Jeff and Callies Wedding Surprise Part 2

Wednesday, October 19th


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In case you haven't heard it today and looked down. And no one noticed colonies on enhancing the recovery of the jumping ship show starring 841. Wanna make a list of people. Who hate surprises. I these will be an alphabetical order number one. I'd dollar comic Jeffrey. Number two rigs comma. Caroline's last count. You're fed and the impact and really great surprise and excited. I will tell you did did some first surprise. And the second prize are both really first surprise wise a last minute trip to Vegas. Four bachelor arrange parties have been and it's all this you wouldn't cancel your bachelor party. Right and then the second surprise. Wise I'm messages voicemails from a whole bunch of people that I know from life for yourself. Those are really cool so you're in for tea. Don't. Now I tell you how he's the cal Perry yen. Yeah. And paceman climate United's hesitancy there it is right now we're really excited about this. OK so. They're great at making decisions you've made the decision to pick each other which he's if you government in our house we and we are trying to figure out what's for dinner. That is going to be a married couple you're going to be making decisions to make your wedding is a couple days away. Jack and Ngo and your family here it's our nanny for one wanted to give you a very special one kind gift that reflects both of Yale. And it's really a symbol. You're unions. And pay. So we keep up with our friends at Carmel to create for you your very best alone now that's the decision yes. Jeff Kelly hash tag two dollars ice cream. Labor. Yes I wanna. Own business news I'm soon. That is ridiculous though it's a that eight cuss them. Oh. I don't know why did the things I think the decision is yes. Then why is there invited there to be attorneys. So this. Science full hour. Or both of you as you become one in marriage it combines alleys love of rain chip frosting on my guy litters she says that it combines well Kate is of course it's around. Marriage and just love of ice cream. So it's the first marital decision you're gonna have to make together and wanted to test between two creations. From our Carmel chef chef decade so. I said Dave is here and our friend Maxi is here with our bell who helped us come up with this idea. And put it all together so I think you guys so much for all your hard work they've been in their test kitchens putting together are different flavors and combinations to come up with. You really great choices for you guys so Jeff has gotten equal radio and do you feel even officially made it now. Let me letter. I hear everything amber right. I will have made it when I get invited to the test kitchen which is. It's barely walking him. It's not that they aren't enough I'm good highs Saturday the big day it is because each week we in each. And failure Jeff Davis that right are you are you Mary is I mean I have an ordinary. It's. That they invent they have been hard at work on your wedding flavors and here's the surprise is that the flavors going to be featured in store. And the proceeds on your wedding day are gonna go to your favorite here. So you guys have to decisions to make a catch what flavor. It's going to be out of a day couple that they made here and will will tested turns on here. And then and then why it's charity of your choice you're going to have been the recipient of the proceeds I. I didn't the charity parties easy because there's cause vary. Especially more recently it's become very close that's in net eyes an organization called American. Express and I. Yeah view there's a certain number yeah I around them write big checks which. Chairing along the charities got a long legged and a fire I'll give you that. Package that would be critics there. Yeah this is a a union decision surfers marital decision's got to see guys have to talk it out. And guess how much it's going to cost. We did this happen how much ice cream will cost in this door. I made so I'll let you guys that taste says here John is I'm faced with live if you want to check it out. I tell and so they're just two versions of the same flavor Raymond chip and got sick they tell every coach basically it's like. Definitely strain hand. And eight. Frost and and we also swirled. Chalk hills world. God bless America this is that we are great and yeah finally I make it great again is my. And I will tell exists in the back story before you get to taste test. IE that there is a thing of Vanilla chip frosting witches with the story behind that was made in an. I mean Graeme coach sorry I. And it's the best racing ever and they discontinued it and likeness melt down over this. And it's back and we found that it target. Compounding that arrogant I found it. It's like this and I posted it and people freaked. Out and Jeff was like you know such a big deal it's a big deal remote chip is back. And so here's the story I brought. Is this is an important story bee caves in and waited and primary anyway because I brought us. I was I was I wanted to bring this frosting that's icing into the radio stations a week now it's. And we can decide you know you'd see of its bigger deal if she says and I grabbed one of six out of it and it rotted in here. Pilot you know how they're gonna discontinue and again and we grabbed we got ahead of Brad a whole bunch of spoons in their and everything. And then lied on the error opened it up and it was have god took her. I really can't cupcakes. I didn't say that's where that was why you were gonna marry me. Thank you guys very much that's into the he's the dad and alleys winning. Arm around me alleys beaver thing ever. Rain. And rain ship not enough likening him. Oh well I'd get back to even the responsibilities as. Nothing you can jump start before one.