm entering this is a fifth of the electorate. It may imply that he's doing and for signs that say you are still in Malaysia used to have a girlfriend. Yeah. Okay and so you guys been together a long time now. Yeah in. OK got it our mind she's going to be disappointed to hear that I know we probably shouldn't connect. If only so slushy on. You know note I infiltrate and not truly fine if we don't you know pockets friends you know. Little bit of an obstacle about it. I. Can't be beat him in England for your current girlfriends that does no photo. Little chill about it I don't get flats and so it's new different and you know. The social media and certainly would be concerning. But you know yeah that radio right now. Oh yeah no idea Digisette. This did not Wear a liberal and I both would then again so do you knew this anyway and so yet. So I think we tend to vote. Our. It's a player on both Sunnis it is. Yeah chuckle at that if you let me in every negative from Jaffna. And we got it exactly as we go. I mean she's not gonna watch your number anyways says it's not really our call yet insane I mean we should be your friend now I don't. Whatever right but what I'm saying is like it's not our call whether or not that she asked do if she asks for the numbers that's that's this and works. I think what you want a relationship. Note that we don't have a say that you can't allies but she's not gonna want your phone number because. She was hoping you didn't have a girlfriend yeah I'm saying. She was so Pineiro or have a romantic connection so. We don't think that she's gonna want the number. All around sort order chain of mine. I'd thank you. Brandon yeah. And this hour and arguably the word play. Both TV and it's it's. Where. The game game console. Really should every year a cool all the hustle. Isn't even any I don't know. Come Rabach and doesn't hide it. We'll check in we've. Kelly and confirmed that she indeed does not want that or phone number will be that three minutes from right now and the Jeffords changes vanity for. And she and Joseph. Still aren't ready for a one.