Jeff and Jenn Show's Prom Songs

Monday, April 18th


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She now. Or one. Gonna take a trip down memory lane here in just a second and over. He seems to all of our promise. Reason why we're waiting for a huge from postal happened they've got to just the second first got to tell you act. Yet until 715. Detects the words fell to seven to 881. And you could win a thousand dollars to star 941000. Dollars thank you. Fell 72881. Of course message battery life. And out Texan drive and thank you for making the switch the starting for one. So what are your rouge are primed and. I graduated high school in 9595. Year what year did you graduate right now he said an annual. Completely and owners Jeffrey dollar. Here's my prom theme by Count Basie and has orchestra. Just. I graduated in 91. OK did you have a good prompted senior prom. Would you go it I well Melissa brown and it was fun it was a good senior prom who's got this map from team. Yeah. Slow dancing with the stiff arms. Prompts me elicits memories of playing. Sweating rented tuxedo jackets and having it touched them. We are germ phobia and back and. It is like that memory of having to you know do that stiff armed dance yeah. That's the boy's shoulder isn't like always it's always sweat. Marino what do you got television well what was your front sounds I didn't I didn't think anybody would be able to have cheese me and that summary and all yeah I got sued. I got to Nazis earlier it was it was by journeys open arms. You. Speaking of awkward dancing. I'm I'm so happy right national. They wouldn't wrote back Rihanna did that in the total tab and yeah I'm from being here you really have it seems as the song analyst. They did motivate your business acumen as long as brownie cheesy ventured and the cheesy highway yeah hey JPE there. I'm Eric JP is hanging out JP from tracks gasoline tangles albums out this morning he's waiting for Kyle if he's gonna be there when the prom proposal happens awesome I JG what year was your problem. Here are probably. Out of thirty cash 2003. Lights I was in that house. That doesn't take you to would you pick to round. I think you're a man Kim and I after the problem. Where it ought to assure the guy that soccer game every Kurt saying he had a letter dated on their share. Kim what you've probably JP check that yes. And then she did you know blah. She did you you open. I achieved if I decide to go somewhere else for their friend. And lap Bob mellow them. OK okay. And me. That's whose center had a fair bit and you heard. Well I was prompting them hole. I would like whatever I don't care. Of course the problem came just edit Cassidy a win win she did he know it wasn't one of the does the unit take their shirts off was it. You're not yet again that. That would noted that in oh yeah that would have been bad. Hey guys David and the guy Kelly command and here. Further from the prom sounds odd JP ads any signs of life that anybody showed up yet. Yeah I'll birdie almost here I called blood checked in with the here in just a few minutes senator so Kai all. Borrowed our billboards right and he put it on the billboard. The name of the girl the last either promenade and will you go to prom with me on the billboard is the biggest proposal ever to. Got a Campbell high school make you're listening in the next ten minutes we have Kyle line. So Kelly the newest member of the jet's engines show family I counties which you guys go. I was so Harlem high school and Harlem Georgia where his Maryland Georgia. It is. Outside of Augusta Georgia it's okay the masters every year are you allowed to dances like footloose the world is that at any moment now and advancing out. Knows a good time as 2005 in the big song Liz let it burn here. Yeah well they ahead. As we get back. I guarantee something happened and I'm proud night. That seemed angry like breaking up glory and out making I. Much like that song I. The confessions looks like my life. I Jen you did throwback for your prom theme you know we a bunch of my friends that we're having like. A throwback. I don't know phase of their life when they decided to vote on the prom themes ours was Van Morrison. Incident is today. Like and I was like written everywhere it was like I don't it just as a throwback Bay's going on it was and how did you get a prompt me you went to school like nine. Yeah we we had a combined junior and senior prom together and won just have enough people to dance because I went to eighteen tiny packets what graduated nineteen people how yeah. And anyway so it into the mystic with ours and Ireland are my senior year. Me and two of my best friends we all broken up with her boyfriend's all within the same week which is like the week before problems of the three of us. Body each other course not just went together. The happiness business and quite a girlfriend that from a dates we ran around this best round ever at this. And producer David where did you get and it's also I'm in the eyes I would really small private schools well Exel Christian academy and pencil and I know is that normal to not have DNC your problems together that I outset that. Though but we if we have a theme but it was in 2008 and though. The big song I felt like leases should there. And that is awesome theme great. Yeah. I got out of what anybody I. Can't really slow I mean David this is from time like you gotta let it ends of these other than. Automate everything Oxford and. Marina slain in there path it's taking him back and others. I'm a girl from the time yeah. Actually went to a couple of roms and find out on May well be June. Well hey you know everybody knows yeah. That is of such slow dance sounds in the stiff arms about the field is. Hands and the ways of love that. Separate Kelley school I hit earlier in down. A pizza from Harlem heights. Me and.