Jeff and Jenn Show Kentucky Derby

Friday, May 6th


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Thanks for being a part of it. So its all of all of us everybody. Listening has a chance to be rich. By the end of the weekend. Including me including humor you know everybody has a chance to be rich and I'm gonna give a bonus chance to everybody in this room. Here's the deal through the powerball. Is up. To 400. In fifteen. Million dollar shot not try. Dole 9415. Million dollars. Hedges its age you hear that number you just start training right away and oh yes Claman and then when I go in Hawaii I can student loans bag. I can buy property. Well you might be able paid this month its image I don't I don't donate it. So what I have decided to do because the only thing larger than my head is my heart. And because I am a giving person. I am going to offer one person in this room. For absolutely free. A two dollar powerball. If you were the winner. A contest that will take place over the weekend OK okay in addition I'll give you 25 dollars cash. So it's 415. Million in treatment times a lot. Okay okay this is jabs for charging 151000000 and 25 dollar. Kentucky Derby contest. Here's how it works. Donny good to go first. Pickett never between Wyman and 22. That. Taint your horse is a Whitmore. With the lower the odds are twenty to one. You'll probably not be rich yeah. Alexa picking ever between one and 22 that is Saturday and text point one your horse is low bond. Those odds are 51. Who don't greater champions of the don't quit your free internship yeah. David pick it ever between a wide net and it twenty till. 1919. Your horse is wrote he's cause. Odds are twelve to one week hasn't yet no bad. Marino bigot ever to do what a 22 that has not been checked I'm going lucky number seven lucky number seven is Oscar nominated. Those guys are fifty to wash them. So I wouldn't go mouth off to Tony and that's. They keep your job Jen between 220 till. I'm going to win at lucky number thirteen thirteen. Your horse is nice Quist. I think I'm pronouncing that right. No I quit us ended those odds are the best in the field and win reader line allowed. I'll show you agenda have will be the best horse in there that feel the Kentucky Derby is the fastest. But two minutes in sports is are they call it it takes place Saturday evening so if anybody's worst games and every sports comes in first second and third you get one powerball ticket. And tweet about that helped purchase the powerball tickets today and seal the men and envelopes that you know that I didn't swap them for the winner. And if you don't give me half of your 415 million after you win you're after about 10%. Even though I didn't even data showed a gain on nodded in Miami and very happy and other horses in regular seems I was when I ain't gonna pick. Road course play I was gonna take a one point. You're gonna be of course is not about a lot of nothing really randomly other vs Trojan nation gun runner my man Sam closed twenty that is in demand that number Jerry wine soaked streets and do you or making the switch and they Jesse James shall always talking.