Jeff and Callies Wedding Surprise Part 3

Wednesday, October 19th


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Knowing what she. You can go and work deal does so many good today. Starring Eddie on. Bouncing back earlier in the sugar I don't. All of them. I married straight out. I got it carries this to do this because I don't know how you on the ice in case things like wind do we have swirled around and skidded to about it. I just demolish the holes out. That's the way to do it yet you tested just like Howard you seriously shaft eight Carmel and yeah now it. Twelve under. It's an eight ice cream every day. In times that it just puts the best job. That your kids are listening right on time. And I wanna be an ice cream shop but there's somebody on a run for president manner that no I have a good job. I did you try them both Cali like me which you can make that decision that Ream chip in. It. So if you're just checking us that we have presented Jeff and Kelly with their own hash tag two dollars ice cream flavor for their wedding it featured in source and go for two dollars. Thank you. And they had to decide which which flavor they like it's a combination of Kelly's favorite which is arraigned on a chip frosting chapters of ice cream and it's got some wedding cake in it as well. See guys have to decide is it going to be the marginal. The one with some chocolate in there to. If you tried them both I have tried that in each and communal. Wandered off Japan. I I can't think yeah heaven and visitors and months and honest Clinton and in the back studio here people even realize that year. So what's our Carville new limited time flavor. Just in Kelly's wedding cake. When he and going to be I think we're gonna have to go at the shafts to leave now yeah now I've weighed the. Rainbow ship icing. And the pound a. So it is so so 08 I would just because I'm normally. Ice cream lovers like islands with bids together is so. Oh park it gives everybody a way to celebrate your wedding which you and and have some awesome ice cream and Matt tell us about that franchise he gets on board to feature this. In their store and Tucker I yet. It's the it's. So yeah we'll start featuring an on Friday and then Saturday 10% of all sales all their lines toppled to the charity of your choice. And we'll keep an eye screen in the shop for at least two weeks if it if it's continues to sell well will feature is on his as people wanna. Com is very easy for us to make yeah it was just a really cool. That funding page and reached out as an axis if so is really cool to cities and the tree guys are so we're happy dads happy to help sell gradually utterly and. Brief thank you we're so excited eyes and and everybody can go online today we're gonna have all the information about the shot if you wanna go to H the wedding cake at all. And put the link to that charity which precedes it and ago and eat into idiots. Irving on things like yeah. Each. And hey client thank you. That's letting it happen that everybody's coming Saturday's. Wedding gift. Gamble started and. Why. This bloody minded and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.