Jeff and Jenn Chat with Andi Dorfman

Thursday, June 2nd


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Yeah. Tonight is a big night for Indy Dorfman and then bachelor I. He event on on and black candidate big sky hey are you glad it's not OK is an instant New York Times best seller is congratulation in India. And the event tonight you're going to be additions and scoop right and mine and kind of nervous just going to be asking some questions and I like. Can we see the questions before hand and I'm not gonna ask. Anything scandalous leg and it's all in the book that really there's really not much she left off the table is there. Time out not really mean that I got to see drew some boundaries I said whoever didn't sign up for the shell doesn't Elena for better or worse like. Only in it contestants who signed up for the show can open that door and then connected during my feeling it to pick if you were a lawyer here in Atlanta. In how many years ago was it that you additions. Three years and this summer as he DEA in Fulton County here in Atlanta and my girlfriend to trade me Jacqueline stating she single day of course being in the south are all. Mary airing deeds they kept saying no way no way and then. They Tony that is casting gonna have free drinks and and Shiite okay singing. Or sell yeah I'd really like people asked me how this all started and I say to where it's free drinks. Gary back an hour and everybody fell in love with you on the season with Juan Pablo and how he stood up to him at the end and he just really showed your strength. Yeah I think there's like this this sick power woman moment that he had met in this moment but it's funny because people will still talk about it and I'm like. Normal conversation the conversation that I had with Juan Pablo about having no idea who I was in. Clearly not there to find love with me or anyone in my opinion. When a guy does that deal as a woman like you have that conversation. And it was ironic sneer that was the first and that conversation never really played out on that franchise and making. People were surprised there hopefully it'll empowered by it that. Yeah I mean it it deftly dressing me kind of do it then go on ten. Deep to 25 an entity. We're talking we've Andy Dorfman who is from Atlanta and was the bachelorette RNC's intent of ABC's bachelor. What is most awkward thing about dating 25 man I mean like fast forward to the bachelorette that's got to be so strange because. You're going on dates of every single one of them and then they're all hanging out together. It's just going to be the weirdest eating situation ever it's like legalized modern day polygamy tired and I heard it for the entire country to why should eat. Yeah now it's totally weird I mean for me obviously the weird part was thought of leaking out with multiple deeds and yeah organic. 520 fats I feel. Proud of myself in and out of it. I talked to an actor at that only how much you know I now. You know there are girls that go out regularly and bucket and the like young and you know if I. I hit it fat was important that I hit four on ID one time when Christine I remember being like. Practical for four or. Pet is that a doctor. Did you our word like with the whole fantasy suite situation and knowing that. Some day my family's going to be watching this show to that coming your brain all the time yeah I mean now. I remember on the first season with Juan Pablo. I totally forgot the cameras were there and still until I had my first make out and then I realized the camera cameras there and I said. A crap against a watch and back and that immediately kind of like sparked this kind of a crap and then Elaine do a wealth could. Another question out there in the bought. And I totally forgot to look for it. By the way we are talking way Andy Dorfman who was the bachelorette. And on the bachelor with Juan Pablo and just wrote a book about the whole experience. Many ways there's a chapter in the book day EU head to warn your dad about. Yeah I put it disclaimer I mean Mike port to act first off he's sad to earn Scotch drinking golf seeing cigar smoking man shark. And settle for him to have his daughter on national television like making out with guys is just. Not really his for a taste of bless his heart first of all but I did it disclaimer in the luck is the into it dad and I try. And I were dad stop reading now and after he read about keeps it together and said in all fairness act with a disclaimer plain as day right there attorney. Scanner and X twelve pages me your blood related to me and if it isn't anti skills or is it out some of the negative parts of your relationship with Josh that you wanted your dad not treat and all of that actually the question. Very good questions so obviously into. It's not. This isn't like an appropriately sexual can bring in hum but that obviously and is reluctant to you with my dad reading it. But you're totally right in negative qualities and aunts and stuff that I went through during the relationship that I never told my parents. Terrify me for my dad's now yeah yeah. Is doing that that that southern gentleman you. So wasn't that you are embarrassed you were worried that use gonna confidence Congo rundown Josh yeah. And I mean Andy well he's right. Now and then switching sides in and you're defending him and I got. Now you've gone from lawyer. To bachelor contestant Tim bachelorette. To bestselling author. What's next for anti Dorfman I've love to do another Obama. A guy you like that poker face that I have on an app that mean you're doing another vote possibly. Yeah let's see you is on like they cast that view Iverson dreamed up that Terry and die and I can be so great thank you very opinion eighty you're not afraid to share and jumpin on just about any thing. Think he'd be great sign me up like campaigning make it got us mega crowds and your friends and character and hates Christmas Kelly anti hate any female costar and earnings IndyCar and a half Italian India of an unenviable. Here's what I know about tonight it's a big sky and Buckhead where I get started between seven and 730. Kind of sixth outside drank that I was hoping started yet Britney in pretty France started out. Exactly you know it's not tree don't take place until. And it and it says it's a conversation with any department and it's a conversation about about it. And we're sign it and yeah and if you don't have the book you can buy it and. Bring us. Verdict so we'll see tonight's big sky in Baghdad Andy thank you for coming and thanks for being a part of what is this relationship going order. In today's case where's this relationship going wrong. Yeah.