Jeff and Jenn Show's At Bat Songs

Monday, April 4th


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She now. Or one. Today is the very last opening day at Turner Field for our Atlanta Braves and an honor that suite are gonna figure out exactly what we would choose our. That's off again walking up to smack a home run. Yeah that song is the music it plays in this stadium when the batter walks from the on deck circle to home plate it's. Meant to pump up their crowd it's meant to pump up the player he is meant to fire up everybody and we picked our own because how great would it be to have music playing when we walk into a room that. Defines what's gonna happen while our program. Well it's that music that we is the first and your workout play last rally in theory you know busy day gets fired up. Enthusiastic and just makes you feel picture desk hired game. So our marine are you wanna start a solidly and yesterday now this would be a walk out music that he would be playing at Yankee Stadium because a new Yorker he's in New York Fran. So Robert when that limits yankees' home openers and Japanese batters are done it's it's today at one got it and I. I see it took both games and he's identical as is imperfect. All right so Yankee Stadium they announce your name set up to the plate. And then what happens. Again. They get one. Alike can't not even close to being the minutes once when kids are. I'm happy now. Get your race and then do not make you bottle taller and and then like all of us except for David Marino can make up his mind so he's got a couple of men in this system. Tell us that we are minimally one naslund and it's perfect I think. Yeah. AM yeah. As he stepped up to the place. The spice. And strikeout and three dignity self. Whose actual ads that song that is the message these some some of the aria yeah. We've added that Tiffany hi David what are you got. So I only needed line. Because you walk up there you know you're gonna hit that home Ryan. So I am confident so I chose confident by Demi Lovato. I do like your son. This time yeah. Right it's all about empowerment like. And it's not that other part but then again you really held you feel held down a lot these kids I'm. I have no idea where that first unfortunately though the first rule of confidence that you don't have to tell people you're gonna be confident. Assists and an internal clump you yeah yeah about it. And I back to the indecisive Jan. We've her advance on yet this is one that I really love and that definitely just its meaning it made. I think I think theory. Beyoncé. It can be applied and in this is the one they just continued betterment. We. And and yeah they don't want you to Wayne. They don't want you to head off home run. And back I think somebody that's that long without them. Silo with when one of our hometown heroes for I'd I I was at least decisive I have actually three of them you just. Complex an onion I am an onion. Say mine I don't know if you get to take comfort different occasions but let my general purpose one and I think is going to be hometown hero TI. I'm almost exclusively on offense and. The great songs. Pathetic god sometimes if you're up against a good pitcher radar it's a close game. You need to get in the hey ray you needed it to mass for their brains make him wonder what what you think it met caddie opponent yet so. For that reason I went with the circus so lace on. That Justin Timberlake is accused of ripping off. Yeah. As a human he's hanging slider. And then they can zombie. Can you imagine just feels that he didn't walking out to the plate and you're staring at the pitcher in the hallway while this place. But he did I think you have to have a decrease smile on hold an open and they had contact England into. Seeing you guys are getting an up or the cat eye contact a bulldozer even weirder and in May ninth guards. You know lake Whitney way and you look back at the songs that we've selected so far this is purely a programming decision we you know like yeah. Hello John am I. Right. DJ Khaled Al. TI. That. So I thought you know do it would be appropriate to have I'd posterity for one song. To bring me out really really pumps you up really gets it. I don't like our. And the yeah yeah. I don't know what else. Yeah not detect a goalie. Hello I have a career day. Ready to go see them none. Eight times of loans to ease the that I'm the man. I. Real. Glad I mean. You know at least Tony's happy about that.