Jeff and Jenn Interview Lauren Jauregui

Friday, March 4th


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The Japanese game show sorry 941. So I think you everything you ran and we are excited to meet you I'm down you can't even studio with us yet since our Hispanic. From the beginning like did you guys solid year like discover them wave before anybody else says her. So what is the feeling when you meet fans like says that has been following you from the very beginning it's crazy honestly sounds good news to me. Anyone that supports anything that you do I feel like is it is a blessing. So to have people hear that had been in since the beginning and then to be able to see that growing there'd be people here who haven't necessarily been in since the beginning to have. Have caught. The feeling and then out of understudy and wanting to be a part of what we're doing and I think that that's the so I mean that's part of growing Anthony's. So call cancer being 15 of fifth harmony can got out all get along together again tells about a time or maybe he didn't on Google on his lead getting get. I mean he's really don't get along it's pretty pretty general lake. Basics doesn't like we get over lake in two seconds like you know you have like sisters that you slightly giving Jesus is I don't have sisters WR daughter's grade daughter so you are he does in fact I guess the strategy saying is getting ready yeah. Yes nice and even about fighting is just about like having those little moments Regis lake. Please submit this and I have asked our wave it like fast lane and may be cliche we shower first that I use our prayers and we just announced agency does any of mini lantern carvers. Please and they hit Sega of racing at the first serve who controls in music like some meaning I think its and we try to stay away from drama and make. We feel each other space out and let them win and we know summons of SATA someone in the place and they're probably not gonna react. Positive -- only do we just give him his face Louisiana and humanist in me Jack you're breathing room sometimes the Astec Susan a lot of like it don't Carter right now just give her some time I mean has also not not all the time like I feel like that's not really our focus on the reasoning a really good space like at a Eric Evans Austin anymore. They obvious in the beginning when you getting to know someone like you have viewed. Here places where you're like OK Anderson is plunging unlike us so with any human relationship in your life you know and means and I think that that's anything strange. So for those who don't know tell us about your journey to get Torre announced. Well we began on X-Factor we auditioned to solo artist actually just holidays and think. On that is in guns a fight together I think it's amazingly that really didn't know each other Serena abusing him. But they put this together and we started. They group up and Tino with the Moroccan since the beginning and I know he even had any peaks amount and then we had our first on debut album last year. And legal and Evian name we win two Emmys and we did amazing things and amazing people White House and police creepy things happened and dad's been it's been a whirlwind in his managing country on the we licensing. We'd Shia thing that is happened to you in the past three and a half years has been the most mind going where you stepped aside and I'm like I think I just said them blink because they stuck out so intensely and a White House the White House and in the AMA Ximian okay insane and so do you just at some point step back and got him in the White House race. That's happened is that we saying fair. Michelle Obama say happy birthday to her hair I am five campaign and the fund five campaign. The girls and then we we that in the answer as brilliant as he heard. Don yeah. And we say we sang for that we were on the balcony where he gives his speeches and we were with his dogs felon and knew I was just quits is my. Cops. What is this this isn't saying who can say in that they've done some things like that is Nolan until and they just hanging out with the president still the president in his pups. Except he's not. So we have come some questions from some of their core people who came into it. To see you so where is to me now. Europe first it's in him on that Stefhon Hannah stick but did you play friendly with Mike and I pity you look up to slash your own model. I think I let go up to. My mom and my grandmother the most like they've influenced me the most admin infinite. Four and you mean to the woman in and it also who really. I have like. I respect for any woman that's doing. Doing laughter herself. And like is independent and and knows that they want out of place and is trying their best of Christian naymick have matters spectrum being all of them. I Sophia. Cirrus. I. If you can get the younger us advice what would you say. To so many teen. That's not a bad. It's not lol yeah Sherman how much time we have and that's. I think one of the main things I would say is start to trust yourself until Levy yourself because you feel like society's sense to deconstruct you from a young age and try to make you feel like you're not good enough. And that's not true. You just as much as human beings and human ounces and you have a brain and you have a hard and you can make a difference and you can do laughing as well. Our Aubrey. She is can you re out of the equation Jan she's like I. And I happen to me heavy urban start strict meaning another excellent and yes you. I have been star struck. Meaning. Movement. I ended they have a lot of engine moments and trying to think only the most impact land. Franzen and let really think all of you know what this tennis some crazy and out and those incentives and a lot of people tell you even known Americans and but the cast of awkward does anyone know that MTV show awkward yes okay well I saw the whole chasm and at the beam me as a bloc find me an IE. For weeks how it was the weirdest thing because I don't like dude that often. And like I was like why why is this happening Lima so excited is just and loved that show and also I'm in the same landed on me. Yeah when I met on a dollar and I I that was Scott moment I mean because she's won a maybe is like demonstrations musically so. Thousands. And Katrina. Step on the Katrina. You're get really really close came. What is one song I mean we that you can watch slash listen to without being tired of it. The song is take over control. Tina DN time. Parent weren't too soon to go and couldn't. And it's a really old media and thousands soon because time cannot compete on science. I think it's a VT pay. Americans and if you look at me just in case I don't have the correct I don't really know while. Yup but it's Saatchi gets on. And then a movie addict who like children of again. And memories across scenery use. It's it's of Beatles. Are going to be after Jackie after Jack. I yeah the top man had a news yeah I am associated ABC I gotta love that after Jack you demand and I said. Seventy a lot of pressure to be. A role model because you do have a lot of young fans a lot of young women looking up TO I can answer sense that from you that you take here. Independence incompetence really seriously and he's not pressured to be. To be strong every day on time for your fans come I don't feel that pressure because they feel make all of us have established the fact that the very real grounds with. We better. Called teenagers going through the same things that you would you know any meaning in life. As ever done a really good job of establishing nuts I don't ever feel the need. To like really pretend. I feel like this whole thing. Like you know doing on a sense that you do have to put a smile on you need do enough to Mexican and some times that a Christians. And in part it's part of what we do you know I'm I don't ever feel. I take can't be vulnerable and like I can have my moments come tried track I try to like avoid feeling knowing because it's really not worth dwelling on. When you have so much to do you know ends in totally and I feel like when it comes cynic the role model thing which isn't. East with I don't. I know that. Every young woman in a position where a lot of other young women and listening to. And they get asked this question. About being a role model. And I feel like it's it's hard for me to be here city and bean lake oh yes and the role model because I'm a human being. You know Iranian and I'm gonna make mistakes and I'm gonna do things in my life and I'm probably not going to be proud of because every single human listening to me and I sense stuff that they wouldn't tell anyone about the they're not kind of you know it and are in the day like. I could city and they Qassam perfect and I can give you an egg simpler. Like life but that's just not land like come the real I'm real being that's a you can against her means. It's great answer talking about some kinks. 'cause what some what's coming up next for you guys I'm well we have a single out I know caller from home into the don't know about it. Okay okay. Media like divided and conquered dads are taking over the country day we we realize that we had five people and volunteers and ran like you know we could spread up spread out and covered so much. At the same time and like to interact with each other's we can still be like together. So it doesn't feel too weird you know who so they did a nice not telling acting on or something going back and forth and so talking to each other so it's still think we're still technically together and so that's cool. On that yeah how we got to hit a bunch of different stations are so excited and we also have an album coming out called 727. It comes on May twentieth. And what sold. Freddy won't come ethnically that's just carried exiting to preying on the road potentially we haven't really worked out any details about the I have subtle and I make anyone too excited. But I'm I'm sure I mean with new music comes new. You performances should voice. PM time enemy album. They have when he entities that album this 727 what's the timeline and that when is. Is that out yet we are all really comes me when he may twentieth main Tenet asks in work from home we're playing that now right yet cervix yes it has been given to you. That's not a good thank you for coming in and. I think you haven't yet know that this is your first day can I know I today hello Louis remembers oh layers today yeah yeah. Oh we have time and we have am sums and askew on to be part of golf is so again I wanted to do this with every single celebrity guests that we have from Cannes we have interviewed two celebrities so far to the a reader's first. My dad know when. Hey happy ass on out there you go on he was first Kobe being honest there's no pressure and yeah I don't Kim's OC a pyramid and change yeah whatever you want. Get to pick not age. Man. Kim decided to write her favorite quote on there. LA's or did like a caricature kind of staff whenever you can judge doodle he could just sign it even write a note you can do whatever you lines and there's little. Art can't write their story she's so excited they're big giant there's a giant box of like. Can't friends in needs there's colored pencil there's RAI. And there's markers. So we didn't have we can tap tonight or else right now. I'm. Thank you so much for coming and thank you army and the guy here on our first day that saw. Jesse Jenny jobless are not before one.