Jeff and Jenn at the State Capitol

Thursday, March 23rd

A very proud moment for Jeff and Jenn came with a complimentary side of humility...


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And she I'll still are. We've got to tell you. About the humiliation. The practical joke that was played an as. Yesterday during one of our proudest moments at least hope that was about culture I am maintaining that it is 100%. Took a practical joke. Pretty embarrassing. I have led set the stage. First we didn't really know what to expect yesterday. We view word told that we were being honored Wii is a senate resolution. And I. To be honest it's a first time I ever knew that the senate did resolutions to honor people. I just did not know about that process I fear I felt really ignorant to the whole thing everything going on at the state capital to meet. Was. I'm watching. It just another world right now on island are obvious in in the lobby to ask our. All the housing represented is the office of the governor and how busy it was and people in an out and school field trips coming through. They're really feel like we were the oldest third graders on a school field trip Russert. Philly I was diving back into the US history class. And and learning about all this is what happens in our government other did there's a good there's a bust of a man aimed quit net now it all makes all that's why hall county is called can I. I played it was yeah it's huge story high oil paintings on the wall everything made out of marble. Now were you nervous walking in the league once 'cause I got Jeb and I wrote down together and we get there first and I was a little bit nervous. I saw the formality of everything moves and they were saying things like and then we'll take you up to the senate chambers and you'll have a chance to give remarks writes things like front of the senate and they're like oh. Yet officials that we aren't we nervous at all cat songs or oral visual alert. Or did you hurt kind of ignorance of the process protect you from nerves. I was deathly nervous but I think it comes more out of being in all and respect of our government and how it works and I felt patriotic. All right so does that make me a corn ball now it's awesome that they just walking up to the capital seen beautiful grounds in the tulips are armed Lamine that gold dome on top in just. You know walking up those steps I just felt a tremendous amount of respect. And all we spend may be totally nervous. It's totally it's great and they I mean it's got to that's I think that's the way you should Oca deal around. That stuff happening. So we all get there and and Janine and JP came in Kelly's at a town says she was able to join us. So we're all meet others before us is Janine and JP and I Jen and I Wear is dressed up as is a bunch of people who get up at 4 in the morning hip. And all those like we are going to a wedding our church church on Easter Sunday for sure and war and we're waiting in this like. Side room this this reception area that's very crowded with other people who are getting. Resolutions they offer you a Coca-Cola. And some Georgia peanuts but at your hospitality there which is. Which is great and then they explain the process process and she's like we're gonna take you from here in to the ante room. Which is a room off senate chambers. And that's when I got really nervous because. In that room you see the door opening and closing its view. Just like if you never into the George states and looks just like the House of Representatives or the senate the EC and TV during the state of the union of these rows of desks. In this very formal. Yes beautiful wooden desks and chairs and so every time the door opens where in this ante room waiting. Become the door opens attempt peaking in MC Ali's lawmakers and lawmakers things. Canada and says this there's a big gamble. Sosa then there's the ante room and then we're gonna be on the side that and the site of the stages when it's even called. Where that Rick I sits with the gavel any governor cables into the gavel and and then they make some remarks and we makes remarks minutes ought to be over in the and they do this you know fifty times. A year whatever suits all have them were very nervous all of us yes anxious excited excited yeah and then. Woman comes up to us and says. What time do you all have to be out of here. I do I think I'm the only one with a post. Show in cable JP had a mid afternoon wedding meeting but I I was of I have a lunch scheduled for twelve now this. Is the start of what I'm going to go to my grave believing. Great practical to think you and I got phone scam should he says. You have to be at a you're twelve okay because after you get your resolution. You're going to get mobbed we're like what do you mean mob tonight there are so many fans and viewers here. Like it's gonna take you awhile to get out of the building so if you have to be downtown at noon. Then which Egyptian minister of capital then I will make sure told. Walk you out. Yet we have an of twelve inter wrapped the line of pictures and photographs requests that are gonna happen and we are like one. It's like wow now the nerves go away in his ego is now showed that a I'm guys I'm currently so I tags my body I'm supposed to have election my French franc I text string out. Hey Trent. My people need should. Not. I am not gonna be able to make it and lunch at twelve. Kim we QEQ which includes a shared and we push it back. Because I probably. Am going to be signing autographs taking pictures holding babies all sorts. You get to the fact. That they walk isn't the ante room that was very similar book we go we go up on stage. Should we knew. Yeah which we conduct limited set I was senator hunter hill who was. Honoring us obesity is fourteen us before we hear from her hello this is. Lieutenant governor can Google. Instructing the believe the secretary of the senate in answer to introduce us. We have another special group we would like to recognize that there will read. The resolution. Sooner resolution forge dubious or kill the sixth a a resolution recognizing committing the jet's engines show on star 94 point one on its one year anniversary and for other purposes is just Solingen hobby have been successful radio broadcasters in the Atlanta market for over sixteen years. And on March 3 2016 across the jet's engines show on the legendary Atlanta radio station dubious TR star 94 point one and worth it selflessly supported countless charities of all types and sizes and Georgia also donating their time to emcee at fundraisers raising much needed money. In his hands on volunteers. Other careers office and at the the members of this body recognizing commend the jet engines show on and it's hard working programming promotions and sales team for its impact on and off the radio that concludes the order. Then they'll look. There are there any objection inns and bang the gavel in the east it's greats. Does better than giving named in honor all it really well it's right. Hi tech has and then senator hill steps up to the make of round he makes some remarks. Thank you mr. President Hackett has said it better myself we all have wonderful constituents and our district. Doing excellent things in their businesses in their non profits and then also taking the time to give back and and that's what I'm celebrating behind me today I'm joined on the diocese here back with Jeff dollar. Jen hobby. JP Allen and that Geneen Riley. And together they put all. Not only a great program for us to listen to. But they also give back to their community. Day this is the great station 94 point one that there on the air and this is located right cop Downey. I'm their longtime radio personalities in Atlanta. Given back to the community through multiple charitable causes such as Jess. Keep moving forward initiative. And they become very involved with cops and say star of the show a year ago so it's it's it's truly my honor to present in this resolution. And I was hoping we could hear from my from Jeff's engine themselves so you'll come. Come join us. I ladies first and it was scared so I pushed and tonight I'm trying to. You also much it's an honor to be here today amongst all of you and I wanna say thank you so much for having us and thank you for all the hard work you do for our community. It's an incredible community to serve and it's such an exciting job to have to wake you up and Jeff and I hope to puts in a good man. And start your day with a smile and a laugh and some positively to that he can come here and do the more important march. They do and our communities so it's our honor to be here thank you so much for having us. You smattering of applause for the speaker on the diet soft pop and I and is that was my turn. The descent into it guides and sadness had a gambling headed they amoled touch that that. It's. Thank you I everybody's very bad not objecting that would have an off yeah. And weird and I you know Jenna and I started the show and decided that a pillar. Of what we do would be gratitude and good energy and I think we've done a good job of that. Over the past year and we're gonna continue to do that. And that's so. That we now experience. Thank you so much for having us out and out here's good energy for the last. Few days you guys have here and for another great year for the state of Georgia. Thank you guys. Compared. And then we've. We make our way off the debt debt science science diet has set thank. And then we can you go through the crowd he takes pictures for their senator or we can take a picture of the Tenet governor Kay ago. And then we go out into the lobby area where we have been warned but if we will be mobbed. Okay actually did it leads one senator who used to work here. Yes in the day back when I done Andy for a one that was quick see the upset and he was site. Why weren't there for three airs. Today. I'm Tim took a picture and then we walked out ended under the lobby rate there's all the lobbyists do and their lobbyists things in the senators and there's. Has represents you Larry is doing their thing that's off very fantastic. And as we can make our way through the crowd were looking for this mob. You know if it. Waiting to be stopped in. I said I will come and now I'll pull you out of there out of general not you don't worry you won't be there all day you and you won't be there alone will keep assays will save you from this mob of people who are gonna want your picture then we will like what we go to the stairs we go downstairs. Because I've figured you know mobs got to be downstairs semi c'mon guys let's go downstairs its term problem be it and it there was two field trips. I'm. Neither of them knew we work. We made our way over to buy there's a lot of activity kind of round the governor's office is not a corner chemical maybe that's a mob. So. They were mainly there for the governor. It doesn't happen am and we ended up. Saying goodbye to his we've parked on opposite sides of the capitol and we walked out mama well you know it once we get outside you guys. We'll get mobbed on it. But it is really not very crowded outside you know there's nobody there so we just kind of made her way down the steps and damn car drove away. And I wondered aloud as we were driving over it says we had lunch at tends afterwards I wondered out loud. If you've given us senate resolution. In the fifth. But the mob and the paparazzi that you were promised hasn't happened are you still cool without a and that was our big day yesterday he. How are cool because. We card. Joseph buys. And we will what will tell it what we've got more stories about yesterday and will put the entire copy of the resolution. Up on our web sites he can read a good thank you so much to Saturday hell and lieutenant governor K KCK goal and everybody else who didn't who did say hi both of you whose great. I can thank you for listening. The first year of adjustment and show and making all of that possible. Star in 941.